Archivist - Windows application to archive tweets

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The Archivist is a Windows application that helps you archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis. It helps to Export and Visualize the tweets and trends.

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Buzzbird - Live, Tweet, Breathe, Open Source

Buzzbird is a full featured, multi-platform, multi-account desktop Twitter client that does not require any third-party support applications (like Adobe AIR or JavaFX). Buzzbird is a twitter client built on Mozilla’s XUL platform, the same technology that is used in the Firefox Web Browser.

Tweet Me!

Tweet Me! makes it easier for tweeter users to send tweets very fast from their PC by clicking a hot-key, typing the tweet and press enter. With Tweet Me! You'll no longer have to use a complex application for just sending your daily or hourly tweets. It's developed in C# and WPF

tweet-button - Generate Tweet Buttons ( in your Rails apps

Generate Tweet Buttons ( in your Rails apps

tweet - put twitter on your website with tweet, an unobtrusive javascript plugin for jquery

put twitter on your website with tweet, an unobtrusive javascript plugin for jquery

DNN Simple Tweet

DNN Simple Tweet is a simple DotNetNuke module for display of Twitter Feeds. Using the stock Twitter Profile Widget, its settings allow you to change the Twitter User name, Tweet colors, etc. Developed in VB. DNN version 6 and higher required. *NUISANCE* When selec...

140bytes - A tweet-sized, fork-to-play, community-curated collection of JavaScript.

A tweet-sized, fork-to-play, community-curated collection of JavaScript.

Tweet filter

Tweet filter is going to be an opensource C#/.NET 3.5 twitter client designed to allow people to apply filters over tweets in order to block unwanted trending topics, individual tweets and retweets based on context without blocking individuals.

Tweet 4 ME

Tweet 4 ME is a Java Micro Edition (MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0) based Twitter client built with a custom GUI framework. The application is part of a college project.

DNN Tweet

DNN Tweet is a twitter plugin for DotnetNuke

TweeVo: Tweet What Your TiVo Is Recording

TweeVo is a simple background application that polls selected TiVo boxes in your home and tweets what they are recording to a specified Twitter account. The tweet includes a link to, which gives viewers of your Twitter stream more information on the show.

tiny-twitch - A tiny html/javascript game whose source code fits in one tweet!

A tiny html/javascript game whose source code fits in one tweet!

TweetLanes - Tweet Lanes for Android

Tweet Lanes for Android

susi_tweetbot - Twitter Bot for Susi

Also, you can enjoy personal chatting with Susi. Follow the SUSI AI account on twitter here and have a personal chat with it. We will make a Susi messenger bot account on Twitter. This account will tweet back when it's name is mentioned in a tweet. Also, 1-on-1 auto chat will be inculcated to our account.

loklak_wok_android - "loklak wok" is a harvesting peer for the loklak_server https://github

Loklak Wok Android is a message harvesting peer for the loklak_server. Users can also search tweets from the app, the displayed tweets are latest tweets, tweets containing images and videos. Along with that, the app provides tweet posting feature. Users can directly post tweet from the app. Not only text, but images can also be tweeted from the app.

DETweetComposeViewController - The iOS 4 compatible Tweet Sheet.

DETweetComposeViewController uses git submodules to pull in the unoffical-twitter-sdk. Be sure to run git submodule update --init on your DETweetComposeViewController clone before proceeding. DETweetComposeViewController is an iOS 4 compatible version of the TWTweetComposeView controller. Otherwise known as the Tweet Sheet.


DeskNotes is desktop notes program like sticky notes on your Windows desktop. DeskNotes features Archive, rich text formatting, reminders, synchronization with Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 and printing. Written in C# for .NET Framework 2.0.


TweetMyApps automatically Monitors And Tweets Your Computer Usage. TweetMyApps records in real-time (as a time-tracker) which application you have been using and for how long. Tweet can be detailled (application level) or summarized (type of applications).

ark-tweet-nlp - CMU ARK Twitter Part-of-Speech Tagger

CMU ARK Twitter Part-of-Speech Tagger


A tweet deck for eyeOS , that's aimed to work with twitter API.It contains features such as quot;searchquot; , quot;retweetquot; , quot;replyquot; , quot;direct-messagequot; ,quot;mentionsquot; , quot;deletequot; , quot;followquot; and quot;unfollowquot; . More will be added soon.