pascal-case - Pascal case a string in JavaScript

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Pascal case a string. Explicitly adds a single underscore between groups of numbers to keep readability (E.g. 1.20.5 becomes 1_20_5, not 1205). Supports Unicode (non-ASCII characters) and non-string entities, such as objects with a toString property, numbers and booleans. Empty values (null and undefined) will result in an empty string.


camel-case : ^3.0.0
upper-case-first : ^1.1.0



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CaseConversion - Case conversion plugin (pascal, camel, snake) for sublime text 2

  •    Python

Case Conversion is a plugin for Sublime Text. It converts the current word/token between pascal, camel, snake, screaming snake, dot, dash (hyphen), forward slash /, backslash \ cases, and separated words. Open the Command Palette, type pci to bring up Package Control: Install Package, hit Enter, then search for Case Conversion.

Test Case Editor 2010


TCE 2010 is a lightweight TFS Test Case editor application that makes it easier for MTM users to edit both Test Cases and Shared Steps without using MTM. This project was inspired by ajryan at



StackBuilder is a simple palettization software (homogeneous case stacking). It helps you solve 3 problems: - palettization : given a case and a pallet, find the best layout to stack the case, - case filling : given a set of cases, find the best case and the best way to fil...

change-case - Convert strings between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case and more

  •    Javascript

Convert strings between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, CONSTANT_CASE and more. All methods support Unicode (non-ASCII characters) and non-string entities, such as objects with a toString property, numbers and booleans. Empty values (null and undefined) will result in an empty string.

Kiwi TCMS - Test case management system

  •    Python

Kiwi TCMS is a test plan, test run and test case management system, written in Python and Django. It features Bugzilla and JIRA integration, fast test plan and runs search, powerful access control for each plan, run and case, and XML-RPC APIs. It provides support to define test plans and cases, track progress and assign work across multiple teams. Perform peer reviews.

Oberon V4

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Oberon V4 for Linux and sources for different Oberon V4 implementation

pixo - Convert SVG icons into React components

  •    Javascript

Pass a directory or SVG file path as the first argument. Each SVG icon will be automatically optimized and renamed to a pascal case filename for the component. Icon components can then be imported into a React application.



Find case inconsistencies in the source tree. May be useful for porting applications in any programming language from case-insensitive (like Windows) to case-sensitive (like Linux) runtime environment.

Test Case Runner - Runs test cases and updates the status as Pass/Fail/Blocked


This tool automates the test case execution in Microsoft Test Manager. It runs the selected test cases and updates their status as specified by the user. The status can be Pass/Fail/Blocked.

Use Case Manager


Use Case Manager makes it easier for agile development practitioners to fully integrate the requirements management, documentation and project management aspects of a Use Case without having to maintain duplicate data between various systems. It's developed in C# using Habanero.

Test Case Generator for JUnit

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This is a Eclipse Plugin for automatically generating a test case for JUnit. Given a Java class, it auto generates the appropriate test case file(s). Junit is a part of the XUnit family of frameworks.

Test Case Web

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Test Case Web (TCW) is an online test case management (TCM) and test-tracking system built with PHP and a SQL backend.

JUB (JUnit test case Builder)

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JUB is intended as a JUnit test case generator framework accompanied by a number of IDE specific extensions. These extensions are to be invoked from within the IDE and must store generated test case code inside source repository administered by the IDE.


  •    Java

Open Source CASE Tool made in Java. Allows Code Generation, UML modeling an BD design


  •    Java

PippoProxy is a 100% pure Java HTTP proxy designed/implemented for Apache Tomcat. Thanks to its cache manager (that can be disabled in case of DYNAMIC proxied web sites) it's really very performant in case of STATIC proxied web sites.


  •    Java

Case Based Reasoning is a technology to make a similarity based selection from a predefined set of cases. Each case is defined by a set of features. After some cases are stored it is possible to perform a search by specifying search feature values.

SE Case Study File Manager

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A case study regarding the entire software development process for education in Software Engineering under consideration of general Software Engineering concepts and design patterns


  •    Java

ePlatform, developed by Logica, is a framework to enable fast and flexible application development and management, with a focus on case management and application integration. It offers concrete functionality for generic administrative case management


  •    C

The Compartmented Robust Posix C++ Unit Test system. crpcut is a simple to use unit test system for C++, where each test case is run in its own process and own working directory, to ensure that each test case starts from a clean slate.

Cogit: Case Studies

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Web-based tool to create and run case studies for learning and training.