libad9361-iio - IIO AD9361 library for filter design and handling, multi-chip sync, etc.

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As with many open source packages, we use GitHub to do develop and maintain the source, and Travis CI and Appveyor for continuous integration. If you use it, and like it - please let us know. If you use it, and hate it - please let us know that too. The goal of the project is to try to make Linux IIO devices easier to use on a variety of platforms. If we aren't doing that - we will try to make it better.



Related Projects

xcode_shell - shell script that used to auto-build xcode project

  •    Perl

Highly suggest you use fastlane instead of this project. If you want to publish ipa to fir, use official project fir-cli instead of this project. Script ipa-publish-fir is deprecated.

FIR - Fast Incident Response

  •    Python

FIR (Fast Incident Response) is an cybersecurity incident management platform designed with agility and speed in mind. It allows for easy creation, tracking, and reporting of cybersecurity incidents. FIR is for anyone needing to track cybersecurity incidents (CSIRTs, CERTs, SOCs, etc.). It was tailored to suit our needs and our team's habits, but we put a great deal of effort into making it as generic as possible before releasing it so that other teams around the world may also use it and customize it as they see fit.

MCS-libre Monte-Carlo Simulation Toolkit

  •    C++

Free C++ toolkit to facilitate Monte-Carlo simulation. This is a library covered under the LGPL. quot;MCS-librequot; stands for quot;Monte Carlo Simulation - librequot;. Documentation and examples are provided.

mcs - math coordinates system

  •    C

mcs - math coordinates system: the program draws single or multiple points and functions into a coordinates system. It works in console mode and it can be used in many operating systems. some functions/addons of the program are still at work.

Eclipse Plugins for Pluto

  •    Java

The purpose of this project is to provide you with a set of Eclipse plug-ins that facilitates the writing and deployment of JSR-168 compliant portlets on the Pluto Reference Implementation. Please visit

PLUTO automatic parallelizer

  •    C

PLUTO is an automatic source-to-source transformer that can optimize nested loop sequences for coarse-grained parallelism and cache locality simultaneously. OpenMP parallel code for multicores can be generated from regular C program sections. Version


  •    CSharp

A C# interactive interpreter. The majority of the actual parsing is done by Mono's mcs, but to the user it looks like a C# interpreter. The project is currently inactive. If anybody want to continue it, please email the current maintainer.

Snomtastic Phone Management System


Snomtastic helps make your deployment of Snom VOIP handset with OCS / MCS (Microsoft Office Communications Server) 2007 R2 and Lync deployment easy! This code complete application has a web service and client app to make deploying, managing, and configuring your Snoms flex...

Site Directory for SharePoint 2010 (from Microsoft Consulting Services, UK)


A solution which provides 'site directory' functionality for SharePoint 2010. Refer to [file:Solution Description|Microsoft.MCSUK.SPSiteDirectory2010.SolutionDescription.docx] for a full description.


  •    Java

The PORTIONS (PORTlets actIONS) framework allows you to develope JSR-168 portlets as if you were developing J2EE Web applications using Struts. It has been tested in Pluto 1.0.1, Jetspeed 2.0, JBoss Portal 2.4.1-GA and Vignette Application Portal 7.2

Apache Portals - Portal Related Software

  •    Java

The Apache Portals project provides various software products, including Apache Jetspeed-2, Apache Pluto, and Apache Portals Applications.

Digital Room Correction

  •    C

DRC generates digital room correction FIR filters to be used within HiFi systems in conjunction with real time convolution engines like BruteFIR.



Just a simple chemin de fir baccarat game for Windows Mobile devices.



Flexible constraint-based FIR filter design program.


  •    Java

fir.flight is an android version Test Flight by using the testing app distribution service provided by With its help, you will be able to manage your apps' installation and updates more easily. Also fir.flight frees you from notifying your testers again and again. Apk is available on Google Play Store and

fir-cli - command-line interface

  •    Ruby 可以通过指令查看, 上传, iOS/Android 应用.

app-host - 应用内网发布 | iOS OTA (Over-the-Air) | APP publish website like fir

  •    Ruby

AppHost is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

BlurLockView - Lock view with blur effect. Easy to customise.

  •    Java

Lock view with blur effect. Easy to customise. Try demo here: Download from Fir Download from Github You can get all about BlurLockView from the demo.