crud-generator - Laravel CRUD Generator

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This Generator package provides various generators like CRUD, API, Controller, Model, Migration, View for your painless development of your applications.



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laravel-api-generator - Laravel API/Scaffold/CRUD Generator including Controller, Repository, Model, Migrations, routes

  •    PHP

Laravel API/Scaffold/CRUD Generator including Controller, Repository, Model, Migrations, routes.php update.

Template based C# CRUD code generator, any database

  •    DotNet

Introduction This tool is a template driven code generator, intended to be used to generate your CRUD or data access layer. It is very simple to use. SQLCODEGEN is also extensible through the plug-in interfaces. Sample templates and sample extension projects included.

scaffold-interface - :rocket: A Smart CRUD Generator For Laravel

  •    PHP

Generate your models,views,constrollers,routes and migrations just in a few clicks. Models visualization through a graph presentation (New Feature).

Iris Generator

  •    CSharp

Iris generator is a a code generator engine based on plug-ins. For the alpha version the project is released with a SQLServer 2005 database analyser, a CRUD creator, a Stored Procedure generator for SQLServer 2005 and a DataAccess Layer generator for VB.Net and C#. The modula...

Easy CRUD and Class Creator


This code creator is very easy to use. When opening just add your connection string. Double click a table and the code is created.

laravel-apidoc-generator - Laravel API Documentation Generator

  •    PHP

Automatically generate your API documentation from your existing Laravel routes. Take a look at the example documentation. Using Laravel < 5.4? Use version 1.0! For Laravel 5.4 and up, use 2.0 instead.

migrations-generator - Laravel Migrations Generator: Automatically generate your migrations from an existing database schema

  •    PHP

Please note that the Laravel 4 Generator edits have been moved to to update compatibility. In Laravel 5.5 the service providers will automatically get registered.

generator - A code generator for MyBatis and iBATIS.

  •    Java

Code generator for MyBatis and iBATIS. It will generate code for all versions of MyBatis, and versions of iBATIS after version 2.2.0. It will introspect a database table (or many tables) and will generate artifacts that can be used to access the table(s). This lessens the initial nuisance of setting up objects and configuration files to interact with database tables. MBG seeks to make a major impact on the large percentage of database operations that are simple CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete).

laravel-model-generator - Laravel 5 model generator for an existing schema

  •    PHP

I'm very sorry to announce that I no longer have time to maintain this package. This project was originally created over a couple of days when I needed to migrate an existing project onto Laravel. Even though it's being actively used (over 50k installs!), I can't find the time to keep track of the PRs and what changes might break things in new/old Laravel versions, nor have I had the need to use it after the initial release. The codebase is a mess and it desperately cries for a rewrite. Please use reliese/laravel package instead.

SQL Data Capture - Black Box Application Testing

  •    CSharp

A tool for capturing and analyzing data modifications; an audit trail generator with a data modifications viewer. Helps with testing, troubleshooting and exploring application functionality. ASP.NET 3.5 C#, SMO application. Audit and CRUD generators are included.

UnifiedASP Code Generator


This is the Code Generator we use internally at The Data Pros to build core stored procedures, data access classes, and CRUD pages in the open-source UnifiedASP framework.

Qcodo - Code Less Do More

  •    PHP

The Qcodo Development Framework is an open-source PHP web application framework which builds an Object Relational Model (ORM), CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) UI pages, and AJAX hooks from an existing data model. It additionally includes a tightly-integrated HTML and JavaScript form toolkit which interfaces directly with the generated entities. It is a robust, comprehensive framework which can be utilized by small and large Web applications alike.

JGuiGen - Java GUI Application Generator

  •    Java

GUI Generator creates screens folks can use 2 do CRUD (create, review, update, delete) on tables in a DB. Makes fully internationalized amp; accessible screens so users can search, edit, run reports amp; much more. Help buttons work! Uses any DB w/JDBC drivers

OR.NET - .NET O/R Mapper /Code Generator

  •    CSharp

.NET O/R Mapper amp; Code Generator. Simple GUI creates a robust data layer supporting CRUD, transactions, foreign-key amp; mapping table relationships, strongly typed queries, SPROCS... in pure C#. Easiest O/R Mapper out there. Generate your code in minutes.

iseed - Laravel 5 Inverse Seed Generator

  •    PHP

Inverse seed generator (iSeed) is a Laravel package that provides a method to generate a new seed file based on data from the existing database table. For Laravel 5 installation edit your project's composer.json file to require orangehill/iseed.

CRUDO (JSF CRUD Gen Eclipse Plugin)

  •    Java

Java Server Faces (JSF) CRUD generator plugin for Eclipse.