Nanomsg.swift - Swift binding for nanomsg

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More examples could be found in examples dir.



Related Projects

go-nanomsg - Language bindings for nanomsg in Go (Golang)

  •    Go

Package nanomsg adds language bindings for nanomsg in Go. nanomsg is a high-performance implementation of several "scalability protocols". See for more information. This is a work in progress. nanomsg is still in a beta stage. Expect its API, or this binding, to change.

node-nanomsg - Node.js binding for nanomsg

  •    Javascript

This is the default way of installing node-nanomsg. Behind the scenes, nanomsg library will be downloaded, built and statically linked, providing the simplest and easiest way to start working. Starts a new socket. The nanomsg socket can bind or connect to multiple heterogeneous endpoints as well as shutdown any of these established links. - Nanomsg library for Rust

  •    Rust

Nanomsg is a modern messaging library that is the successor to ZeroMQ, written in C by Martin Sustrik and colleagues. The nanomsg library is licensed under MIT/X11 license. "nanomsg" is a trademark of 250bpm s.r.o. The basis of Nanomsg is a Socket. Each socket can be of a certain type. The type of a socket defines it's behaviour and limitations (such as only being able to send and not receive).

nanomsg-python - nanomsg wrapper for python with multiple backends (CPython and ctypes) should support 2/3 and Pypy

  •    Python

Python library for nanomsg which does not compromise on usability or performance. Like nanomsg this library is still experimental, the API is fairly stable but if you plan to use it at this time be prepared to get your hands dirty, fixes and enhancements are very welcome.

nanomsg - High Performance Messaging Library

  •    C

The nanomsg library is a simple high-performance implementation of several "scalability protocols". These scalability protocols are light-weight messaging protocols which can be used to solve a number of very common messaging patterns, such as request/reply, publish/subscribe, surveyor/respondent, and so forth. These protocols can run over a variety of transports such as TCP, UNIX sockets, and even WebSocket. It aims to make the networking layer fast, scalable, and easy to use.

nng - nanomsg-next-generation -- light-weight brokerless messaging

  •    C

This project is a rewrite of the Scalability Protocols library known as libnanomsg, and adds significant new capabilities, while retaining compatibility with the original. It may help to think of this as "nanomsg-next-generation".

Hanson - Lightweight observations and bindings in Swift

  •    Swift

Hanson is a simple, lightweight library to observe and bind values in Swift. It's been developed to support the MVVM architecture in our Blendle iOS app. Hanson provides several advantages to using KVO in Swift, such as a Swiftier syntax, no boilerplate code, and the ability to use it in pure Swift types. Now, whenever the view model's isLoadingData property is set to a different value, it will automatically be set to the view's showsActivityIndicator property.

Gift - Swift bindings to libgit2. But you should use instead!

  •    Swift

This library isn't really maintained anymore. You should use SwiftGit2 instead. Gift provides Swift bindings to the libgit2 library.

Dwifft - Swift Diff

  •    Swift

Dwifft is a small Swift library that tells you what the "diff" is between two collections, namely, the series of "edit operations" required to turn one into the other. It also comes with UIKit bindings, to automatically, animatedly keep a UITableView/UICollectionView in sync with a piece of data by making the necessary row/section insertion/deletion calls for you as the data changes. Dwifft is a Swift library that does two things. The first thing sounds interesting but perhaps only abstractly useful, and the other thing is a very concretely useful thing based off the first thing.

ReactiveKit - A Swift Reactive Programming Kit

  •    Swift

ReactiveKit is a lightweight Swift framework for reactive and functional reactive programming. With just over 2000 lines of code it enables you to get into reactive world today. The framework is compatible with all Apple platforms and Linux. If you are developing an iOS or macOS app, make sure to also check out Bond framework that provides UIKit and AppKit bindings, reactive delegates and data sources.

Bond - A Swift binding framework

  •    Swift

Bond is built on top of ReactiveKit and bridges the gap between the reactive and imperative paradigms. You can use it as a standalone framework to simplify your state changes with bindings and reactive data sources, but you can also use it with ReactiveKit to complement your reactive data flows with bindings, reactive delegates and reactive data sources. Bond is a backbone of the Binder Architecture - a preferred architecture to be used with the framework.

iOS-Swift-Demos - 精心收集并分类整理的Swift开发学习资源,包括Apple官方提供的示例代码和文档,以及github上的项目和国内外开发者的技术博客。欢迎提交pull-request一起维护。QQ交流群 32958950 申请请注明开发经验

  •    Swift

Swift is a high-performance system programming language. It has a clean and modern syntax, offers seamless access to existing C and Objective-C code and frameworks, and is memory safe by default. On December 3, 2015, the Swift language, supporting libraries, debugger, and package manager were published under the Apache 2.0 license with a Runtime Library Exception, and was created to host the project.

