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ASB MyAds is an ad server for publisher. You can use it to quickly set up ads on your site by defining display priorities, targeting and capping options. It supports image, html and flash ads. Geo targeting the Ads by country, continent, city is possible. It keeps track of user action and generates reports for views, clicks, CTR.

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OpenX - Ad Server

OpenX is a quite popular and widely used Ad Server. It supports geo targeting, content targeting Ads, just create a zone and insert the html code in to the web page. The Ads will be served from your repository. It has multiple pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPA, Fixed Cost). It supports Image, Flash, HTML, 3rd party, Rich Media, Video (linear & non-linear) file formats.

videojs-vast-plugin - A VideoJS plugin for VAST

Include the plugin and it's dependencies:```<script src=""></script><script src="vast-client.js"></script><script src=""></script><script src="videojs.vast.js"></script>```Add "ads" and "vast" to the plugins object, and pass a url: plugins: { ads: {}, vast: { url: '' } }And when you play that video, a pre-roll ad should play beforehand.If you click on the ad, an `adclick` event w

facebook-php-ads-sdk - An SDK built to facilitate application development for Facebook Ads API.

This Ads API SDK is built to facilitate application development for Facebook Ads API.The Facebook Ads API SDK requires PHP 5.4 or greater.

MoAds Win Phone 7 Custom Ad Control with AdMob support

MoAds is a custom Silverlight control for Win Phone 7 for showing ads from different service providers including AdMob. MoAds has support for serving custom ads and is highly "Blendable".

facebook-python-ads-sdk - An SDK built to facilitate application development for Facebook Ads API.

Python is currently the most popular language for our third party ads developers. facebookads is a Python package that provides an interface between your Python application and Facebook's Marketing API. This tutorial covers the basics knowledge needed to use the SDK and provide some exercises for the reader.To get started with the SDK you must have a Facebook app registered on

LARSAdController - Lightweight ad mediation for iOS to properly manage multiple ad networks dynamically including iAd and Google ads

LARSAdController 3.0 is a singleton ad management class that manages ad classes that conform to the LARSAdAdapter protocol. Ads are managed in a way that most closely adheres to best practices for ad networks using a single instance for each ad network in order to provide the best publishing platform for advertisers to maximize ad inventory based on your particular needs. Currently there are two adapters available (iAd and Google Ads). The adapters can be extended to any ad framework wanted. The absolute easiest way to integrate the code into your project is to use cocoapods to include the source in your project.

Chrome Extenstions Remove Ads for RenRen & Weibo

Chrome Extenstions Remove Ads for RenRen & Weibo

WWW Skelbimai

Program for posting ads to Lithuanian classified ads sites.


Squirm-ads is a fast amp; configurable redirector for the Squid Internet Object Cache. It is based on squirm package. It extends squirm functionality and introduces content filter based on Windows Active Directory groups.

NTFS-Streams: ADS manipulation tool

Discover hidden files you never seen before! NTFS ADS is an forensic/security utility to reveal, list, delete, determine contents, extract and copy hidden files from NTFS Alternate Data Streams.

powereditor - An HTML5 based application for managing Facebook ads.

An HTML5 based application for managing Facebook ads.

airplanejs - 📡 ✈️ App that picks up ADS-B radio signals from airplanes and plots them in real time on a map in your browser

Disclaimer: I'm trying out the Amazon Affiliate Program to support my free open source work. So if you decide to buy an RTL-SDR dongle using one of the links above I'll be grateful (the search link should work as well).For more information about buying RTL-SDR dongles, check out the blog buyers guide.


QwikAd is a banner advertisement system written in Perl that uses a SQL server to serve ads and record views and clickthroughs.


This is a proxy server that you can install locally and use to remove ads, banners, harmful scripts or tracing headers on-the-fly while you surf the web. Cloning Proxomitron, it will hopefully go beyond: faster, easier, multi-language and multi-platform.


FilterProxy is a personal filtering proxy. It has a modular system of filters that transform HTML or any other mime-type. Current modules filter ads by rewriting HTML (using regexes or XSLT), compresses HTML, de-animate gif's, and munge HTTP headers.


DS4J is a directory service/server for managing identity information, acting also as a metadirectory to synchronize different sources like ADS or Lotus Domino. Implemented as a JBoss compatible service it supports directory-protocols like LDAP and SASL.


This program displays the effects of MatchCollections and parses the BestBuy and CircuitCity weekly circulars / weekly ads. It also exhibits the functionality of searching ListViews.


BannerManager is a powerful Ads Management System written in ASP language. It includes a lot of nice features like internal dictionary for a total multilanguage system and banner priority. Customers can manage their banners and check statistics with a


The BannerAdManagement-System is a simple to use but extensive AdManagement-System written in PHP. It offers customized placing of ads on your website. Features like customer and campaign management, stats and much more are implemented.

SchoolAlumni Portal

Portal software for alumni high school, content management system, and online news publishing tools. Can create unlimited weblink category, publish article with images, alumni list with edit-delete-update, forum, etc. Now coming with classifieds ads modu