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AutoSPSourceBuilder: a utility for building a SharePoint 2010 / 2013 install source including prerequisites, service packs, language packs & cumulative updates.



Related Projects

SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer


Highly configurable but easy to use PowerShell script to deploy solutions to SharePoint 2010/2013. Performs also prerequisite checks and post-deployment actions



Automated SharePoint 2010 Powershell-based installation script.

SharePoint 2010 + 2013 Language Pack Downloader


SharePoint 2010 + 2013 Language Pack Downloader is a tool to quickly download multiple language pack files for the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Server platform.

SharePoint Code Snippets by Tobias Lekman


Contains various classes, templates, components, solutions and other resources used within SharePoint development.

SharePoint Search XSL Samples


This project is a place to share examples of XSL that can be applied to SharePoint search web parts. Products include SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Search Server 2008, and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express.

SharePoint (2010) Farm Backup


Leveraging the power of the SharePoint Management Shell this powerful PowerShell script backs up your entire SharePoint Farm/GAC/IIS/Hive/ULS Logs & Web.Config.

SharePoint 2010 Search Results Customization


By using this XSLT code, You can customize the SharePoint 2010 Search results from regular format to Tabular format.



WarmMeUp is the first SharePoint 2013 (compatible 2010) warm Up tool designed for large SharePoint farms (warming on every server of the farm)



GUI interface application for creating slipsteam files (service pack and/or cumulative update) for SQL2008 installation

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack

  •    CSharp

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack is a package of utilities for the administrator\developer\deployer of sharepoint. Originaly each tool was written to quickly solve a specific problem in a sharepoint deployment project, it can now be viewed as a code sample for sharepoint coding on...

SharePoint Power Pack


The SharePoint Power Pack consists of several features to enhance core functionality and change the user experience of the SharePoint GUI.

SharePoint/TFS Continuous Integration Starter Pack


Provides a customized TFS Build workflow and PowerShell scripts to get started with Continuous Integration (automated builds) in SharePoint + TFS 2010/2012.

AD Sites, Subnets and Sitelinks Management Pack for Powershell


AADSites makes it easier to create and manage AD Sites, AD subnets and AD Site links within PowerShell. Written as a PowerShell module, it is easy to install and use. Requires Powershell V2 and either the MS AD Management Pack or Quest AD tools

SharePoint PowerShell Timer Jobs


This projects provides functionality to create and execute PowerShell based timer jobs in SharePoint 2010. - With the management page in the CA you can create/modify/delete timer jobs and insert a PowerShell script that will be executed in SharePoint Timer Service context.

Cumulus - The current version of the Nonprofit Success Pack

  •    Apex

The Nonprofit Success Pack is released under the open source BSD license (see link below for additional license information). Contributions (code and otherwise) are welcome and encouraged. For information on contributing code, see our code contributor's guide and our NPSP 3 codebase documentation. Please see the project wiki for additional information. Project Cumulus was the codename for version 3 of the Nonprofit Success Pack, the most recent update and enhancement.

eyeOS Update-Pack

  •    Javascript

The eyeOS Update-Pack is a advanced version of the web-based operating system, quot;eyeOSquot;, within more languages, new functions, and lots of more...

Vampire Knight Transformation Pack


This program is a GUI transformation pack which can bring "Vampire Knight" style to your computer GUI. Language: VB.NET IDE+Platform: Visual Studio 2005 + .NET Framework 2.0