fmin - Unconstrained function minimization in Javascript

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Unconstrained function minimization in javascript. This package implements some basic numerical optimization algorithms: Nelder-Mead, Gradient Descent, Wolf Line Search and Non-Linear Conjugate Gradient methods are all provided.


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Related Projects


  •    Java

Modular Java Framework for Meta-heuristic Optimization

nlopt - library for nonlinear optimization, wrapping many algorithms for global and local, constrained or unconstrained, optimization

  •    C

NLopt is a library for nonlinear local and global optimization, for functions with and without gradient information. It is designed as a simple, unified interface and packaging of several free/open-source nonlinear optimization libraries. Once it is installed, #include <nlopt.h> in your C/C++ programs and link it with -lnlopt -lm. You may need to use a C++ compiler to link in order to include the C++ libraries (which are used internally by NLopt, even though it exports a C API).

ZOOpt - A python package of Zeroth-Order Optimization (ZOOpt)

  •    Python

A python package of Zeroth-Order Optimization (ZOOpt). Zeroth-order optimization (a.k.a. derivative-free optimization/black-box optimization) does not rely on the gradient of the objective function, but instead, learns from samples of the search space. It is suitable for optimizing functions that are nondifferentiable, with many local minima, or even unknown but only testable.


  •    Java

The Simple Interface for Global Optimization Algorithms allows the specification of arbitrary search/optimization problems, solving of these problems, and the specification and implementation of optimization algorithms like evolutionary algorithms.

UOF - Unified Optimization Framework


UOF(Unified Optimization Framework) is an open source implementation of the general problem optimization in C++ language. It includes the problem definition interface and advanced optimization algorithms such as LM, GA, PSO, SA...etc.

eaopt - :four_leaf_clover: Evolutionary optimization library for Go (genetic algorithm, partical swarm optimization, differential evolution)

  •    Go

The following example attempts to minimize the Drop-Wave function using a genetic algorithm. The Drop-Wave function is known to have a minimum value of -1 when each of it's arguments is equal to 0. All the examples can be found in this repository.

SciPy - software for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

  •    Python

SciPy (pronounced "Sigh Pie") is open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. The SciPy library is built to work with NumPy arrays, and provides many user-friendly and efficient numerical routines such as routines for numerical integration and optimization.


  •    C++

A C++ / Python platform to easily perform parallel computations of optimisation tasks (global and local) via the asynchronous generalized island model. Many state of the art optimization algorithms are included together with an extended set of optimization problems. A common interface is provided to other optimization frameworks/algorithms such as NLOPT, SciPy, SNOPT, IPOPT, GSL

Traffic Squeezer - WAN Network Traffic Acceleration solution

  •    C

Traffic Squeezer is an Open-Source Project which provides WAN Network Traffic Acceleration solution, Internet Optimization solution, and any generic Network Data Communications Optimization and acceleration solution through a set of procedures on a Linux based network device.

hyperband - Tuning hyperparams fast with Hyperband

  •    Python

Code for tuning hyperparams with Hyperband, adapted from Hyperband: A Novel Bandit-Based Approach to Hyperparameter Optimization. Use defs.meta/defs_regression.meta to try many models in one Hyperband run. This is an automatic alternative to constructing search spaces with multiple models (like defs.rf_xt, or defs.polylearn_fm_pn) by hand.

Web Optimization - Content Managed XML Driven Approach


Web Optimization - A content driven approach for Microsoft web optimization (.net 4.5)

meshoptimizer - Mesh optimization library that makes indexed meshes more GPU-friendly

  •    C++

When GPU renders triangle meshes, various stages of the GPU pipeline have to process vertex and index data. The efficiency of these stages depends on the data you feed to them; this library provides algorithms to help optimize meshes for these stages, as well as algorithms to reduce the mesh complexity and storage overhead. The library provides a C and C++ interface for all algorithms; you can use it from C/C++ or from other languages via FFI (such as P/Invoke).

MOE - A global, black box optimization engine for real world metric optimization.

  •    C++

[![Build Status](]( Note: travis link temporarily disabled. The last major MOE commit built successfully but our travis flow appears to be broken (out of date packages perhaps?). Tests and docker still pass/build locally and MOE still works.Metric Optimization Engine. A global, black box optimization engine for real world metric optimization.

grunt-contrib-imagemin - Minify PNG and JPEG images.

  •    Javascript

Select optimization level between 0 and 7. The optimization level 0 enables a set of optimization operations that require minimal effort. There will be no changes to image attributes like bit depth or color type, and no recompression of existing IDAT datastreams. The optimization level 1 enables a single IDAT compression trial. The trial chosen is what OptiPNG thinks it’s probably the most effective. The optimization levels 2 and higher enable multiple IDAT compression trials; the higher the level, the more trials.


  •    C++

SHARK provides libraries for the design of adaptive systems, including methods for linear and nonlinear optimization (e.g., evolutionary and gradient-based algorithms), kernel-based algorithms and neural networks, and other machine learning techniques. Please vist for the alpha release of Shark 3.0.

spearmint - Spearmint is a package to perform Bayesian optimization according to the algorithms outlined in the paper: Practical Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning Algorithms

  •    Python

New code repository! As you might have noticed, the development of this repository has been limited to maintenance and bug fixes for some time now. The reason is that there has been a collaborative effort to overhaul Spearmint into a new codebase. This includes both algorithmic/theoretical and engineering improvements. Check it out at Note that the new repository is under a non-commercial license with a contributor license agreement. If you prefer not to agree to the license, you can freely use code here (though it is a bit older). This code is designed to automatically run experiments (thus the code name 'spearmint') in a manner that iteratively adjusts a number of parameters so as to minimize some objective in as few runs as possible.

dist-keras - Distributed Deep Learning, with a focus on distributed training, using Keras and Apache Spark

  •    Python

Distributed Deep Learning with Apache Spark and Keras. Distributed Keras is a distributed deep learning framework built op top of Apache Spark and Keras, with a focus on "state-of-the-art" distributed optimization algorithms. We designed the framework in such a way that a new distributed optimizer could be implemented with ease, thus enabling a person to focus on research. Several distributed methods are supported, such as, but not restricted to, the training of ensembles and models using data parallel methods.

Object-Oriented Optimization Toolbox (OOOT)


A library (.dll) of various linear, nonlinear, and stochastic numerical optimization techniques. While some of these are older than 50 years, they have yet to take advantage of the OOP . This toolbox is intended to aid in the automated design of various engineering artifacts.