BkLoadMore - :bullettrain_side: No immersion implementation adds rows that are being loaded and loaded for RecyclerView

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Modified from Paginate, the extension is in addition to displaying the rows that have finished loading all the data. Use the default implementation to start quickly.




Related Projects

android-pulltorefresh-and-loadmore - android custom listview,with interaction pattern load more and pull to refresh to load data dinamically

  •    Java

The first thing that i have to say is render thanks to johannilsson because all the part of pull to refresh listview is based in the code of his repository at https://github.com/johannilsson/android-pulltorefresh. The target of this project is help other to apply the interaction pattern pull to refresh and load more on an android listview.

EasyXRecyclerView - 主要提供了简单易用强大的RecyclerView库,包括自定义刷新加载效果、极简通用的万能适配器Adapter、万能分割线、多种分组效果、常见状态页面、item动画效果、添加多个header和footer、侧滑、拖拽、Sticky(黏性)效果、多item布局等,各模块之间灵活、解耦、通用、又能相互组合使用。

  •    Java


PlaceHolderView - This library provides advance views for lists and stacks

  •    Java

You can find the PlaceHolderView documentation here which has extended usage instructions and other useful information. Some of the views in PlaceHolderView library is build on top of RecyclerView and rest are written in its own.

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