AlloyFinger - super tiny size multi-touch gestures library for the web.    You can touch this →

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super tiny size multi-touch gestures library for the web.



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AlloyCrop - The best and tiny size mobile cropping component - 做最好且最小的移动裁剪组件

  •    Javascript

The best and tiny size mobile cropping component - ���������С���ƶ��ü����

fusuma - Multitouch gestures with libinput dirver on X11, Linux

  •    Ruby

Fusuma is multitouch gesture recognizer. This gem makes your linux PC able to recognize swipes or pinchs and assign commands to them. 襖(Fusuma) means sliding door used to partition off rooms in a Japanese house.

Gestouch - Gestouch: multitouch gesture recognition library for Flash (ActionScript) development.

  •    ActionScript

Gestouch is a ActionScript (AS3) library that helps you to deal with single- and multitouch gestures for building better NUI (Natural User Interface). Yes, last versions of Flash Player and AIR runtimes have built-in touch and multitouch support, but the gestures support is very poor: only small set of gestures are supported, they depend on OS, they are not customizable in any way, only one can be processed at the same time and, finally, you are forced to use either raw TouchEvents, or gestures (@see Upd: With “native way” you also won’t get anything out of Stage3D and of custom input like TUIO protocol.


  •    Objective-C

Task manager iOS style (Beta 0.5.1)

react-native-gesture-handler - Declarative API exposing platform native touch and gesture system to React Native

  •    Java

React Native Gesture Handler provides native-driven gesture management APIs for building best possible touch-based experiences in React Native. With this library gestures are no longer controlled by the JS responder system, but instead are recognized and tracked in the UI thread. It makes touch interactions and gesture tracking not only smooth, but also dependable and deterministic.

UberSignature - Provides an iOS view controller allowing a user to draw their signature with their finger in a realistic style

  •    Objective-C

Mimicking pen-on-paper signatures with a touch screen presents a difficult set of challenges.The rate touch events are emitted does not provide enough information to mimick the same smooth line the user made with their finger. Simply drawing straight lines between the touch points will yield an unnatural looking line made of discrete sections - especially when the user is moving their finger fast, as the number of touch events stays constant, providing even fewer points per unit of distance moved.

zingtouch - A JavaScript touch gesture detection library for the modern web

  •    Javascript

A modern JavaScript touch gesture library. The library allows developers to configure pre-existing gestures as well as create their own using ZingTouch's life cycle. These gestures can be customized including the number of inputs it accepts, or how sensitive the gesture is to be recognized.



A toolkit to simplify the multi-touch application development and testing complexities. It currently supports WPF and Silverlight.

Multi-Touch Vista


Multi-Touch Vista is a user input management layer that handles input from various devices (touchlib, multiple mice, TUIO etc.) and normalises it against the scale and rotation of the target window. Now with multitouch driver for Windows 7.

Windows Touch/Mouse/TUIO Multi-touch Gesture recognizer & Trainer


This projects based on Single point Gesture recognizer paper of of unistrokes alphabets. The project expand capabilities to allow multi-touch gestures. C# library for rapid use. Mono Client. And C++ Client.

TouchScript - Complete multi-touch solution for Unity: iOS, Android, Windows, TUIO.

  •    CSharp

When working on a project for mobile devices or PCs with touch input you will soon require basic gestures like tap, pan, pinch and zoom — they are not hard to implement manually using Unity API or using a package from Asset Store. The hard part is to make these gestures work together, e.g. to have a button with a tap gesture placed on a zoomable window. This is where you will need TouchScript — it makes handling complex gesture interactions on any touch surface an effortless job. Developed by Valentin Simonov.

xSwipe - Multitouch gestures with synaptics dirver on X11, Linux

  •    Perl

xSwipe is multitouch gesture recognizer. This script make your linux PC able to recognize swipes. Ubuntu15.04, or later I released Fusuma, it use libinput driver and suppport pinch zoom . You should try Fusuma instead of xSwipe if you use Ubuntu15.04, or later. It need not depend on older version synaptics driver, and it works well with libinput driver supported by 15.04 or later as standard.

Kinect Touch Device


A simple "WPF4 Touch Device" using Kinect with OpenNI & NITE (written in C#). This project makes it easy to transform your WPF4 touch application in "touch less" with the Kinect with little change : replace "Window" base class by "KinectWindow". Currently the Touch Down ...

react-native-gesture-recognizers - Gesture recognizer decorators for react-native

  •    Javascript

onPanBegin({ originX, originY }) Function Gets called once at the begin of the gesture. onPan({ absoluteChangeX, absoluteChangeY, changeX, changeY }) Function Gets called whenever the touch moves.

TouchKit - Gestures and input handling made sane for Unity

  •    CSharp

TouchKit aims to make touch handling in Unity more sane. Touches in TouchKit are actual objects as opposed to Structs like Unity uses by default. The advantage to this is that touch tracking becomes orders of magnitude more simple. You can retain a touch that began and since you are only holding on to a pointer (as opposed to a Struct) the properites of that touch will be updating as the touch changes. TouchKit doesn't save too much time for simple, single-tap processing. It's usefulness is in detecting and managing gestures (hence the original name before the lovely trademark owner complained: GestureKit).TouchKit allows gesture recognizers to act on the entire screen or they can define a Rect in which to do detection. If a touch doesn't orginate in the Rect the touches won't be passed on to the recognizer (except for the Any Touch Recognizer).

jquery.finger - :v: jQuery touch & gestures, fingers in the nose.

  •    Javascript

jQuery Finger unifies click and touch events by removing the 300ms delay on touch devices. It also provide a common set of events to handle basic gestures such as drag and pinch. Small (< 1kb gzipped), it is focused on performance, is well tested and ... also supports jQuery delegated events.

Multi Touch Digit OCR With Matlab Neural Network Wpf Project

  •    DotNet

Multi Touch Digit OCR Project is a wpf project that works on multi touch devices but it works well on normal devices , this project uses matlab core , that creates 4 feed forward neural network and train them with Back Propagation Algorithm for detecting numbers that you draw .

Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF Multi-Touch Manipulations

  •    Silverlight

Windows Phone / Silverlight Behaviors and WPF samples implementing Multi-Touch Manipulation (Gestures) and Inertia.

WPF MultiTouch Concierge


This project is aimed to target people who want to learn multi touch programming and want to develop cost effective multitouch solution ( kiosk / table etc) without having to buy expensive hardwares.

JooJoo Touch Provider for MultiTouchVista


Provides MultiTouch input for FG's JooJoo