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A sample Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 application utilizing Microsoft's Deep Zoom technology along with Vertigo's Big Pictureâ„¢ mouse interaction handing code (as seen in the Hard Rock Memorabilia application)



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BigWallpaper - Dynamic wallpaper from Boston BigPicture for Ubuntu

Dynamic wallpaper from Boston BigPicture for Ubuntu

steam-login - Put STEAM BigPicture mode at login screen

Put STEAM BigPicture mode at login screen


BigPicture is a jQuery plugin designed to display images in a modal window along with a full description

Learn 8pen via Silverlight Demo

The 8pen is an innovative method to type fastly in handheld touch-screen devices, using simple gestures. It is introduced in Android smart phones. If you don't have access to an Android smart phone, you can learn how to use 8pen using this Silverlight app.

Clustering Demo in Silverlight using K-Means Algorithm

This explains clustering and K-means algorithm in an efficient way using a live demo in Silverlight. The demo can be used to understand the working of k-means algorithm through user-defined data points.

Simple Silverlight Bounce Effect

Simple bounce effect in Silverlight. A demo of this project can be seen at

Silverlight +OpenXML Page Turn

This is a Silverlight proof of concept application that takes a simple Word document and displays it in the form of a book. I used Silverlight PageTurn demo as a foundation.

IssueVision Silverlight

A sample Silverlight application built with MVVM Light Toolkit, WCF RIA Services and a pluggable application architecture using MEF.

Silverlight Virtual Earth World Clock

This is a world clock using Virtual Earth for the world clock. It uses Silverlight and Virtual Earth through the VIEWS wrapper (also a codeplex project). Originally it was created as a simple, but flashy :) demo of Silverlight for global aware apps.

Silverlight Mind Map demo

A Mind Map control library and sample application created in Silveright. Although the library can be useful by itself, the main goal of this project is to server as a demo and reference application for Wiki that shows different Silverlight testing techniques.

Silverlight Ink Demo

A demo to show how to draw in Ink on Silverlight, and replay the strokes you drew.

A SharePoint Client Object Model Demo in Silverlight

This demo shows how to utilize the SharePoint 2010 Foundation's Client Object Model within a Silverlight application.

HandsOnMVVMSL - Hands-on MVVM demo in Silverlight

Hands-on MVVM demo in Silverlight

FrontEnd2010 - Demo code and slides from Silverlight presentation at FrontEnd 2010

Demo code and slides from Silverlight presentation at FrontEnd 2010

Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF Multi-Touch Manipulations

Windows Phone / Silverlight Behaviors and WPF samples implementing Multi-Touch Manipulation (Gestures) and Inertia.

Dev-wow SilverCalendar????(??????)

SilverCalendar??????????????????Silverlight 1.0???????? ???????????? SilverCalendar is an online calendar project using Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 technology. You can visit to view the demo page.

Windows Azure with Silverlight End To End Demo

*About Friends Share Stuff* FriendsShareStuff is a sample application built on Windows Azure and Silverlight to manage and share simple files and translate them into audio files.

Silverlight MVVM Demo Systems

building Silverlight wcf ria application for crm systems.

Silverlight Photo Browser

This is the server side implementation of Panaglobe Silverlight Photo browser. You can reuse, modify, redistribute it as you want. The client browser is a demo browser with some limitations, it must be licensed or you have create a new implementation.