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ApiDoc is a library for creating your own API documentation similar to the MSDN directly from your assembly and /// Xml comments without source code.




Related Projects

apidoc - A simple tool generate REST API documentation from code comments use http format

apidoc is a simple tool which generate documentation from source code file for REST API, the documentation format is just like http, spaces was ingored.If sub-{api, response, header} not found, error message will be printed to Stderr with light red color.

apidoc-md - Generate API documentation for your README from comments in your source-code

Generate API documentation for your README from comments in your source-code

apidoc - Skroutz.gr API Documentation

Skroutz.gr API Documentation

minitest-apidoc - Generate API documentation from MiniTest specs

Generate API documentation from MiniTest specs

apidoc - ReliefWeb API Documentation

ReliefWeb API Documentation

apidoc - API Documentation

API Documentation

nHealthcareDotGov - .NET PCL API for playing with the HealthCare.gov API

.NET PCL API for playing with the HealthCare.gov API

TheOldReaderApi - A .NET PCL to consume The Old Reader RSS API.

A .NET PCL to consume The Old Reader RSS API.


AurigaDoclet is a Doclet which can generate Java API Documentation in the following formats: Formatting Object(FO), PDF, Postscript, PCL, SVG, etc. The generated javadoc can be customized by specifying a header/footer text and a cover page in XHTML.

apidoc - Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage API Documents

Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage API Documents

WebWorks-API-Docs - BlackBerry WebWorks API Documentation

This repository previously held source code for all of the BlackBerry WebWorks API documentation. To minimize confusion during the transition from WebWorks 1.0 to WebWorks 2.0, the source code for the API documentation has been removed.API documentation for both WebWorks 1.0 and WebWorks 2.0 is available on the BlackBerry HTML5 WebWorks website. To make an update, leave a comment on the relevant page and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

platypus - Swagger-based Documentation for VMware's REST API's

Platypus is an initiative to improve documentation across a number of VMware's products (see Supported Products) as described using Open API and displaying these local APIs using VMware's API Explorer component. Open API definitions as declared in the root of the project are displayed as 'local' definitions in the API Explorer. API Explorer can also display official API definitions provided by VMware at https://code.vmware.com/apis.Previously Platypus required specifying which API you wanted to access in the Swagger UI, and only allowed using one API at a time. In this new version all APIs are provided simultaneously with no change to the container.

DevDocs - API Documentation Browser

DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.Unless you wish to contribute to the project, I recommend using the hosted version at devdocs.io. It's up-to-date and works offline out-of-the-box.

aws-apigateway-importer - Tools to work with Amazon API Gateway, Swagger, and RAML

The Amazon API Gateway Importer lets you create or update Amazon API Gateway APIs from a Swagger or RAML API representation.To learn more about API Gateway, please see the service documentation or the API documentation.

fitting - RSpec matchers for controller response validation against API Blueprint documentation

This gem will help you implement your API in strict accordance to the documentation in API Blueprint format. To do this, when you run your RSpec tests on controllers, it automatically searches for the corresponding json-schemas in the documentation and then validates responses with them.Also you will get not covered responses in the file fitting/not_covered.

swagger - Swagger client generator

This is a utility for automatically generating API documentation from annotations in Go code. It generates the documentation as JSON, according to the Swagger Spec, and then displays it using Swagger UI.This tool was inspired by Beego, and follows the same annotation standards set by Beego. The main difference between this tool and Beego is that this generator doesn't depend on the Beego framework. You can use any framework to implement your API (or don't use a framework at all). You just add declarative comments to your API controllers, then run this generator and your documentation is ready! For an example of what such documentation looks like when presented via Swagger UI, see the Swagger pet store example.

raml2slate - Render the RAML API spec in the slate documentation layout

This package has been deprecated in favor of the raml2html-slate-theme for raml2html. All future development will happen there.This package is meant to render nice looking documentation for your REST API, based on a RAML file. It is inspired by slate and raml2html.

hashblue-api-doc - API Documentation for the hashblue API

API Documentation for the hashblue API

d3-api-docs - API Documentation for the D3 Web API.

API Documentation for the D3 Web API.