kde_wallpaper_blur - Blur your wallpaper and set it to lockscreen and sddm automatically

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This script automatically detects when you change wallpaper in KDE Plasma, blurs it, and sets it to your lockscreen and SDDM. You will need inotify-tools and imagemagick packages. Arch linux users can install it via pacman -S inotify-tools imagemagick. Other distros may include it by default. If not, check your distro wiki on how to install them.




Related Projects

arc-kde - Arc KDE customization

  •    Shell

Arc KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Arc for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras.NOTE: Plasma theme Arc Color now supports KDE Color Schemes with Papirus icon theme.

blur-my-shell - Extension that adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash and overview

  •    Javascript

A GNOME Shell extension that adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash and overview. This extension can be buggy, as the gnome-shell's blur implementation is quite flawed in some ways.

iOS-blur - Blur a UIView

  •    Objective-C

In iOS 7 a new view is shown in several places that is transparent and has a nice blur effect. However Apple hasn't given us a public API to use this amazing view. Apple gave us some sample code at WWDC that blurs an UIImage object. It looks great, but isn't as cool as a view that blurs the views behind it in realtime.

react-native-blur - React Native Blur component

  •    Java

A component for UIVisualEffectView's blur and vibrancy effect on iOS, and 500px-android-blur on Android. Note: The maximum blurAmount on Android is 32, so higher values will be clamped to 32.

TYAlertController - Powerful, Easy to use alert view or popup view on controller and window, support blur effects,custom view and animation,for objective-c,support iphone, ipad

  •    Objective-C

Powerful, Easy to use alertView or popupView on controller and window, support blur effect, custom view and custom animation, use aotolayout.support iphone, ipad . 1.copy TYAlertController Folder to your project, if you want to have blur effect ,you need copy Blur Effects Folder to your project. 2. #import "UIView+TYAlertView.h", when you use it, if you want use blur effect, #import "TYAlertController+BlurEffects.h". 3. you can use TYAlertController show in controller, or use TYShowAlertView show in window, or use Category UIView+TYAlertView convenient show alertview. 4. check Demo,it have more usefull usage and example.

Babe - Tiny Qt Music Player

  •    C++

Babe will handle your whole music collection, letting you create custom playlists to organize your music. You can also filter your music by artist, title, album, genre, date and location. Babe let's you babe-mark your favorite YouTube music videos into your local collection by using the Chromium extension. Think of Babe as the playlist where all your favorite tracks at the moment are. And when needed you also have an integrated collection manager. Babe is designed to tightly integrate with the KDE Plasma desktop.

VisualEffectView - Dynamic blur background view with tint color (UIVisualEffectView subclass) 📱

  •    Swift

VisualEffectView is a blur effect library with tint color support. This library uses the UIVisualEffectView to generate the blur. Add an instance of VisualEffectView to your view.

Jimp - An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node

  •    Javascript

An image processing library for Node written entirely in JavaScript, with zero native dependencies. It supports image manipulation methods like Blit an image, Blur an image, Various color manipulation methods, Resize, Scale and Rotate the image, Apply a dither effect to an image, Mask one image with another, Print text onto an image (watermark) and lot more.

KDE on Cygwin


The KDE on Cygwin project was started to enable the kde desktop on cygwin/x11. Is was stopped in september 2005 because of the native KDE4 port. For KDE/cygwin packages see http://cygwinports.dotsrc.org/. For the qt3 win32 port see http://qtwin.sf.net

Dynamic Wallpaper

  •    Python

Dynamic wallpaper is based on weather-wallpaper and generates svg wallpaper based on current weather, season, time of day and others. It supports themes. The intended use is for GNOME desktop and will probably work on KDE.

KinoMotion - Motion blur post-processing effect for Unity

  •    CSharp

Motion is a post-processing effect that simulates motion blur caused by object/camera movement. Rendering motion vector texture requires the RGHalf texture format. It's supported on most of the desktop/console platform, but rarely supported on the mobile devices.

KDE WiFi Manager

  •    C++

The KDE Wifi Manager is a graphical tool to configure and monitor wireless LAN PC-Cards. This program suite is for the K Desktop Environment, version 3. Please note that the files here are outdated - KWiFiManager is now in KDE 3.2.


  •    C++

KNetworkConf is a KDE Control Center module to configure TCP/IP settings under Linux. I developed it because I couldn't find any application to do this from within KDE, I think this is a quot;must havequot; for a serious Desktop Enviroment like KDE.

Caledonia - KDE Art Suite


[EN] Caledonia is a minimalist, elegant and stylish art suite for customize you KDE desktop environment. If you like my work, consider make a small donation. Buy me a coffee? :D (PayPal donations to malcer[at]gmx[dot]com. Thanks!) [ES] Caledonia es una minimalista, elegante y estilosa suite artiacute;stica para personalizar tu entorno de escritorio KDE. Si te gusta mi trabajo, considera hacer una pequentilde;a donacioacute;n. iquest;Me invitas a un cafeacute;? :D (Donaciones por PayPal a m

Macedonian KDE Localization


Macedonian localization (l10n) of the K Desktop Environment (KDE). Makedonska lokalizacija na KDE

background-blur - Ultra light cross browser image blurring plugin for jQuery

  •    HTML

Background Blur plugin is a cross browser jQuery plugin for blurring images.

DynamicBlurView - DynamicBlurView is a dynamic and high performance UIView subclass for Blur.

  •    Swift

DynamicBlurView is a dynamic and high performance UIView subclass for Blur. Under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.

SABlurImageView - You can use blur effect and it's animation easily to call only two methods.

  •    Swift

You can use blur effect and it's animation easily to call only two methods. Make sure to add SABlurImageView.framework to "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" and "copy-frameworks" Build Phases.

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