government-glossary - A GovSpeak to English translator a

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A GovSpeak to English translator a.k.a. glossary of common government IT and procurement terms, abbreviations and acronyms (CGITPTAA). You can also get programatic access to the terms via terms.json.



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  •    Javascript

GLOSSARY is an OS platform for creating accessbile multi-lingual online glossary. It provides support for multiple definitions, comments, email notifications and export to Moodle and as CSV.

gov-takedowns - Text of government takedown notices as received


From time to time, GitHub receives requests from governments to remove content that has been declared unlawful in their local jurisdiction. Although we may not always agree with the choices of government actors, we may need to block content if we receive a valid request from a government official so that our users in that jurisdiction may continue to have access to GitHub to collaborate and build software. Whenever we block content at the request of a government, we will post the official request that led to the block in this repository.We are concerned about Internet censorship, and believe that transparency is a virtue. By posting the notices here, we can better inform the public about what content is being withheld from GitHub, and why. We post takedown notices here to document their potential to chill speech.

code-gov-web - Federal Source Code policy implementation.

  •    TypeScript is a website promoting good practices in code development, collaboration, and reuse across the U.S. Government. will provide tools and guidance to help agencies implement the Federal Source Code Policy. It will include an inventory of the government's custom code to promote reuse between agencies and will provide tools to help government and the public collaborate on open source projects. To learn more about the project, check out this blog post.

esri2open - this repo is an ESRI toolbox and tool(s) that export ESRI Feature Classes to open data formats, CSV, JSON, and GeoJSON

  •    Python

This repo is an ESRI toolbox and tool(s) that exports ESRI Feature Classes to open data formats, CSV, JSON, SQLite, and GeoJSON. Much of the data in government coffers is contained in spatial databases. A large percentage of government spatial data is created and managed using ESRI software. While the common interchange format, the ESRI Shapefile, is easily exported and imported by many other softwares, this data file format (the Shapefile) is not intrinsically part of the www ecology. Moreover, ESRI software does not provide an export of its generic 'feature class' (shapefile, file geodatabase, and personal geodatabase) to the most common open data file formats, CSV, JSON, and/or GeoJSON. Finally while open source tools easily transform ESRI shapefiles to open data, most government geospatial infrastructures only have ESRI tools. Lacking this basic export feature presented here, means the lion's share of government spatial data users cannot export their data to the most common open data formats.

government-service-design-manual - Government Service Design Manual

  •    Javascript

Government Service Design Manual

SharePoint 2010 Government Demo Assets


This project contains assets related to the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Government Demo, developed by Infusion Development and available on

Government Sanctioned Espionage RPG

  •    C++

Government Sanctioned is a modern SRD-like espionage game server. Visit for game design and play information or homepage Government Sanctioned is an online, text-based espionage RPG (similar to a ...


  •    HTML


consul - Consul - Open Government and E-Participation Web Software

  •    Ruby

Development started on 2015 July 15th. Code was deployed to production on 2015 september 7th to Since then new features are added often. You can take a look at the current features at the project's website and future features at the Roadmap and open issues list. Prerequisites: install git, Ruby 2.3.2, bundler gem, Node.js and PostgreSQL (>=9.4).

design-system-components - 🛠 Component code and tests for the Australian Government design system

  •    HTML

The components for the Australian Government Design System. The design system components are distributed through the npm ecosystem and can only be installed through the npm command. Npm requires node.js and the components needs node.js 8 or higher.


  •    Ruby

Inside Government: how the UK Government works, what it's doing, and how you can get involved.

LAMP eGovernment Database Project

  •    Java

LAMP eGovernment Database Project offers state and local governments a free open source, web-enabled system for use in developing public information sites. You can also use this system for government-to-government systems as well.



A simple application for finding Green Government Opportunities for Small Businesses. The application based on your current location retrieves all the government programs for the state of location and then allows you to share your favorite program on Facebook. (US only, WP7).

???????? - Greek Government Open Data Program - Windows Mobile Client


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geoq - Django web application to collect geospatial features and manage feature collection among groups of users

  •    Javascript

GeoQ is an open source (MIT License) geographic tasking system that allows teams to collect geographic structured observations across a large area, but manage the work in smaller geographic regions. Large areas can be quickly broken up into small 1km squares and assigned to a team. System transparency informs all groups about workflow to avoid duplication of effort. The GeoQ software was developed at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in collaboration with [The MITRE Corporation] ( The government has "unlimited rights" and is releasing this software to increase the impact of government investments by providing developers with the opportunity to take things in new directions. The software use, modification, and distribution rights are stipulated within the [MIT] ( license.

open_government - Open Government, released as part of #PDFtribute


Open Government, released as part of #PDFtribute

SplinterNet - A serverless, unblockable messaging system for Android.

  •    Java

SplinterNet is an Android app designed to create an unblockable Twitter like network that uses no cellular or Internet communications. All messages are transmitted over Bluetooth between users, creating a true peer-to-peer messaging system. All messages are anonymous to prevent retaliation by government authorities. During times of civil unrest, governments have recently demonstrated a willingness to completely shut down Internet connections and cellular networks as a method of disrupting the organization of citizens. Additionally many governments filter politically-sensitive content, and spy on their citizens' network activity. SplinterNet provides a way to avoid government control of communications by creating a network with no central point of control.

uikit - 🛠 Component code and tests for the design system

  •    HTML

The UI-Kit for the Australian Government Design System. The GOV.AU UI-Kit is distributed through the npm ecosystem and can only be installed through the npm command. Npm requires node.js and the UI-Kit needs a node.js 5 or higher.

decidim - The participatory democracy framework

  •    Ruby

The participatory democracy framework. Decidim is a participatory democracy framework, written in Ruby on Rails, originally developed for the Barcelona City government online and offline participation website. Installing these libraries will provide you a generator and gems to help you develop web applications like the ones found on example applications or like our demo application.

Autshumato ITE

  •    Java

Autshumato Integrated Translation Environment is a free computer aided translation application. It provides a single translation environment that contains translation memory, machine translation and a glossary to facilitate the translation process.

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