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PL: Program sieciowy BleQua jest multi-komunikatorem. EN: Network program BleQua is multicomunicator.



Related Projects

gg - Go Graphics - 2D rendering in Go with a simple API.

  •    Go

gg is a library for rendering 2D graphics in pure Go.There are lots of examples included. They're mostly for testing the code, but they're good for learning, too.


  •    Java

JXA is a Jabber XMPP API for J2ME. This Project includes a complete API (containing XML Reader and Writer) and a working example implementation of a Jabber client for mobile phones (including roster organisation and GUI using MIDP 2.0).

gg - :candy: Git Goodies: At-A-Glance, Efficient, and Aesthetically Pleasing Git Shortcuts

  •    Shell

gg helps you work with git more efficiently, saving you keystrokes for your most prized projects. Think of gg as a wrapper for the git commands that you run all the time; a wrapper that adds functionality and is aesthetically pleasing.


  •    C

ketm-gg will be a new-school 2D shooter like DoDonpachi or MarsMatrix. It will be based on OpenGL and libSDL.

Gabber: The GNOME Jabber Client

  •    C++

Gabber is an easy yet powerful Jabber client for GNOME. Jabber is a powerful open source instant messaging system. Jabber allows communication with other networks, such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and even IRC, but beyond that it has unique features of its

CCNet Jabber plugin


ccnet plugin for creating jabber publisher task. This will help in publishing the ccnet's build integration results to the concerned developers via jabber. It's developed in C#.Net 3.5 as this is the current version supported by ccnet 1.6


  •    Perl

JabberTools is a set of console- and web-based Jabber tools that makes using Jabber and converting to Jabber from other IM systems easy. Main features: ability to import contacts (from AIM, ICQ, etc) and manage your Jabber account info and roster

Internet Relay Jabber

  •    Perl

Internet Relay Jabber (or IRJ) is a Jabber client for IRC. It's useful if you like IRC, but your friends use another IM service. It is written in Perl and uses Net::Jabber and Net::IRC. (This project is no longer under active development)

Apache Vysper - A modular, full featured XMPP (Jabber) server

  •    Java

Apache Vysper aims to be a modular, full featured XMPP (Jabber) server. Vysper is implemented in Java. There are already some larger XEPs as modules available, most notably Multi User Chat (XEP0045), Publish/Subscribe (XEP0060) and BOSH (XEP0124, XEP0206)

Building-a-Jabber-client-for-iOS - Source code for the tutorial "Building a Jabber client for iOS"

  •    Objective-C

Source code for the tutorial "Building a Jabber client for iOS"

dziobber - lightweight jabber client

  •    C++

dziOacute;bber is a lightweight jabber client written in c++ using gtkmm as GUI toolkit and loudmouth (jabber library).

Console Jabber Client

  •    C

Cabber is a Console Jabber Client, it is desing for provide Jabber services to the console users, because All borned in the Console.

Cyclops Chat

  •    WPF

Cyclops Chat is a jabber-based (jabber-net) chat application. It's developed in C# WPF.

Jabber Windowgram Client

  •    C

The Jabber Windowgram Client is based entirely off of MIT's Zephyr Windowgram Client program, and is designed to behave almost exactly the same. It does or will support any features of Jabber that seem reasonable for the style of client it is.

Jabber Tlen Transport

  •    C

Tlen Transport is program that connect to Jabber server and provide ability to use Instant Messageing Network using any Jabber compatibile client.

Jabber Perl Bot

  •    Perl

Jabber Perl Bot (JPB) is a Jabber Bot which also have a IRC module (can sit on multiple servers with different nicks on different channels) and is (hopefully) easy to extend with perl modules.

Jabber Bookmark Directory

  •    C

jbd (Jabber Bookmark Directory) is a jabber component that enables storage of bookmarks using Jabber's XMPP. It stores attributes like title of the bookmark, its URL, and browsable flag (with which an user can query the bookmarks owned by another user) ;)

Jabberoo: C++ Jabber Library


Jabberoo is a C++ interface to the Jabber ( protocol. It provides basic protocol primitives to aid the client writer in the development of Jabber clients.

Jabber Gateway Framework (JGF)

  •    Java

JGF is a Java framework for rapid development and deployment of Jabber Server Gateways. This Framework abstracts jabber protocol knowlege from the gateway developer. A simple, documented class needs to be subclassed to provide a simple gateway. A skilled

Java Jabber Server (OpenIM)

  •    Java

Java Jabber Server is an opensource server implementation of the Jabber/XMPP protocol. The project as moved to OpenIM server :