BANANA Platform

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BANANA Platform is a set of utilities for ASP.NET and C#. It provides with 4 languages(English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese).



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A simple ASP.NET Currency / Money TextBox User Control

A ASP.NET TextBox control used with AJAX maskeditextender makes it possible to enter numbers but it's not very intuitive to use. CurrencyTextBox control is a user control on top of TextBox to allow easy entry/update of money / currency values. 9/12/2010: Updated with some fixes.

Auto Complete Textbox for VB.Net

Auto Complete Textbox is a simple project to give developers a small idea on how to create a textbox which creates a popup menu with the options just below the textbox. Used Technology : and WPF.

Spell Check Winforms TextBox.

WinForms TextBox with spell checking. This WinForms control encapsulates the WPF textbox which has in built spell-checking. Only uses .net framework so you should be able to use this control without installing any extra libraries.

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Watermark TextBox Control

A Windows Phone 7 TextBox control, providing Watermark text to add a visual clue to the user for what he has to enter in the field, like the built-in Calendar app when you want to create a new appointment. The control inherits TextBox.


A simple grid with all the basics that allows a caller to dynamically configure which type of cell it will render (such as one cell will be a checkbox, then the next a textbox, then a dropdownlist, then a lookup or whatever). Still basic ... needs some more work

TextBox with counter .NET WebControl (C#)

This is a TextBox with counter WebControl written in C#. It can be used and deployed in the same way as any normal control. You can set the limit (maxlength) for the TextBox and specify the TextBoxMode (i.e. SingleLine, MultiLine, Password).

ASP.Net Numeric Only Textbox with Basic formatting

LZDollarTextbox is an ASP.Net server control that makes handling numeric only data easier for web applications. It is developed in VB.Net (easy to convert to C#) and Javascript.

TaggingField for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

TaggingField is a client side JScript customization, which turns any standard CRM 4.0 textbox into a tag-enabled textbox. By typing you will get a select box below the textbox showing available tags that come from all records of the same type.


modified FastColored TextBox for better unicode character rendering. Original code by Pavel Torgashov from

Custom CSharp Controls

The aim of this project is to provide you (the user) with controls that have desired functionality built into them.


This project includes several custom Button types, Windows Form types, a numeric textbox and a custom MessageBox class. * RoundedButton - A button with rounded corners. * ShadedButton - A button with customizable shine. * ColorizedButton - A button with customizable T...

Multivalue AutoComplete WinForms TextBox in C#

This project is a sample application that demonstrates how to create a multivalue WinForms textbox in C# using .NET Framework 3.5.

WPF AutoComplete TextBox Control

A AutoComplete TextBox Control written in WPF, Looks like the system built-in auto-completion(SHAutoComplete).

WPF SyntaxHighlightBox

SyntaxHighlightBox is a WPF project to build a simple and fast textbox with support for syntax-highlighting. Syntaxes are easily described in XML files. Syntax highlighting is done by block increment (just like the Qt TextEdit with QSyntaxHighlighter).

UnifiedASP Web Controls

This control pack includes an extended ASP.Net 2.0 GridView with simplified support for sorting and paging, and an extended TextBox control with built-in and more-easily configured validators. It was built as part of the open-source framework UnifiedASP.

Urdu and Arabic enabled Text Box control

I want to create a user control i.e. textbox that will contain the functionality to type ARABIC or URDU . Initially i am using these two languages but later it will be expanded. I want to handle it by unicode so that storing textbox data to database and displaying data back t...

ofxTextBox - Simple textbox addon for openframeworks

Simple textbox addon for openframeworks

SimpleTagsSelector - Simple tags selector that bind tags list to an input textbox

Simple tags selector that bind tags list to an input textbox