Batch Disc Backup

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Tool to assist with the copy of multiple CD/DVD/BlueRay discs, so that you don’t need to do each copy manually.



Related Projects


  •    CSharp

CDCollect is a CD/DVD catalog application for gnome. It's goal is to be able to catalog your entire CD/DVD collection allowing for searches of your CD/DVD files with a clean and simple interface.

jDiskDigest (jDD)

  •    Java

jDiskDigest (jDD), a CD/DVD catalog, is made for those whom has a collection of cd and/or dvd and want to catalog it. jDD is able to sort and filter a large collection. Finding a specific information will not be a problem anymore.

K3b - The CD Creator for KDE

  •    C++

K3b was created to be a feature-rich and easy to handle CD burning application. It creates Data CD, Audio CD, Video CD, DVD Burning, CD / DVD ripping and lot more.

Disable Auto Eject

  •    DotNet

A Small application for disabling the cd/dvd tray auto eject feature in windows vista, when the user click on the cd/dvd drive icon, and theres no cd/dvd in the drive.


  •    Python

dvd copy does what the name implies, it copies the main feature of a dvd to the hard drive then shrinks it down to fit on a 4.7GB dvd then burns it to a dvd. This is good for making backup copies of dvds you legally own.

Random Access Backup

  •    C

RAB is a backup program used to make backups to removable media, like DVD RAM, and to CD. RAB supports full and incremental backups. RAB provides a library which may be used to create customized backup applications for your special needs.

Cedar Backup

  •    Python

Cedar Backup manages backups for a pool of local and remote machines. Backups can be written to CD or DVD. A variety of backup sources (filesystem, database repositories, revision control repositories, etc.) are supported.

Disc Bone

  •    C++

DiscBone is a networked CD burner. It can burn CD or DVD, and supports currently the following features disc copy, ISO burning and Data CD creation/burning.


  •    CSharp

This application is a Windows XP .NET 3.5 application that can be used to burn CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL/BD-R/BD-RE. It includes the ability to burn both data disk and audio disks.


  •    C

CDDE (CD Detect amp; Execute utility) detects when a CD/DVD-ROM drive has a disc inserted and executes a command specified in its config file. This means a DVD can be inserted and a DVD player will start, or a data CD will be automatically mounted, etc.


  •    VB

Movie player is a movie player that can be burnt onto a CD / DVD alonside movies / videos. when inserted into a windows based pc, the CD / DVD will autorun presenting the user with a gui screen of movie clips from the CD / DVD. Movie Player works a bit l


  •    CSharp

The application simplifies backup process. The application prepares files for following backup burning on CD/DVD. The application allows specifying source folder(s), folder filters, file filters. No additional programs to restore a file.

Complete Backup Solution


Complete/partial system backup solution, targeting multiple medias (CD, DVD, HD etc) with support for making differential backups and a extensible plugin system.



Yakup is a backup program for managing server or workstation backup regimes, either to fixed disk or removable CD/DVD media. Yakup can also be used as an ad-hoc archiving tool.


  •    C

scdbackup is a simplified CD/DVD backup program for Linux. It can back up large amounts of data on one or more media, with no special tools needed for reading the backup. It supports ISO9660 filesystems and afio archives.

PDM - PHP Dump Maker - Smart Backup Tool

  •    PHP

Smart PHP backup tool. Reads given SRC+subdirs, creates set of directories filled (or linked) with the content of SRC, made to fit given capacity. Features: multivol. backups, ISO creation, on-the fly CD/DVD burn, file splitting, index creating and more.

DVD Master Backup

  •    C++

DVD Master Backup has been designed for the backup of your DVD movies by transforming the DVD format to the DIVX format and to fit it on a standard 700MB compact disc.

CD Maze - CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Catalog

  •    Python

CD Maze is an easy to use CD-ROM/DVD-ROM catalog system for the GNOME/Unix/Linux-Desktop.

DVD Backup Tool

  •    C

DVD backup tool for the GNOME desktop. Allows you to back up a DVD movie to a similar capacity media or back up a title of a DVD to a normal 4.7 GB DVD disk, shrinking the video if needed. You can also back up a title to two disks to prevent shrinking.



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