ASP League Ladder System

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An ASP ladder / league system for online gaming league or real life leagues also.



Related Projects


  •    PHP

easyLadder provides an easy to manage Online Gaming League System. Support for Ladder/League and other Modi and an easy to use Admin and Template System.

ladder - Ladder network is a deep learning algorithm that combines supervised and unsupervised learning

  •    Python

This is an implementation of Ladder Network in TensorFlow. Ladder network is a deep learning algorithm that combines supervised and unsupervised learning. It was introduced in the paper Semi-Supervised Learning with Ladder Network by A Rasmus, H Valpola, M Honkala, M Berglund, and T Raiko.


  •    CSharp

Sport is a Xamarin.Forms app initially built for Xamarin employees as a way to facilitate leaderboards for a few ping-pong tables and darts we have around the office. Athletes can join leagues, get ranked and challenge other athletes to move up the ladder.Sport employs the Elo Rating System. Each new member of a league initially starts with a rating of 1200. Anyone can challenge anyone, above or below you in the ladder and you can have multiple challenges in play. The larger the delta between the two players will result in how significant your rating increases or decreases. Victor over an athlete with a much higher rating than yours and you'll see a nice bump in your rating.

Ladder Ranking System


A ladder ranking system (initially for Foosball) as a DotNetNuke module

Epic Gaming Ladder Engine

  •    PHP

Proffesional PHP gaming ladder script, allows for infinite number of ladders, customizable rules, has a complex scoring system, and uses templates for ease of design customization. It is meant primarily for shooting games, but can be modified for others.

Liga Manager

  •    ASP

Liga Manager (League Manager) is an ASP/mySQL/MSAccess script to manage the statistics (points,played games,goals,etc) of a soccer league...or any other type of league. It was first written for a quot;FIFA 2002quot; on-line league.

Platinum - AFDC League Management System

  •    Ruby

Platinum is a Ruby on Rails application used by the Atlanta Flying Disc Club to manage league registrations, rosters, schedules, and result tracking. It is the latest evolution of a platform that has been in use since before 2001.

Soccer League Statistics

  •    C

Sls attempts at being a soccer league statistics software that lets you manage teams, players, line-ups and results of any soccer league. It creates league standings, goal scorer lists, etc. Sls is written in C using the Gimp Toolkit (GTK).

AncientBeast - 🐺 Turn Based Strategy Game. Master your beasts!

  •    Javascript

The project is developed with the use of free open source cross platform applications and freeware services. Mega comes in very handy when working on the game assets collaboratively, while GitHub handles the code part and stores the final assets. Art contributions can be made as well in our deviantArt group. Drop by our Discord chat and be a part of the community! Blender is being used for creating most of the assets, such as combat locations, creatures and their own animations, which are rendered into sprites that are usually made into sprite-sheets using our Spritify add-on, as well as for many other tasks. Krita, Gimp and MyPaint are useful for concept art, while Inkscape is useful for creating the vector creature ability icons.

League Web Manager

  •    Perl

The league web manager is a set of CGI scripts that allow the creation of a comprehensive web site for a sports league. The system is tailored for Ultimate Frisbee, but should work for other sports as well. It uses just text files for backend data.

LeagueSite - Sports Team/League CMS

  •    PHP

LeagueSite is a PHPWebSite ( 0.10.x ) module that adds roster, stats, and schedule information for a sports league or team . It can be used to organise a league or team, or even just create a website for fans.

WindowsPhone 7 Live Soccer Scores


An Windows Phone 7 app which displays the live soccer scores from the Dutch eredivisie, English premier league, Champions league and Europa league.

LoLHQ - Personal League of Legends Assistant


LoLHQ - Personal League of Legends Assistant Check detailed ELO ratings and statistics of your teammates. Personalize counter-pick lists, view Champions details

QQ League Of Legends (LoL) Localizer


This project intends to provide an easy tool to modify the Chinese League of Legends client (from in order to localize and translate it in English.



AutoLoL is an application that allows League of Legends players to automate certain actions in League of Legends. The main feature is the ability to easily create and save mastery sets, which can then automagically be inserted into League of Legends. But can it can also ...

GameStore League Manager


GameStore League Manager makes it easier for gaming store managers to run local leagues for card games, board games and any game where there is a head-to-head competition that can happen at any time. You'll no longer have to track point scores and league members on paper.

Proton - A micro PHP framework

  •    PHP

Proton is a StackPHP compatible micro framework. Under the hood it uses League\Route for routing, League\Container for dependency injection, and League\Event for event dispatching.

GameServer - League Sandbox's Game Server

  •    CSharp

Click the debug button. Auto run settings are located in Settings/GameServerSettings.json.

Golf League Manager

  •    PHP

This Web-based (PHP) software package handles all aspects of starting, organizing, and scheduling a golf league. Partial list of features: survey potential members, score posting, USGA handicap tracking, scheduling, and points-based competitions.

League Master


Fantasy Football Draft/League Manager