image_viewer - Gallery and preview from file or datadbase

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jQuery plugin for picture viewing.



Related Projects


Gallerie is a simple JQuery plugin that offers a lightbox-like gallery viewer of a collection of images.

picture-commander - Picture viewer webapp for second screens

This is a quickly hacked together webapp that makes it possible to click an image in a gallery in one browser tab and have that image automatically server-pushed (via Server-Sent Events) and displayed in a different tab. Subsequent image clicks in the gallery replace the displayed image in the viewer tab.


jQuery plugin to resize images - Please note you can also resize images using CSS. Check the link below.


Relocator is lightweight jQuery plugin to create photo gallery. this plugin will make the different size images to fit with the specified canvas without "size resizing"

gallery-viewer - A JQuery UI plugin for image gallery displaying

A JQuery UI plugin for image gallery displaying