Application Updater

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Application updater allows .NET developers to include automatic update feature to their projects. Now updates from file system or MS SQL server are supported. It written in C# and runs under .NET Framework 2.0. Tags: SQL server,application, updater, automatic.



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DbViewSharp is a lightweight application packed with features, designed for developers to explore SQL server databases.

CENSUpdaterServer - The server component CENS software updater project.

The server component CENS software updater project.

CCG Toolkit

A suite of applications (web and client based) including a database used in to create/view/modify decks and rulings with the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. Data is structured to be expandable into other collectible card games (CCGs). Uses SQL 2005, WinForms, ASP.Net AJAX, WPF.

Venatek SQL Server File Archive - Watched Folder Saves Files to Database

One or more watched folders are defined. Each folder is given a category. A Windows service watches the folders. When a file is dropped into a folder, the system inserts it into a SQL Server table. Admin is done via a Windows forms app written using Developer Express controls. C#

SQL Analyzer

SQL Analyzer is a utility application for developers working with SQL Server. It is a stand-alone windows application that can be used to connect to a SQL Server and analyze various database objects in the server.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Application Server

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Application Server is an application server built around managed Microsoft SqlServer.Runtime API designed to extend standard Integration services management and execution model.

Sql Server 2008 MRU Updater (SSMSMRU)

A simple (and somewhat ugly) UI that enables the removal of Servers or User Names from Sql Server Mangament Studio's connection dialog.

MS SQL DB Schema Updater

Simple tool for updating MS SQL database schema based on "ideal" database model.


A quick .NET WinForms app to export a SQL Server Database as SQL Statements.


UpdateVB is an updater component for VB.NET written using the .NET Framework 4.0. This component has a simple drag-and-drop property to it, and can easily be added to almost any application. Allow your users to always have the latest and most stable versions of your application!

HockeyKit - A software update kit for iOS and Android

Hockey is a iOS Ad-Hoc updater framework. It can be used for all apps that target the Apple AppStore and improves the beta testing process dramatically. All beta testers. It consists of two components, a server and a client framework. The server component is required for all scenarios. But it also can work standalone without the client library. It provides a web interface which beta testers can use to install the latest AdHoc provisioning profile and also the latest beta version via Safari right from the device. One server installation is able to handle multiple applications via different bundle identifiers (I highly suggest using different bundle identifiers for Debug, AdHoc Beta and AppStore release builds !!!). By default the client library will check for updates on your server whenever the app is started or will wake up. The user can adjust this in the settings dialog to alternatively only check once a day or manually.This framework was created after reading the blog post at where Jeffrey Sambells wrote about the mechanisms required and being available for us to use.

Evidencija_d1 - Small demo app (WinForms+T-SQL)

Small demo app (WinForms+T-SQL)

powergrid - Enhanced datagridview component for WinForms

Enhanced datagridview component for WinForms


This is a JSF 2 application. We are using a Primefaces component library. Application displays form which allows you to enter an image path from your local drive and send it to the server. There is a bean responsible for storing image send via the form. There is also an image tag present on the sample site. Last uploaded image is being read by the servlet and send to the servlet output. This servlet is pointed to in the URL attribute of the image tag. Use this code any way you want. For more gre


ShutterNotifier is like notification-area on the web: a non-blocking, intuitve, skinable component for WinForms projects. Ideal as MessageBox() replacement. It's developed in C#/.NET 3.5.

SQL Server Backup Monitoring

This application lets monitor the backups job in SQL Server.

SQL Server Spatial Tools

This project is a collection of tools for use with the spatial types that are new to SQL Server 2008. This project does not provide an end-user application, but rather a set of reusable functions which applications can make use of. These functions may include data conversion...

mssql-jdbc - The Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server is a Type 4 JDBC driver that provides database connectivity with SQL Server through the standard JDBC application program interfaces (APIs)

Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server. The Azure Key Vault feature in Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server depends on Azure SDK for JAVA and Azure Active Directory Library For Java.

SQL CRUD Application Wizard for PHP

The SQL CRUD Wizard for PHP is a sample .NET Application that can be used to generate a simple "Create, Read, Update, Delete" PHP application from a Microsoft SQL Server Database Table. The generated PHP application supports paging, sorting and simple CSS customization.

SQL Compact Code Generator

Contains a stand alone GUI application and a Visual Studio Custom Tool for automatically generating a .NET data access layer code for objects in a SQL Server Compact Edition database.