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A simple utility to compress & pack a program into one exe file (creates one self extracting executable). Uses Zip compression, which is implemented using the ICSharpCode.SharpZLib library. Written in c# (Visual c# express 2008)



Related Projects

libzipfs - Ship a zip file of media resources inside your golang web-app for complete standalone one-binary deployment

Libzipfs lets you ship a filesystem of media resources inside your golang application. This is done by attaching a Zip file containing the directories of your choice to the end of your application, and following it with a short footer to allow the go executable to locate the files and serve them via a fuse mount point. The client will typically be either be Go or C embedded in the go executable (see for example testfiles/api.go), but can be another application altogether. For the later use, see for example the libzipfs/cmd/mountzip/mountzip.go example source code.You have a bunch of images/scripts/files to be served from a webserving application, and you want to bundle those resources alongside your Go webapp. libzipfs lets you easily create a single executable that contains all your resources in one place.

Windows Ribbon for WinForms

Windows Ribbon for WinForms is a .NET wrapper for Windows 7 Ribbon control. It will allow WinForms developers to use Microsoft Windows 7 Ribbon control in their WinForms applications.

Spell Check Winforms TextBox.

WinForms TextBox with spell checking. This WinForms control encapsulates the WPF textbox which has in built spell-checking. Only uses .net framework so you should be able to use this control without installing any extra libraries.

WinForms Shape Control

A simple WinForms control that will display a shape (rectange, triangle, star, curve, polygon, etc.) with a number of different fill and outline effects, including text. Nice for spicing up a form.

JSkin C# WinForms Skin Library

jSkin is .NET Winforms Skin Library that allows you to decorate your Formborder with custom style.

WinForms Group Controls

WinForms controls that display multiple sub-controls without creating a unique window handle for each child. Instead each child is drawn using the default renderers and its space and status are managed by the parent. Currently a RadioButtonList and a CheckBoxList are implemented.


ShutterNotifier is like notification-area on the web: a non-blocking, intuitve, skinable component for WinForms projects. Ideal as MessageBox() replacement. It's developed in C#/.NET 3.5.

winforms - Winforms samples for use with Mono's implementation of System.Windows.Forms

Winforms samples for use with Mono's implementation of System.Windows.Forms


The Compatibility API allows you currently to convert to and from certain formats from WPF and Winforms that do similar jobs but are imcompatible. e.g. the Image UI element in WPF requires BitmapImage format as its 'ImageSource'. On the other hand Winforms' PictureBox requires the regular Bitmap object as its 'Image'. The current alpha version allows you to convert to and from System.Drawing.Bitmap and System.Windows.Media.Imaging.ImageSource or System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage.

winforms-mvp - Example Project Showing Model-View-Presenter in WinForms

Example Project Showing Model-View-Presenter in WinForms


This is a tool for packing several assemblies or other files into one executable file. Build automation supported. You can specify configuration XML file and run this utility to build project.


A Symfony plugin to package a project as a .zip for deployment


Bracket allows you to easily host Ruby Rack based applications and middleware from within your .NET applications or servers via IronRuby. Supports a variety of embedded web servers. Also allows IronRuby to access the standard libraries / gems / etc directly out of zip files, allowing for simpliefied, x-copy deployment of IronRuby enabled apps.


A multi-fold tool for the binary file deployment. In particular, the following functionality: upgrade, zip, monitor timestamp, etc.


The configurator is a utility to allows you to recursively modify an deployment unit to tailor it for a particular environment (directory, jar, war, zip,ear, rar, sar).

remix-live - Live deployment of the remix IDE

Built website from a2d85a9. See for details. To use an offline copy, download

gotogether - Tool permitting static assets to be attached to compiled go binaries, permitting single-file project deployment

gotogether a directory of resource into a Go source file so you can still deploy a single executable as a web server with all the CSS, image files, JS ... included.And you'll need zip somewhere in your path.