BlogEngine Daily Quote Widget

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Widget that pulls a random daily quote and displays it on your instance of BlogEngine.Net.



Related Projects


  •    Perl

Finance::Quote is a perl module that fetches delayed on-line stock quotes. The Finance::Quote can fetch quote from a variety of sources, including the NYSE, the ASX, and a number of European exchanges.

Simple Quote Screensaver

  •    CSharp

Simple Quote Screensaver is a simple lightweight screensaver for Windows. It displays random quotes from a quotes file, fading each quote in and out.

Android Stock Quote Application

  •    Java

Stock quote app for the Android Platform. It fetches latest stock quote details(Last Traded price,Day High,Day Low,etc)from various free web services available on the internet. Allows you to save stocks in your portfolio for quick access to their prices.

Quote Widget


Quote Widget is a ASP.Net User Control which helps to display a Quote from a list of quotes on your ASP.Net Website.

Quote UnQuote

  •    PHP

PHP-Based Quote Database (QDB) providing a quote management and revision system.

NameDay Webservice


This is a webservice about the namedays in some countries. It is able to tell the name of today, or spec date, or when will be.

Webservice Xslt Transformer WebPart for SharePoint 2010


The Dynamic Webservice Xslt Transformer WebPart makes it much easier for SharePoint Developers and Administrators to call the webservice and transform the results directly to HTML by providing their own custom xslt. The properties can be set on the webpart by using the UI.

Daily Deals .Net - Groupon Clone


Daily Deals .Net is a "daily deals" application based on the .net technology. Utilizing MVC 3 to provide a Groupon-like experience. This project needs your support. Please sign up today to help bring a viable daily deals project to the .Net open source world.

daily - Curated dev news delivered to your new tab 👩🏽‍💻


Daily is a dev news curator delivering relevant updates to your new tab. It gathers and ranks articles from tens of different sources to help you optimize your time and boost your knowledge. Daily might look pretty simple on the surface but actually it is powered by several services, some might be big and legacy and other micro and easy to maintain. We would like to guide you through the different repositories so you can get by the codebase.

Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2013


The Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2013 is a small add-in based on the fantastic Excel-DNA library to retrieve stock data from Yahoo using the PSQ function.

SharePoint Stock Quote Web Part


This is a web part for WSS v3, MOSS 2007, SPF 2010, or SharePoint Server 2010 that displays a stock quote for a single stock. Under the hood, this is a Data View Web Part and a call to a web service at WebServiceX.Net.

Txoof's Signature Rotation Progra

  •    Perl

txsig is a perl script for choosing a random quote from a base of quote files written in Perl. txsig runs on Linux in perl and should run on any platform that has the required modules. txsig offers a more flexible implementation of the fortune program.


  •    PHP

HQMS is a free quote management system written in PHP, similar in style to, GeekIssues and and based on the original OSQDB (open source quote database).

airquotes - Source code for a custom t-shirt price quote site written using AngularJS.

  •    Javascript

This was my first AngularJS project and yet it's surprisingly not that bad. It is an automatic quote generator for a t-shirt website which I developed for someone with whom I used to work. At the time of writing this it was not yet deployed because some of the PHP it has to hook to on the server side was less than stable. But all of the client side work I did was working like a champ. It's a good example of an AngularJS application that's not completely trivial and yet one that does not depend upon having a service it has to connect to for getting and persisting data.

news-feed-eradicator - A browser extension that deletes your Facebook news feed and replaces it with a nice quote

  •    TypeScript

A browser extension that deletes your Facebook news feed and replaces it with a nice quote. This plugin is built as a WebExtension - a standard for browser plugins currently supported in both Chrome and Firefox.

PaperPlane - 📚 PaperPlane - An Android reading app containing articles from Zhihu Daily, Guokr Handpick and Douban Moment

  •    Java

Paper Plane is an Android reading app containing articles from Zhihu Daily, Guokr Handpick and Douban Moment. The project is built on MVP architecture and designed with Material Design style.To open this project in Android Studio, begin by checking out of the branches, and then open the PaperPlane/ dictionary in Android Studio. The following series of steps illustrate how to open the PaperPlane branch. - Webservice for generating pdfs from html

  •    CSS

Webservice for generating pdfs from html