VirtualApp - Virtual Engine for Android(Support 9.0 in business version)

  •        994

VirtualApp is an open platform for Android that allows you to create a Virtual Space, you can install and run apk inside. Beyond that, VirtualApp is also a Plugin Framework, the plugins running on VirtualApp does not require any constraints. VirtualApp does not require root, it is running on the local process. This project has been authorized by the business.



Related Projects

Neptune - A flexible, powerful and lightweight plugin framework for Android

  •    Java

Neptune is a flexible, powerful and lightweight plugin framework for Android. It now runs plugins dynamically on billions of devices every day and carries many separated business modules of IQIYI such as Reader, Movie Tickets and etc..

container - Android App Container Implement (Use VirtualApp framework)

  •    Java

This program comes with no warranty. You must use this program at your own risk. Do NOT use for safety purposes! It is NOT a sandbox. Malicious application can still easily break it.

google-analytics-plugin - Cordova (PhoneGap) Plugin to connect to the native Google's Universal Analytics SDK 3

  •    Objective-C

Important Note If the latest versions (0.8.0+) of this plugin are not working for you with Android on Cordova 5.0+, please try the suggestions in Issues 123. Google Play Services has been very confusing to integrate, but in recent months it has been simplified. This plugin uses the new simpler way (including it as a framework instead of bundling it which can conflict with other plugins bundling it), but if you previously installed this plugin some old files might still be lingering. Windows Phone users have to manually add the Google Analytics SDK for Windows 8 and Windows Phone to your solution. To do this, just open your Cordova solution in Visual Studio, and add the GoogleAnalyticsSDK package via NuGet. This plugin requires v1.3.0 or higher.

nppPluginManager - Notepad++ Plugin Manager

  •    C++

Plugin Manager is a plugin for Notepad++ that allows you to install, update and remove plugins from Notepad++. A centrally hosted XML file holds the list of plugins, that the plugin manager downloads and processes against the list of installed plugins. In fact, if you prefer, you can just add the PluginManager.dll to the plugins directory, then do a reinstall of Plugin Manager from the plugin itself, which will place the file in the right place! Of course, if you're already using an earlier version of the plugin manager, you'll be able to just update from the update tab (or when you get the notification that the update has happened).

sdk-manager-plugin - Gradle plugin which downloads and manages your Android SDK.

  •    Groovy

Gradle plugin which downloads and manages your Android SDK.

VirtualAPK - A powerful and lightweight plugin framework for Android

  •    Java

VirtualAPK is a powerful yet lightweight plugin framework for Android. It can dynamically load and run an APK file (we call it LoadedPlugin) seamlessly as an installed application. Developers can use any Class, Resources, Activity, Service, Receiver and Provider in LoadedPlugin as if they are registered in app's manifest file. Add a dependency in build.gradle in root of host project as following.

android-maven-gradle-plugin - Maven plugin for gradle compatible with android library projects

  •    Groovy

Modification to the standard Maven plugin to be compatible with android-library projects (aar). To use the android-maven-gradle-plugin, just apply the plugin in your android-library project. Also add the plugin classpath dependency to the buildScript.

ideavim - Vim emulation plug-in for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

  •    Java

IdeaVim is a Vim emulation plugin for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform. IdeaVim can be used with IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, AppCode, CLion, DataGrip and Android Studio.Use the IDE's plugin manager to install the latest version of the plugin. Start the IDE normally and enable the Vim emulation using "Tools | Vim Emulator" menu item. At this point you must use Vim keystrokes in all editors.

groovy-android-gradle-plugin - A Gradle plugin to support the Groovy language for building Android apps

  •    Groovy

This plugin adds Groovy Language support for Android applications and libraries. As of 2.0.0 of this plugin only will work with the Android Gradle Plugin 3.0.0 and above. For support of lower version use 1.2.0.

jpush-phonegap-plugin - JPush's officially supported PhoneGap/Cordova plugin (Android & iOS)

  •    Javascript

JPush's officially supported PhoneGap/Cordova plugin (Android & iOS). 极光推送官方支持的 PhoneGap/Cordova 插件(Android & iOS)。

Notepad++ Plugin Manager


This project hosts the plugin list for Notepad++ Plugin Manager. Code for the plugin manager is also included.

Innovacall MVC4.5 Framework : OData Web API Plugin for MyPrettyCMS


MyPrettyCMS is a MVC4 Based CMS done Innovacall MVC 4 Framework. As DotNetNuke, MyPrettyCMS is extensible, this project is a simple contact manager plugin.

android-gradle-dsl - DSL reference for the Android plugin for Gradle.

  •    HTML

This repository contains HTML documentation generated from Android Gradle Plugin source code. For instructions on how to check out the plugin source code, see the Building the Android Gradle Plugin page.If you find errors or missing parts, please file a bug in the Android issue tracker or open an issue in this GitHub repo.

gradle-android-scala-plugin - gradle-android-scala-plugin adds scala language support to official gradle android plugin

  •    Groovy

The plugin decides scala language version using scala-library's version.Default locations are src/main/scala, src/androidTest/scala. You can customize those directories similar to java.

android-holo-colors-idea-plugin - IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin for Android Holo Colors

  •    Java

Tested with IntelliJ 12.x / 13.x and Android Studio 0.3+. You can have others information about the plugin on jetbrains website. Download the AndroidHoloColors.jar and put it in your IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin folder. See the documentation to know where it is.

jacoco-android-gradle-plugin - Gradle plugin that creates JaCoCo test reports for Android unit tests

  •    Groovy

A Gradle plugin that adds fully configured JacocoReport tasks for unit tests of each Android application and library project variant. In order to generate JaCoCo unit test coverage reports for Android projects you need to create JacocoReport tasks and configure them by providing paths to source code, execution data and compiled classes. It can be troublesome since Android projects can have different flavors and build types thus requiring additional paths to be set. This plugin provides those tasks already configured for you.

android-junit5 - Testing with JUnit 5 for Android.

  •    Kotlin

A Gradle plugin that allows for the execution of JUnit 5 tests in Android environments using Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0 or later. This plugin configures the unit test tasks for each build variant of a project to run on the JUnit Platform. Furthermore, it provides additional configuration options for these tests through a DSL attached to android.testOptions.

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