AlphaVSS - Bringing Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to .NET

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AlphaVSS is a .NET class library written in C++/CLI aiming to provide a managed interface to the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) API. The goal is to provide an interface that is simple to use from a C# or VB.NET application, yet provides the full functionality of VSS.



Related Projects

burp backup and restore program


Burp is a backup and restore program. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.



PowerShell library for backup and maintenance Oracle Database environment (File, RAC, ASM, GRID) under Microsoft Windows 2008 - a very easy Oracle backup script

VSS Plugin for Eclipse

  •    Java

The goal of the project is to provide a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) team provider plugin for Eclipse 3.x from the project. The plugin is well integrated in the IDE environment and provides support for all daily VSS operations.

shadowd - Secure login distribution service

  •    Go

shadowd is the secure login distribution service, which consists of two parts: server and client. In a typical server configuration case you should manually update the /etc/shadow and copy it on all servers (or via automatic configuration system); afterwards each server will have same hash in the /etc/shadow. Supposed that attacker successfully gained access to one of your servers and found collision to that single hash attacker actually got access to all servers with that hash.

react-native-shadow - A SVG shadow component powered with react-native-svg,which can provide shadow on Android like iOS ^_^

  •    Javascript

A SVG shadow component powered with react-native-svg,which can provide shadow on Android like iOS ^_^

ShadowViewHelper - Shadow layout, shadow view for android.

  •    Java

Shadow layout, shadow view for android. It's very simple to use.

SourceSafe to SVN Import and Migration

  •    CSharp

Visual SourceSafe to Subversion allows VSS databases to be imported into new or existing SVN repositories using a user friendly GUI or command line client.

Visual Source Safe to SharePoint Conversion


This is a windows based [C# .NET] application to bring the Source Safe Documents into the SharePoint List. This application also keeps track of VSS versions in SharePoint List. But, we have to turn the versioning ON to bring the VSS versions into SharePoint. Fazlul Chowdhury

Apache VSS Ant Library - Microsoft Visual Source Safe support for Apache Ant.

  •    Java

The Apache VSS Antlib provides an interface to the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe SCM. The original Ant tasks have been expanded upon in this Antlib. Some fixes to issues in the original tasks have also been incorporated.

THLabel - UILabel subclass, which additionally allows shadow blur, inner shadow, stroke text and fill gradient

  •    Objective-C

THLabel is a subclass of UILabel, which additionally allows shadow blur, inner shadow, stroke text and fill gradient. The easiest way to use THLabel in your app is via CocoaPods.

kage - Kage (kah-geh) is a shadow proxy server to duplex HTTP requests

  •    Ruby

Kage (kah-geh) is an HTTP shadow proxy server that sits between clients and your server(s) to enable "shadow requests". Kage can be used to duplex requests to the master (production) server and shadow servers that have newer code changes that are going to be deployed. By shadowing requests to the new code you can make sure there are no big/surprising changes in the response in terms of data, performance and database loads etc.

shadow - jemalloc heap exploitation framework

  •    Python

Apart from the tool's source code, this repository also includes documentation on setting up an Android userland debugging environment for utilizing shadow, a quick overview of Android's jemalloc structures using shadow, and some notes on how double, unaligned and arbitrary free() bugs behave on Android's jemalloc. When you issue a jemalloc-specific command for the first time, shadow parses all jemalloc metadata it knows about and saves them to a Python pickle file. Subsequent commands use this pickle file instead of parsing the metadata from memory again in order to be faster.

ACLight - A script for advanced discovery of Privileged Accounts - includes Shadow Admins

  •    PowerShell

A tool for advanced discovery of Privileged Accounts - it includes Shadow Admins. ACLight2 is the improved version of the tool. ACLight is a tool for discovering privileged accounts through advanced ACLs analysis (objects’ ACLs - Access Lists, aka DACL\ACEs). It includes the discovery of Shadow Admins in the scanned network.

ShadowView - An iOS Library that makes shadows management easy on UIView.

  •    Swift

ShadowView is an iOS Shadow library that makes view's shadow implementation easy and sweet 🎉 🎊. Add simple shadows to add a gaussian blurred projection (as a shadow) to any UIView.

Backup my mail


Backup my mail is a simple gui for console program hobocopy(c). Program copy all pst file from default profile Microsoft Outlook mail client to backup folder. Application is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 Express


  •    JQuery

Image based jquery plugin to add shadows to html elements. Can display 88 shadows by default. Can refresh itself on browser and element resizing.


  •    Javascript

Maple is a seamless module that allows you to organise your React project in terms of webcomponents — with HTML Imports, Shadow DOM, and Custom Elements — allowing you to implement any Flux architecture you choose, and then compile with Mapleify for production.💎 Install all dependencies and start server using npm start.

Me and My Shadow

  •    C++

Me and My Shadow is a free libre puzzle/platform game in which you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles. Spikes, moving blocks, fragile blocks and much more stand between you and the exit. Record your moves and let your shadow mimic them to reach blocks you couldn't reach alone. Play through over 40 levels and use the built-in leveleditor to make your own.

Shadow of Kings

  •    Java

Shadow of Kings is a 2-D isometric RPG developed in JAVA. Shadow of Kings began its life as an independent study project at Eastern Illinois University.