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Cross-platform development tool for native applications without rewriting the business logic code but maintaining the speed and appearance of the OS.



Related Projects

manticore-native - A runtime to expose Javascript classes, logic and code to native components on Mac/PC/Phones/RPis

A cross platform Javascript runtime environment, built specifically for native mobile development and enabled by code generation.The manticore-gen script generates native interface shims in a target language (Objective-C, Java, and C# currently) -- code to interact with the proper Manticore runtime and Javascript engine for that platform. The generator reads class and type information from the JSDoc comments in the JavaScript, stores it as JSON, and uses DustJS templates to render the native code.

Weex - A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI

Weex provides the ability to publish cross platform, so web, Android, and IOS apps can use the same API development functions. At the same time, it provides a rich extension of the native interfaces. In this way, it will be very convenient when you need to extend native components or modules.

Expo - Easily build cross platform apps with React Native

Expo helps to build apps with React Native. It is a set of tools, libraries and services which let you build native iOS and Android apps by writing JavaScript. Expo apps are React Native apps which contain the Expo SDK. The SDK is a native-and-JS library which provides access to the device’s system functionality (things like the camera, contacts, local storage, and other hardware).

cocos2d-js - cocos2d-x for JS

Cocos2d-JS is Cocos2d-x engine's JavaScript version that includes Cocos2d-html5 and Cocos2d-x JavaScript Bindings. It equips your game with cross-browser and cross-platform abilities, accompanied by full Cocos2d-x features and simplified JavaScript friendly APIs.Cocos2d-JS reinvented workflows for all platforms in v3.0, it provides a consistent development experience for whichever platform you want to distribute to, no matter web and native. "Code once, run everywhere" is incredibly easy and natural in Cocos2d-JS. With one single JavaScript code base, you can run your game on all web browsers and native platforms including Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. This will bring your game great opportunities in almost all channels of distribution. On the other hand, if you are only interested in casual games on the web, you can embed directly in your web page the Cocos2d-JS Lite Version which is extremely easy to use and light as a feather.

titanium_mobile - 🚀 Native iOS-, Android- and Windows Apps with JavaScript

Welcome to the Titanium open source project. Titanium provides a mature platform for developers to build completely native cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript.Currently supported native platforms are iOS, Android and Windows Phone / Windows Desktop.

gonative - Build Go Toolchains /w native libs for cross-compilation

Cross compiled Go binaries are not suitable for production applications because code in the standard library relies on Cgo for DNS resolution with the native resolver, access to system certificate roots, and parts of os/user.gonative is a simple tool which creates a build of Go that can cross compile to all platforms while still using the Cgo-enabled versions of the stdlib packages. It does this by downloading the binary distributions for each platform and copying their libraries into the proper places. It sets the correct mod time so they don't get rebuilt. It also copies some auto-generated runtime files into the build as well. gonative does not modify any Go that you have installed and builds a new installaion of Go in a separate directory (the current directory by default).

NativeScript - Build native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript

NativeScript is a framework for building native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and CSS. It renders UIs with the native platform’s rendering engine, no WebViews, resulting in native-like performance and UX. It provides a best-of-both-worlds development experience, its cross-platform JavaScript modules give you the convenience of writing iOS and Android apps from a single JavaScript codebase, while its runtimes gives you the power of accessing native APIs, SDKs, and frameworks.

sri - Build truly native cross platform (web,ios,android) apps using scalajs and react

Sri (Scala React interface) is a scalajs library to build truly native cross platform (mobile (ios and android) and web) applications. It is based on reactjs and react-native, so you must be familiar with them in order to use this library.

IzPack - Cross-platform Installer

IzPack is a one-stop solution for packaging, distributing and deploying applications. It is fully cross-platform and generates a single installer. As such, it is an alternative to native solutions such as platform-specific installers and package managers. IzPack-generated installers only require a Java virtual machine to run.

electron-superkit - :zap: An Electron starter kit with super powers. :zap:

[![Join the chat at](]( *An Electron starter kit with super powers.* :zap:[Electron]( lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on io.js and Chromium and is used in the [Atom]( editor.Electron Supe

angular-connect-2016 - Sample code and presentation for the session 'One code to rule them all: Cross-platform development with Angular 2, Cordova & Electron' at Angular Connect 2016

The sample application uses a Microsoft Azure hosted API steps mentioned in the Setup for native applications section are optional, those steps are only required if you want to run the app either on any mobile or desktop operating system as native applications.

Ionic - HTML5 Mobile Framework for building cross-platform hybrid native apps and mobile websites

Ionic is the open source HTML5 Mobile Framework for building amazing, cross-platform hybrid native apps and mobile websites with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. If you know how to build or design websites, you will be able to build a real mobile app with Ionic.

cmake - A cross-platform, open-source build system that generates native makefiles.

A cross-platform, open-source build system that generates native makefiles.

jsg - Cross-platform JavaScript game engine for web and *native* smartphones

Cross-platform JavaScript game engine for web and *native* smartphones

collection - Node.js cross-platform native collection library

Node.js cross-platform native collection library

hgdc-x - Cross-platform native GUI client for the Hackathon Günther Daemon

Cross-platform native GUI client for the Hackathon Günther Daemon

jar-launcher - Cross-platform native Java launcher

Cross-platform native Java launcher