Aquasoft ISZR web services Proxy

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Knihovna pro p?ipojení k Informa?nímu Systému Základních Registr? (ISZR).



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rotating-proxy - Rotating TOR proxy with Docker

Why: Lots of IP addresses. One single endpoint for your client. Load-balancing by HAproxy.Please note: Tor offers a SOCKS Proxy only. In order to allow communication from HAproxy to Tor, Polipo is used to translate from HTTP proxy to SOCKS proxy. HAproxy is able to talk to HTTP proxies only.

jwtproxy - An HTTP-Proxy that adds AuthN through JWTs

The JWT proxy is intended to be used as a complementary service for authenticating, and possibly authorizing requests made between services. There is a forward proxy component, which can be configured to sign outgoing requests to another service, and a reverse proxy component, which can be used to authenticate incoming requests from another service.The JWT forward proxy is used to sign outgoing requests with a JWT using a private key.

chrome-protocol-proxy - Chrome Debugging Protocol Proxy - reverse websocket proxy suitable for debugging a debugger 😎

chrome-protocol-proxy is small reverse websocket proxy designed for chrome debugging protocol. It's purpose is to capture messages written to and received from Chrome Debugging Protocol, coalesce requests with responses, unpack messages from Target domain and provide easy to read, colored output. This tool is a fork of (and heavily inspired by) chromedp-proxy.

PowerShell Proxy Extensions (Beta)

Create proxy functions without writing proxy command internals with the PowerShell Proxy Extensions module. Creating proxy functions has never been easier!

Personal Tunnel Proxy

Personal tunnel proxy is a proxy server designed for networks with limited access to the Internet trhought HTTP (means web sites). This proxy create a http tunel to the "secure" web using your general {limited access} proxy and offer you full access to the all web sites worldw...

Proxy Monitor

Proxy Monitor is a small application that monitors the network and auto-detects the internet proxy server to use.

Reborn - yet another fast distributed solution for Redis

Reborn is a proxy based high performance Redis cluster solution written in Go/C, an alternative to Redis. Reborn supports multiple stateless proxy with multiple redis instances. Reborn is engineered to elastically scale, Easily add or remove redis or proxy instances on-demand/dynamically.

ProxySQL - High-performance MySQL proxy

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL and forks (like Percona Server and MariaDB). It has an advanced multi-core architecture. It's built from the ground up to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, multiplexed to potentially hundreds of backend servers. The largest ProxySQL deployment spans several hundred proxies.

nginx - HTTP and reverse proxy server

nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server, written by Igor Sysoev. It supports accelerated reverse proxying with caching, simple load balancing and fault tolerance, SSL and TLS SNI support, Name-based and IP-based virtual servers and lot more.

go-sql-proxy - a proxy package is a proxy driver for dabase/sql.

A proxy package is a proxy driver for dabase/sql. You can hook SQL execution.proxy.RegisterTracer is a shortcut for registering a SQL query tracer. You can use it if your Go is from version 1.5 onward.

stackdriver-reverse-proxy - Simple HTTP proxy to automatically traces the incoming requests

stackdriver-reverse-proxy is an HTTP/HTTPS proxy to automatically trace all the incoming requests.The authentication is automatically handled if you are running the proxy server on Google Cloud Platform. If not, see the Application Default Credentials guide to enable ADC.

Asterisk AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) Proxy suite

The AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) Proxy suite project will bridge the gap between your asterisk phone system and your windows based applications. The AMI Proxy is a service that can be used to simply proxy AMI connections to your asterisk server but also adds call stat g...

resource-proxy - Proxy files for DotNet, Java and PHP.

* Download and unzip the .zip file or clone the repository. You can download [a released version]( (recommended) or the [most recent daily build](* Follow the instructions in the readme file in the folder of the proxy you want to install (DotNet, Java, PHP) for installation instructions.

angry-caching-proxy - Make package downloads lightning fast!

![screenshot]( package downloads lightning fast for apt-get, npm, pip and Rubygems!Angry Caching Proxy is forwarding proxy for various package managers. It isconfigured transparently to the clients using the `http_proxy` environmentvariable. So there is no need to have customized sources.list, Gemfile etc.It works by doing very angry caching (forever!) for the actual package files.This should be ok as long as the pa

node-http-proxy - A full-featured http proxy for node.js

<p align="center"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""/></a>   <a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""/></a></p>

gograb - Gograb uses ssh and a proxy host to "go get" things for you.

Gograb uses ssh and a proxy host to "go get" things for you. Go does not need to be installed on the proxy. Gograb expects you to be using a release version of Go. The appropriate Go binary distribution is downloaded to the proxy every time you use gograb, so mind the data usage. Go is only used to acquire source code on the proxy; nothing is compiled remotely. All work is done in a temporary directory and cleaned up afterward. Bash 4 is required. Hopefully you will never need to use this, but i

h2o-proxy - Automated H2O reverse proxy for Docker containers. An alternative jwilder/nginx-proxy.

Automated H2O reverse proxy for Docker containers. An alternative jwilder/nginx-proxy.

web-proxy - Web Proxy (forward proxy) for intercepting and selectively caching HTTP requests.

Web Proxy (forward proxy) for intercepting and selectively caching HTTP requests.