SwiftLanguageWeather - Swift Language Weather is an iOS weather app developed in Swift 4.

  •    Swift

SwiftWeather has renamed to Swift Language Weather. Because this repo is ranked number one in Google when we search "Swift Weather", I got an email from Swift Weather Company's lawyer to ask me to change the name because they said they are the owner of U.S. Trademark SWIFT WEATHER. After discussed with them, they were not happy with the name SwiftyWeather. Now the new project name is Swift Language Weather. More details can be found on Issue: Open source project using a registered trademark. Swift Language Weather is an iOS weather app developed in Swift 4. The app has been actively upgrading to adopt the latest features of iOS and Swift language.

SwiftServerSide-Vapor - 🦄 Swift server open source projects based on the Swift 4

  •    Swift

This is a Swift Server Side open source project built on the Swift 4.1 and Vapor 3 frameworks. Because of apple’s release of the cool event-driven non-blocking network framework SwiftNIO, Vapor 3 introduced it at a blazing pace, leading to Vapor 2 and Vapor 3. The grammar is very different. For me personally, it looks like the difference between Swift 2 -> Swift 3 is awkward. So I used Vapor 3 to rewrite part of the interface and open it for reference and communication with interested partners. Currently listed in the document API has been deployed in a formal environment application, and will continue to be perfected as needed.

mangos - package mangos is an implementation in pure Go of the SP ("Scalable Protocols") protocols.

  •    Go

Package mangos is an implementation in pure Go of the SP ("Scalability Protocols") messaging system. This makes heavy use of go channels, internally, but it can operate on systems that lack support for cgo. NOTE: The repository has moved from Please import using Also, be advised that the master branch of this repository may contain breaking changes. Therefore, consider using a tag, such as v1, to ensure that you have the latest stable version.

Perfect - Server-side Swift

  •    Swift

Perfect is a complete and powerful toolbox, framework, and application server for Linux, iOS, and macOS (OS X). It provides everything a Swift engineer needs for developing lightweight, maintainable, and scalable apps and other REST services entirely in the Swift programming language for both client-facing and server-side applications.Perfect includes a suite of tools that will enhance your productivity as you use only one programming language to build your apps: Swift. The global development community’s most dynamic and popular server-side toolbox and framework available today, Perfect is the backbone for many live web applications and apps available on iTunes.

swift - Swift for TensorFlow project home page


Swift for TensorFlow is a new way to develop machine learning models. It gives you the power of TensorFlow directly integrated into the Swift programming language. With Swift, you can write the following imperative code, and Swift automatically turns it into a single TensorFlow Graph and runs it with the full performance of TensorFlow Sessions on CPU, GPU and TPU. Swift combines the flexibility of Eager Execution with the high performance of Graphs and Sessions. Behind the scenes, Swift analyzes your Tensor code and automatically builds graphs for you. Swift also catches type errors and shape mismatches before running your code, and has Automatic Differentiation built right in. We believe that machine learning tools are so important that they deserve a first-class language and a compiler.

awesome-ios - A curated list of awesome iOS ecosystem, including Objective-C and Swift Projects

  •    Swift

A curated list of awesome iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, Xcode extensions and plugins, components and much more. The list is divided into categories such as Frameworks, Components, Testing and others, open source projects, free and paid services. There is no pre-established order of items in each category, the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide. Instabug has just released their visual repro steps feature to enable you to trace all the views that the user interacted with before a bug or a crash occured. This will help you reproduce bugs and fix them 10x faster. We highly recommend integrating Instabug’s framework as they compiled a lot of other great features like network logs and screen annotations, providing you with useful and rich data attached to each bug or crash report. Instabug is offering awesome-ios community an exclusive 15% discount on all paid plans. Go to 1 minute integration guide.

BFKit-Swift - BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster

  •    Swift

BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster. For example you can use every iOS font with just an enum! It also adds some useful functions with Custom classes and extends Foundation, UIKit, AppKit and WatchKit classes. See file.