stc15clock - replacement software for cheap chinese DIY led clock based on STC15W404AS MCU

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Compiler of choice is sdcc, avaliable on virually every platform. As my development envirnoment is based on Linux, this is the only OS currently tested. Simply go into src directory, run make and you should get stc15clock.hex ready to be flashed onto MCU.



Related Projects

Software Driver for 8051 AVR Programmer

  •    VB

This application will be the software part for quot;Universal Atmel Flash 8051 / AVR Programmerquot; that can be found at : (on my opinion this is the best free MCS51/AVR programmer).

MCU 8051 IDE

  •    Perl

Integrated Development Environment for some microcontrollers based on 8051(e.g. AT89S8253). Supported languages are Assembly and C. It has its own simulator, assembler, editor and many other tools. See for more details.

eclipse-plugins - The GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins for ARM & RISC-V C/C++ developers

  •    C

These are the Eclipse projects used to build the GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins. For new installs, the preferred method is via GNU MCU Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers , which packs the official Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers release with all GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins already installed.

prog51 - 8051 programmer

  •    C

Programmer for 8051 compatible microcontollers

gSim51 - 8051 microcontroller simulator

  •    C

gSim51 is a powerful, efficient and cool simulator for 8051 code. Its has a text based interface and very efficient commands keeping in line with the unix tradition of short and concise commands that do one thing well. gSim51 has no code or data space lim


  •    C

It is a software to program ISP based 8051 controllers(89SXX) on Linux. The software decodes the hex file entered from the command line and send it to controller's flash memory using PC's parallel port.The hardware connections are very minimal.



mcu dev

C# and MCU


C# and MCU and web

MCU Fusion


MCU Fusion is a powerfull and extensible application for programming various devices like microcontrollers, ROM, etc.

MCU Java source

  •    Java

Java source to C source translator, which allows to write MCU programs in Java. Now AVR are supported, others can be added. Convenient Java methods instead of manual register handling.

HCS12 MCU memory reader/writer

  •    C

hcs12mem is a command line tool for embedded microcontroller developers using Freescale's HC12/S12-family MCUs. Main features: reading/writing/erasing internal memories (FLASH/EEPROM), securing/unsecuring MCU, upload and execution of arbitrary code.

awesome-cpus - All CPU and MCU documentation in one place

  •    HTML

This repository contains documentation for various CPUs. There are data sheets, programmer's manuals, quick reference cards, etc. Before submitting a pull request, please read the Contribution Guidelines.

BLHeli - BLHeli for brushless ESC firmware

  •    Assembly

This tree contains the BLHeli assembly code for sensorless brushless motor electronic speed control (ESC) boards. It was initially designed for use with Eflite mCP X, but is well suited for other copters/planes. There is one version of the software for Silabs MCU based ESCs, and another for Atmel MCU based ESCs. Both versions are now at the same revision.


  •    Java

Small Telnet Chat (STC) A Chatserver to which you can connect via a telnet client. Provides logging, automatic kicking and IP blocking.


  •    C

It is an opensource programer MCU51 chips family (i.e. 8051, 8052...) and i2c eeproms (i.e. 24c01...), programer accepts input file in Intel Hex file format and with pc comunicate via rs232.

Linux EC2 driver


ec2drv provides linux support for the Silicon Laboratories EC2 serial - JTAG debug adaptor for their 8051 series microcontrollers. Source level debugging for projects using the microprocessors supported by this adaptor will also be developed.

Atmel USB DFU Programmer

  •    C

A multi-platform command-line programmer for Atmel (8051, AVR, XMEGA amp; AVR32) chips with a USB bootloader supporting ISP. This is a mostly Device Firmware Update (DFU) 1.0 compliant user-space application.

CrazyCar fuzzyControl

  •    C

Embedded uC software for a CrazyCar (see This project generates code for various microcontrollers e.g. 8051, AVR, Fujitsu.

Code Edit Pro

  •    VB

Basic editor that is based around editing ASM amp; C for the HCS12 / HCS12X from Freescale. Recently added support for PIC amp; Intel 8051. Can also edit HTML/XML/SQL/C/x86. Full syntax highlighting for all supported languages. Endless build/assemble commands.


  •    C

CMON51 is a monitor for the 8051/8052, written in C and assembly.