shields - Concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format

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This is home to, a service for concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format, which can easily be included in GitHub readmes or any other web page. The service supports dozens of continuous integration services, package registries, distributions, app stores, social networks, code coverage services, and code analysis services. Every month it serves over 470 million images. Browse a complete list of badges.


bytes : ^3.1.0
camelcase : ^5.2.0
camp : ~17.2.2
chalk : ^2.4.2
check-node-version : ^3.1.0
chrome-web-store-item-property : ~1.1.2
config : ^3.1.0
cross-env : ^5.2.0
decamelize : ^3.2.0
dotenv : ^7.0.0
emojic : ^1.1.15
escape-string-regexp : ^1.0.5
fast-xml-parser : ^3.12.16
fsos : ^1.1.3
gh-badges : file:gh-badges
glob : ^7.1.1
joi : 14.3.1
joi-extension-semver : 2.0.0
js-yaml : ^3.13.1
jsonpath : ~1.0.1
lodash.countby : ^4.6.0
lodash.throttle : ^4.1.1
lodash.times : ^4.3.2
moment : ^2.24.0
node-env-flag : ^0.1.0
parse-link-header : ^1.0.1
path-to-regexp : ^3.0.0
pretty-bytes : ^5.0.0
priorityqueuejs : ^1.0.0
prom-client : ^11.3.0
query-string : ^6.4.2
raven : ^2.4.2
redis : ~2.8.0
request : ~2.88.0
semver : ~6.0.0
simple-icons : 1.9.24
xml2js : ~0.4.16
xmldom : ~0.1.27
xpath : ~0.0.27



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badgen-service - Fast svg badge generating service

  •    Javascript

Home of, fast badge generating service. Then, logically, Badgen Service was born. I had a good time with, but as time goes by Shields gets slower, leaves more and more broken badges in READMEs. Badgen is trying to be a fast alternative with simplicity and flexibility. Its codebase is simple (2K LoCs vs Shields' 22K LoCs), well structured and fun to develop - it is pretty easy to add badge(s) for new service(s).


  •    Python

.. image:: :target: :alt: Travis.CI Build Status .. image:: :target: :alt: AppVeyor.CI Build Status .. image:: :target: :

buckler - Go library and CLI for making Shields-style badges (PNG)

  •    Go

Buckler is Shields as a Service (ShaaS, or alternatively, Badges as a Service) for use in GitHub READMEs, or anywhere else. Use buckler with your favorite continuous integration tool, performance monitoring service API, or ridiculous in-joke to surface information. Buckler is available hosted at You may use the API to generate shields at runtime, pregenerate them and host them on your own service, or run your own copy of Buckler to protect important company secrets.

shields - A legible & concise status badge solution for third-party codebase services.


A legible & concise status badge solution for third-party codebase services.

badges - :pencil: Markdown code for lots of small badges :ribbon: :pushpin: (shields

  •    Makefile

A list of badges, with their Markdown code, that can be included in a file for a GitHub or Bitbucket project. The same file for reStructuredText code is available here: README.rst.

mesh.js - utility library for async iterable iterators

  •    Javascript

[![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Join the chat at](](

merit - Reputation engine for Rails apps

  •    Ruby

Merit adds reputation behavior to Rails apps in the form of Badges, Points, and Rankings. Badges can be automatically given to any resource in your application based on rules and conditions you create. Badges can also have levels, and be permanent or temporary (A temporary badge is revoked when the conditions of the badge are no longer met).

badgen - Fast handcraft svg badge generator.

  •    Javascript

Fast handcraft svg badge generator. Used on

badgeyay - Attendee Badge Generator for Conferences http://badgeyay

  •    Python

badgeyay is a simple badge generator with a simple web UI to add data and generate printable badges in a zip. Our current goal is to provide an interface to generate badges for the FOSSASIA conference.

TDBadgedCell - TDBadgedCell is a table view cell class that adds a badge, similar to the badges in Apple's own apps

  •    Swift

TDBadgedCell grew out of the need for TableViewCell badges and the lack of them in iOS (see the article explaining this on TUAW. Recently the project has been re-written in Swift and much simplified. Note: You can find the old Objective-C version on the deprecated-objective-c branch.

package-quality - Measurements of quality for packages, especially for npm

  •    Javascript

Measurements of quality for packages, initially for npm.replacing yourpackage with (surprise!) the name of your package. You can choose between badge or mini-badge; the latter is courtesy of

CustomBadge - CustomBadge is an Objective-C based component to create customized Badges for any given View

  •    Objective-C

CustomBadge is a little simple iOS class to draw badges on any iOS view. I'm sure you've seen badges before! For example on App icons when you received a notification. Anyway, there was never an official class or API from Apple to provide those badges inside an App. For instance to put it on top of a Button. In 2011 I decided to make this class (based on the QuarzCore-Framework). The latest version has reusable badge-styles according to the old iOS design (< iOS 7) and for the current iOS version (8+). But you can compose any style you like with font color, background color, font style, frame, shadow, shinging, ...

github-badge - GitHub Badge is a simple embeddable badge showing your GitHub stats like the number of public repositories, number of followers, favorite languages etc

  •    Python

GitHub Badge is a simple embeddable badge showing your GitHub stats like the number of public repositories, number of followers, favorite languages etc. We do rely on heavy caching, so give it about 24 to 48 hours to pick up any changes.

repo-badges - :star: use repo badges (build passing, coverage, etc) in your readme/markdown file to signal code "quality" in a project

  •    HTML

As people who are passionate about writing great code we display "badges" in our code repositories to signal to fellow developers that we set ourselves high standards1 for the code we write, think of them as the software-equivalent of the brand on your jeans or other reliable product. Security - - NodeSecurity "Live" Checking for your project: is a free service provided by the lovely people at Node Security Project that checks if any of your dependencies have a security vulnerability. This badge is a great way to reassure people using your app/site that security is being checked.

Badge - :octocat: Badge drawable for android.

  •    Java

This library provides four types of badges with cliche customizations. The above drawable4 BadgeDrawable has set a number that too large to show, in this case, it will be replaced with "..." for showing. And then you can use toSpannable() for converting the drawable to SpannableString without setting its drawing bounds. It has already took internal measure.

github-badges - GitHub Blog Badges for Everyone

  •    Javascript

GitHub Blog Badges for Everyone

svgo - :tiger: Node.js tool for optimizing SVG files

  •    Javascript

SVG Optimizer is a Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files. SVG files, especially those exported from various editors, usually contain a lot of redundant and useless information. This can include editor metadata, comments, hidden elements, default or non-optimal values and other stuff that can be safely removed or converted without affecting the SVG rendering result.

MLPAccessoryBadge - A customizable badge for displaying metadata, especially in UITableViewCells

  •    Objective-C

MLPAccessoryBadge is a delightfully customizable UIView subclass that renders text inside a badge, created mainly for use in a UITableViewCell as its accessoryView property. Use it to hint at quantities, states, notifications, urgency, etc... Add the MLPAccessoryBadge.h and MLPAccessoryBadge.m files to your project.

clowncar - Clown Car Responsive Image Technique


We can use media queries within SVG to serve up the right image. The beauty of the "Clown Car" technique is that all the logic remains in the SVG file. I've called it the "Clown Car" technique since we are including (or stuffing) many images (clowns) into a single image file (car). When you mark up your HTML, you simply add a single call to an SVG file.

Leanify - lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer

  •    C

Leanify is a lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer. It removes unnecessary data (debug information, comments, metadata, etc.) and recompress the file to reduce file size. It will not reduce image quality at all. I'm not respossible for any consequence of using Leanify.