tippyjs - Highly customizable vanilla JS tooltip/popover library

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Tippy.js is a highly customizable vanilla JS tooltip/popover library powered by Popper.js. Use the full version link! Visit the link in src below to get the latest version.



popper.js : ^1.14.3



Related Projects

react-tippy - A lightweight tooltip for React. Based on tippy.js and powered by Popper.js

  •    Javascript

A lightweight tooltip for React. Demo at Demo page here... It is an enhancement of Tippy.js for using in React.

react-hint - Tooltip component for React, Preact, Inferno

  •    Javascript

React-hint is a small tooltip component for React which is developed with simplicity and performance in mind. It also plays nicely with Preact and Inferno. You don't need to include ReactHint in every component which uses tooltips, just include it once in the topmost container component. In case you need to define multiple instances of ReactHint, you can customise the attribute name per instance. ReactHint also supports custom tooltip content with attached event handlers by overriding the content renderer and returning a react node.

react-tooltip - react tooltip component

  •    Javascript

You can import node_modules/react-tooltip/standalone/react-tooltip.min.js into your page. Please make sure that you have already imported react and react-dom into your page.

react-portal-tooltip - Awesome React tooltip

  •    Javascript

Awesome tooltips. StatefulToolTip takes the same props as ToolTip, plus a className prop that will be applied to the root element wrapping the parent (see the example).

simptip - A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass

  •    CSS

What you see in the data-tooltip attribute is the text content of the tooltips, and the value of class attribute is tooltop's position. You can use .simptip-position-right , .simptip-position-bottom and .simptip-position-left class for other positions that you would like.

hint.css - A CSS only tooltip library for your lovely websites.

  •    CSS

hint.css is written as a pure CSS resource using which you can create cool accessible tooltips for your web app. It does not rely on JavaScript but rather uses aria-label/data- attribute*, pseudo elements, content property and CSS3 transitions to create the tooltips. Also it uses BEM naming convention particularly for the modifiers.

wenk - :wink: Lightweight pure CSS tooltip for the greater good

  •    CSS

Wenk is a Lightweight tooltip available in pure CSS, cssnext using PostCSS, Less or SCSS. Simply add the data-wenk attribute to your HTML with the text you want to display.

opentip - Opentip is an open source javascript tooltip based on the protoype framework.

  •    Javascript

Opentip is an open source javascript tooltip based on the protoype framework.

cssarrowplease - Generate CSS tooltip arrows

  •    Javascript

Generate CSS tooltip arrows

tooltipsy - Introducing a jQuery tooltip plugin for control-obsessed designers.

  •    Javascript

Introducing a jQuery tooltip plugin for control-obsessed designers.

hint.css - A tooltip library in CSS for your lovely websites.

  •    Javascript

A tooltip library in CSS for your lovely websites.

Silverlight Advanced ToolTips

  •    Silverlight

This Silverlight ToolTipService makes it easier to set tooltips on Silverlight controls with a specified delay and display duration. It's developed in C# and delivered as a Silverlight library. You can set initial delay, fade-out and display duration properties of a ToolTip.

Silverlight Tooltip with smart positioning


As well as demonstrating how to create a simple Tooltip control for your application, this project also shows how to get/set the absolute position of a control in your application even if it is not a Canvas control.

flot.tooltip - tooltip plugin for wonderful Flot plotting library

  •    Javascript

This repository is no longer actively maintained! All pull request or issues will be ignored starting from 1st of August 2016. If you want to become a new owner and main contributor, please write me an email. You can find my email address on my personal website, linked in my github profile. For information about Flot library go here.

TooltipAnimations - Some little ideas for bouncy and playful tooltip shapes and animations with SVG and anime

  •    Javascript

Some little ideas for bouncy and playful tooltip shapes and animations with SVG and anime.js. Among other styles, we use shape morphing and transform. This resource can be used freely if integrated or build upon in personal or commercial projects such as websites, web apps and web templates intended for sale. It is not allowed to take the resource "as-is" and sell it, redistribute, re-publish it, or sell "pluginized" versions of it. Free plugins built using this resource should have a visible mention and link to the original work. Always consider the licenses of all included libraries, scripts and images used.

tooltipster - A jQuery tooltip plugin

  •    Javascript

A flexible and extensible jQuery plugin for modern tooltips by Caleb Jacob and Louis Ameline under MIT license. Compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE6+ and others. Requires jQuery 1.10+ (or less, see the compatibility note in the doc). Default css + js files = 10Kb gzipped.

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