Better WPF Controls

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The purpose of this project is to add new or provide better versions of existing WPF controls.



Related Projects

Dotway.WPF Controls - Controls, Effects and Panels

  •    DotNet

A WPF control library with custom controls, panels and pixel shader effects. E.g. Color picker, editable slider, interaction controls for transforms, grayscale effect, pixelation effect, halftoning effect, dynamic wrap panel, zipper panel.

Better WPF TabControl

  •    CSharp

The purpose of this project is to build a better version of TabControl which comes with WPF.

WPF SplitButton & MenuButton


This WPF SplitButton and MenuButton implementation aims to be more robust and visual attractive than the other WPF split buttons available on CodePlex and elsewhere. The code is based on David Anson's implementation made available on his blog.

WPF SplitButton Control

  •    WPF

WPF SplitButton Control is a missing control in WPF from the Windows Form days. The control allows you to display an image and text and rearrange the order of the text and image. It also allows you to provide a list of items, acting as a combobox and button.

Custom Controls for TFS Work Item Tracking


SP1 for Visual Studio Team System comes with interesting custom control feature. Now we can develop and deploy our own custom controls to provide rich functionality in work item form. See here for how to develop a custom control:

NControl - Simple Xamarin.Forms wrapper control around the NGraphics library

  •    CSharp

NControl is a Xamarin.Forms wrapper control built around the NGraphics library enabling developers to create custom controls without the need for custom renderers. The library contains the NControlView class where real custom cross-platform drawing can be performed without the need for native implementations thanks to the NGraphics library. NControlView can be used both to do custom drawing and to create complex custom controls.

Sharepoint lookup with picker


Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 lookup control with element picker for custom list. This control is useful if you need to choose lookup data from large lists. This control supports single and multi select mode.

Custom XSLT Control in ASP.NET


XSLT Custom Control is an ASP. NET custom control that gives flexibility of customized html using XML and XSLT.

TFS Work Item Hierarchy using a custom control


This TFS Custom control for Work Items (requires SP1) allows setting a parent work item, displays parent work item as well as a child hierarchy and prevents closing a parent when any child work items are not closed. Known Issues: As with any TFS custom work item control, this...

Word Content Control Toolkit


The Word Content Control Toolkit was designed to make mapping Content Controls to Custom XML as simple as a drag and drop. This is a standalone tool (not a Word addin!) that opens any Word OpenXML document and lists all of the content controls. Then you just pick which Cus

Greeting Creator

  •    DotNet

This is a editor/viewer for creating customized greetings in Silverlight. You can use magnetic poetry, images and text to create your greeting and then save it to a server and send it to your friends. This Silverlight project includes a custom control (the greeting control), ...

Expression Builder

  •    CSharp

The purpose of this project is to provide reusable UI framework (WPF) for building expressions. For example, an expression "Name is "A" and Age is 10" could be represented by a tree consisting of a LogicalExpression "AND" with two children ComparisionExpressions.

Five in a row

  •    CSharp

This project is an implementation of "5 in a row" game. Two players ("X" and "O") make moves one after another. The first player who builds an unbroken row of 5 cells wins.

Silverlight DateSelector

  •    Silverlight

DateSelector Custom Control. Silverlight custom control where dates can be selected. It's easy to use and user friendly.

RadialMenu - RadialMenu is a custom control for providing a touch context menu (like iMessage recording in iOS 8) built with Swift & POP

  •    Swift

Experimental Software: Fun to play with, but probably shouldn't put it in production (yet). RadialMenu is a custom control that allows you to provide a context menu to a user on a touch screen (generally after a long press). This is similar to the record functionality Apple introduced for iMessage in iOS 8.

WPF Control Toolkit

  •    WPF

WPF Control Toolkit is an extensible and powerful presentation framework based on WPF (aka avalon) platform. The framework implements many visual controls fully integrated in Visual Studio.

Touch Enabled Graph Control WP7

  •    Silverlight

This is a high performance, custom graph control for the WP7 platform. It supports user touch to scale and translate along the X-axis, accepts custom data to populate the graph, and can draw fill or line charts. This control smoothly scales to hundreds of thousands of points.

Drop Down Style Custom Color Picker in WPF

  •    WPF

Although WPF provides quite a rich collection of UI controls and components for development, a particular control has been missing. That is a color-picker control. Here a drop down style custom color picker has been made using WPF.


  •    DotNet

ReadyApps.Net allows the easy expansion of existing ASP.NET web sites with pre-built custom controls such as a wiki control for hybrid content management.

PageControls - This is a selection of custom page controls to replace UIPageControl, inspired by a dribbble found here: https://dribbble

  •    Swift

This is a selection of custom page controls to replace UIPageControl, inspired by a dribbble found here. The appearance (color, size, # of pages) of each control can be customized using Interface Builder. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

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