internetmarke-php - A PHP wrapper for the Deutsche Post Internetmarke web service 1C4A ("OneClickForApplikation")

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internetmarke-php is a simple PHP wrapper for the 1C4A ("OneClickForApplikation") web service for the Internetmarke provided by Deutsche Post (DPAG). Its main purpose is to be able to order Deutsche Post stamps directly from your own applications. The payment is handled via the Portokasse, a prepaid wallet service also by Deutsche Post. The web service by Deutsche Post is a custom SOAP API (see the WSDL here: This project aims to abstract the SOAP nature away and provide a nice API in PHP, while still adhering to the structure defined by DPAG where reasonable.



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stamp-specification - The Stamp Specification: Composables

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This specification exists in order to define a standard format for composable factory functions (called stamps), and ensure compatibility between different stamp implementations. A stamp is a composable factory function that returns object instances based on its descriptor.

react-stamp - Composables for React.

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Composables for React. react-stamp has replaced react-stampit and is compliant with the stamp specification. The Rtype specification is used for documenting function signatures and data structures.

Stamp Page Creator

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Stamp Page Creator is a free philately program for creating and printing pages for postage stamp collections. The program has an easy user interface: What you see is what you get. Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. supported.



STAMP is an image time stamp program released under the GNU Public License. It places customizable text messages (such as dates, times, or witty quotes) as color strings onto JPEG images.

stamp - Date and time formatting for humans.

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Format dates and times based on human-friendly examples, not arcane strftime directives. Just gem install stamp, or add stamp to your Gemfile and bundle install.


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Preconfigured German PHP Nuke - It is based on PHP-Nuke (all credits to FB). Deutsche houml;fliche Sie Version mit vorkonfigurierten Modulen und mit einer Admin Hilfe die direkt aus dem Administrations Bereich aufgerufen werden kann.

deutsche Uebersetzung fuer LDE(X)


Dieses Projekt bietet die deutsche Uebersetzung fuuml;r den Shellersatz LDE(X), der ebenfalls auf Sourceforge angeboten wird.

Deutsche Spekulative-Fiktion DatenBank

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Ziel ist die Entwicklung des Freien WebFrontEnds fuuml;r die Die in der Datenbank gesammelten Daten sind PublicContent und beziehen sich auf deutsche ScienceFiction/Fantsay und Horror-Literatur. Die verwendete Datenbank ist MySQL.



This is a C library to check the validity of German and Austrian Bank Account Numbers. All currently defined test methods by Deutsche Bundesbank (June 2013: 00 to E0) are implemented. Modules for AWK, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and are included too.

BASIC Stamp Tools for Linux

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A collection of tools to tokenize PBASIC source code and send it to a BASIC Stamp microcontroller.


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Client software for Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP) defined by RFC 3161. Supports TCP Socket Based Protocol and Time-Stamp Protocol via HTTP(S).

cronexpr - Cron expression parser in Go language (golang)

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Given a cron expression and a time stamp, you can get the next time stamp which satisfies the cron expression. In another project, I decided to use cron expression syntax to encode scheduling information. Thus this standalone library to parse and apply time stamps to cron expressions.

tinydate - A tiny (337B) reusable date formatter. Extremely fast!

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The template pattern to be parsed. The date from which to retrieve values. Defaults to current datetime.

wp-custom-post-type-class - A PHP Class for creating Wordpress Custom Post Types easily

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N.B I've released an updated version of the project to a new repository, PostTypes. A single class to help you build more advanced custom post types quickly.

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An admin interface and structured post meta for WordPress post formats.

PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator


Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator - A free PHP shipping calculator for all shipping purpose, including eBay merchants, ecommerce sites. Developed by using XML / Web Services of Sell Online(tm) Shipping Module from Canada Post.

super-cpt - Insanely easy and attractive custom post types, custom post meta, and custom taxonomies for WordPress

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Notice: master on this repo is a nightly build so use with care. WordPress Plugin to build insanely easy and attractive custom post types, custom post meta, and custom taxonomies. Install it from the Plugin Repository.

extended-cpts - A library which provides extended functionality to WordPress custom post types and taxonomies

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Extended CPTs is a library which provides extended functionality to WordPress custom post types and taxonomies. This allows developers to quickly build post types and taxonomies without having to write the same code again and again. See the wiki for full documentation.

Qwench - PHP StackOverflow Clone

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Qwench is a PHP/mySQL based StackOverflow clone. It allows users to post questions and answers and also to post an article as a knowledge-base. It supports points system similar to StackOverflow.

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The purpose of this repository is to create an open set of standards for the WordPress developer community on how to name custom post types as well as related taxonomies and metadata. The need for a standard on common post types has been clear for years. However, we've never taken the initiative and put together a list. We need some sort of standard, even if it's loose and flexible, so that multiple plugins can compete in the same space without users losing access to their data when switching between plugins.