godot-swipe-detector - Detect gestures and swipes in your game

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Swipe Detector is a swipe detection script that monitor screen input (mouse/touch) triggering different signals informing swipe progress or swipe finalization. There are a lot of configurations available to indicate detector when to consider a movement to a swipe or to indicate the precision of the detected swipe curve. On swipe end you will obtain a SwipeGesture object that holds swipe information such as duration, speed, distance (from initial point), points, Curve2D. It also implements some basic pattern detections, but it is still experimental.




Related Projects

jGestures: a jQuery plugin for gesture events

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that enables you to add gesture events such as 'pinch', 'rotate', 'swipe', 'tap' and 'orientationchange' just like native jQuery events. Includes event substitution: a "tapone" event can be triggered by "clicking", a "swipe" by performing a swipe-ish mousegesture.

SwipeBack - Enable iOS 7+ swipe-to-back when custom back button is set.

  •    Objective-C

Enable iOS7 swipe-to-back when custom back button is set. SwipeBack plays with iOS native gesture recognizers, so you can also use it to disable swipe-to-back feature.

SloppySwiper - UINavigationController delegate that allows swipe back gesture to be started from anywhere on the screen (not just from the edge)

  •    Objective-C

SloppySwiper is a UINavigationController delegate that allows swipe back gesture to be started from anywhere on the screen (not only from the left edge). To run the example project; clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Alternatively, run pod try SloppySwiper from the command line.

SwipeBackLayout - An Android library that help you to build app with swipe back gesture.

  •    Java

An Android library that help you to build app with swipe back gesture. The latest android-support-v4.jar should be referenced by your project.

jquery.event.swipe - jQuery custom events swipeleft, swiperight, swipeup and swipedown

  •    HTML

One of swipeleft, swiperight, swipeup or swipedown is triggered on moveend, when the move has covered at least a threshold proportion of the dimension of the target node. Swipe events are a thin wrapper around the moveend event, a convenience to reveal when a finger has made a swipe gesture. As such they don't bubble — they are retriggered on each passing of a moveend event. The underlying move events do bubble and delegate. Use them if you need more flexibility.

libinput-gestures - Actions gestures on your touchpad using libinput

  •    Python

Libinput-gestures is a utility which reads libinput gestures from your touchpad and maps them to gestures you configure in a configuration file. Each gesture can be configured to activate a shell command which is typically an xdotool command to action desktop/window/application keyboard combinations and commands. See the examples in the provided libinput-gestures.conf file. My motivation for creating this is to use triple swipe up/down to switch workspaces, and triple swipe right/left to go backwards/forwards in my browser, as per the default configuration. This small and simple utility is only intended to be used temporarily until GNOME and other DE's action libinput gestures natively. It parses the output of the libinput list-devices and libinput debug-events utilities so is a little fragile to any version changes in their output format.

SwipeBack - SwipeBack for Android Activities to do pretty the same as the android "back-button" will do, but in a really intuitive way by using a swipe gesture

  •    Java

It's not supported yet to build it from xml. You simply have to set it up in you Activities onCreate() method. Instead of Activity.setContentView() call SwipeBack.setContentView(). The code above will use the default setup. R.layout.swipeback_default, the default swipe back layout is already provided by this library as well as DefaultSwipeBackTransformer, R.anim.swipeback_stack_to_front, R.anim.swipeback_stack_to_back, R.anim.swipeback_stack_right_in and R.anim.swipeback_stack_right_out.

gnome-shell-extended-gestures - Better touchpad gesture handling for GNOME

  •    Javascript

Provides extended touchpad gesture functionality and configuration to the GNOME desktop. By defualt, GNOME uses libinput to detect touchpad gestures as they are performed by the user. However, it is still fresh and the only gesture detected and acted on out of the box is four finger vertical swipes. When it sees this gesture, it switches workspaces for the user, much like macOS is famous for doing by default. I recently found libinput-gestures which allows you configure other gestures seen by libinput. There are some quirks though and I thought I could make something that works more integrated with GNOME. So I made this extension which lets you enable and configure other gestures such as three finger swipes.

ionic-ion-swipe-cards - Swipeable card based layout for Ionic and Angular

  •    Javascript

Include `ionic.swipecards.js` after the rest of your Ionic and Angular includes. Then use the following AngularJS directives:```html<swipe-cards> <swipe-card ng-repeat="card in cards" on-destroy="cardDestroyed($index)" on-card-swipe="cardSwiped($index)"> Card content here </swipe-card></swipe-cards>```To add new cards dynamically, just add them to the cards array:```javascript$scope.cards = [ { // card 1 }, { // card 2 }];$scope.cardDestroyed = function(index) { $scope.cards.splice(index

vue-swipe - A touch slider for vue.js.

  •    Vue

vue-swipe is a touch slider for vue.js.How to change swipe? Just use ref and call goto method like this.$refs.swipe.goto(newIndex) to change swipe item, see example code.

ZKRevealingTableViewCell - A Sparrow-style Implementation of Swipe-To-Reveal

  •    Objective-C

Sparrow for iOS has a different kind of swipe to reveal; its version of the control is that the content view pans with your finger or optionally could swipe. This Swipe-To-Reveal implementation will pan with your finger and can swipe. It works left, right, or left and right.

swipe - Swipe is the most accurate touch slider. Support both React and Angular.

  •    Javascript

Swipe is the most accurate touch slider. It is extremely lightweight (only 6kb minified) and works across all browsers, including IE7+. You can install this package directly via Bower bower install swipe-js or NPM npm install swipejs.

SwipeBack - SwipeBack is an android library that can finish a activity by using gesture.

  •    Java

SwipeBack is a android library that can finish a activity by using gesture. You can set the swipe direction,such as left,top,right and bottom.

react-swipeable - React swipe event handler hook

  •    TypeScript

Use the hook and set your swipe(d) handlers. Spread handlers onto the element you wish to track swipes on.

fusuma - Multitouch gestures with libinput dirver on X11, Linux

  •    Ruby

Fusuma is multitouch gesture recognizer. This gem makes your linux PC able to recognize swipes or pinchs and assign commands to them. 襖(Fusuma) means sliding door used to partition off rooms in a Japanese house.

UITableViewCell-Swipe-for-Options - A reproduction of the iOS 7 Mail app's swipe-to-reveal options

  •    Objective-C

A reproduction of the iOS 7 Mail app's swipe-to-reveal options

Swipe - Swipe is the most accurate touch slider.

  •    Javascript

Swipe is the most accurate touch slider.

swing - A swipeable cards interface

  •    Javascript

A swipeable cards interface. The swipe-left/swipe-right for yes/no input. As seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder, and many others. The code for all of the examples is in the ./examples/ folder.

MSCMoreOptionTableViewCell - Drop-in solution to achieve the "More" button in an UITableView's "Swipe to Delete" menu (as seen in Mail

  •    Objective-C

Drop-in solution to achieve the "More" button in an UITableView's "swipe to delete"-menu (as seen in the Mail.app) by extending Apple's own "swipe to delete"-implementation and not rewriting it, so UITableView's standard behaviour isn't changed. If you are using Storyboards in your project then take a look at the demo project which includes a working example using a Storyboard.

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