Tatsi - A drop-in replacement for UIImagePickerController with the ability to select multiple images and/or videos

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A drop-in replacement for UIImagePickerController with more options and the ability to select multiple images and/or videos. Hi, we're Awkward. We created a customizable image picker for our iOS reddit client called Beam. UIImagePickerController only supports selecting 1 image at a time, but we needed more images in Beam. Tatsi has built in support for selecting multiple images. On top of that, we integrated a camera button directly into the picker. We welcome you to use Tatsi for your own projects.




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SwiftServerSide-Vapor - 🦄 Swift server open source projects based on the Swift 4

  •    Swift

This is a Swift Server Side open source project built on the Swift 4.1 and Vapor 3 frameworks. Because of apple’s release of the cool event-driven non-blocking network framework SwiftNIO, Vapor 3 introduced it at a blazing pace, leading to Vapor 2 and Vapor 3. The grammar is very different. For me personally, it looks like the difference between Swift 2 -> Swift 3 is awkward. So I used Vapor 3 to rewrite part of the interface and open it for reference and communication with interested partners. Currently listed in the document API has been deployed in a formal environment application, and will continue to be perfected as needed.

BSImagePicker - A multiple image picker for iOS

  •    Swift

A mix between the native iOS 8 gallery and facebooks image picker. It is intended as a replacement for UIImagePickerController for both selecting and taking photos. Not happy with the fetch results (camera roll and albums) that BSImagePicker uses as default? Set the fetchResults property.

Material - A UI/UX framework for creating beautiful applications.

  •    Swift

Welcome to Material, a UI/UX framework for creating beautiful applications. Material's animation system has been completely reworked to take advantage of Motion, a library dedicated to animations and transitions. Take a look at a sample Photos project to get started.

Motion - A library used to create beautiful animations and transitions for Apple devices.

  •    Swift

Welcome to Motion, a library used to create beautiful animations and transitions for views, layers, and view controllers. Take a look at a sample Photos project to get started.

Fusuma - Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few line of code in Swift.

  •    Swift

Fusuma is a Swift library that provides an Instagram-like photo browser with a camera feature using only a few lines of code. You can use Fusuma instead of UIImagePickerController. It also has a feature to take a square-sized photo. Download and drop the 'Classes' folder into your Xcode project.

FaceAware - An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image.

  •    Swift

Sometimes the aspect ratios of images we need to work with don't quite fit within the confines of our UIImageViews. In most cases we can use AspectFill to fit the image to the bounds of a UIImageView without stretching or leaving whitespace, however when it comes to photos of people, it's quite often to have the faces cropped out if they're not perfectly centered.

GKImagePicker - Enables a custom crop rect for UIImagePickerController

  •    Objective-C

Ever wanted a custom crop area for the UIImagePickerController? Now you can have it with GKImagePicker. Just set your custom crop area and that's it. Just 4 lines of code. If you don't set it, it uses the same crop area as the default UIImagePickerController. Under MIT. See license file for details.

ARVideoKit - Capture & record ARKit videos 📹, photos 🌄, Live Photos 🎇, and GIFs 🎆.

  •    Swift

An iOS Framework that enables developers to capture videos 📹, photos 🌄, Live Photos 🎇, and GIFs 🎆 with ARKit content.

SwiftyCam - A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift

  •    Swift

SwiftyCam is a a simple, Snapchat-style iOS Camera framework for easy photo and video capture. SwiftyCam allows users to capture both photos and videos from the same session with very little configuration. Configuring a Camera View Controller in AVFoundation can be tedious and time consuming. SwiftyCam is a drop in View Controller which gives complete control of the AVSession.


  •    Swift

This repository is part of the Swift 3 API Design Guidelines effort, which helps evaluate the effects of applying the Swift API Design Guidelines to Objective-C APIs through improvements to Swift's Clang importer. swift-2: This branch provides the baseline Swift 2 projections of Objective-C APIs along with sample projects that compile in Swift 2. This branch will evolve only when the source inputs change, e.g., the addition of new sample code or updated SDKs when a new version of Xcode becomes available.

FDTake - Easily take a photo or video or choose from library

  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Other available options are documented at CocoaDocs for FDTake.

Closures - Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation

  •    Swift

Closures is an iOS Framework that adds closure handlers to many of the popular UIKit and Foundation classes. Although this framework is a substitute for some Cocoa Touch design patterns, such as Delegation & Data Sources and Target-Action, the authors make no claim regarding which is a better way to accomplish the same type of task. Most of the time it is a matter of style, preference, or convenience that will determine if any of these closure extensions are beneficial. Whether you're a functional purist, dislike a particular API, or simply just want to organize your code a little bit, you might enjoy using this library.

SKPhotoBrowser - Simple PhotoBrowser/Viewer inspired by facebook, twitter photo browsers written by swift

  •    Swift

Simple PhotoBrowser/Viewer inspired by facebook, twitter photo browsers written by swift, based on IDMPhotoBrowser, MWPhotoBrowser. Below is a table that shows which version of SKPhotoBrowser you should use for your Swift version.

MediaBrowser - 🏞 A simple iOS photo and video browser with optional grid view, captions and selections written in Swift4

  •    Swift

🏞 MediaBrowser can display one or more images or videos by providing either UIImage objects, PHAsset objects, or URLs to library assets, web images/videos or local files. MediaBrowser handles the downloading and caching of photos from the web seamlessly. Photos can be zoomed and panned, and optional (customisable) captions can be displayed. This can also be used to allow the user to select one or more photos using either the grid or main image view. You can also see all usage in demo project.

iOS-Swift-Demos - 精心收集并分类整理的Swift开发学习资源,包括Apple官方提供的示例代码和文档,以及github上的项目和国内外开发者的技术博客。欢迎提交pull-request一起维护。QQ交流群 32958950 申请请注明开发经验

  •    Swift

Swift is a high-performance system programming language. It has a clean and modern syntax, offers seamless access to existing C and Objective-C code and frameworks, and is memory safe by default. On December 3, 2015, the Swift language, supporting libraries, debugger, and package manager were published under the Apache 2.0 license with a Runtime Library Exception, and Swift.org was created to host the project.

iOSAppDevelopment - step by step to start build apps with iOS 10 and swift 3

  •    Objective-C

step by step to start build apps with iOS 10 and swift 3

TOCropViewController - A view controller that allows users to crop UIImage objects.

  •    Objective-C

TOCropViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass built to allow users to perform basic manipulation on UIImage objects; specifically cropping and some basic rotations. It has been designed with the iOS 8 Photos app in mind, and as such, behaves in an already familiar way. CropViewController is a Swift wrapper for TOCropViewController. It completely wraps all of the Objective-C object code in a pure Swift interface. This allows the API to look and feel 100% more Swifty, and can enable more elegant integrations with TOCropViewController in all-Swift codebases.

INSPhotoGallery - INSPhotoGallery is a modern looking photo gallery written in Swift for iOS.

  •    Swift

INSPhotoGallery is a modern looking photo gallery written in Swift for iOS. INSPhotoGallery can handle downloading of photos but in addition to that it allows you to make custom logic for downloading images, also it allows you to make custom overlay if you won't like current design. In addition it support interactive flick to dismiss, animated zooming presentation and many more. It was inspired by NYTPhotoViewer. You are able to create your custom photo model which can be use instead default INSPhoto. Default implementation don't cache images. If you would like to use some caching mechanism or use some library for downloading images for example HanekeSwift use must implement INSPhotoViewable protocol.

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