widevine - Golang Client for Widevine Cloud

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Golang Client API for Widevine Cloud. You can also use this package to create a license proxy.




Related Projects

shaka-packager - A media packaging SDK intended for C++ programmers writing MPEG-DASH packaging applications with Widevine DRM and Common Encryption support

  •    C++

Media packaging SDK intended for C++ programmers writing DASH/HLS packager applications with common encryption support, Widevine DRM support, Live, and Video-On-Demand.This document provides the information needed to create a DASH/HLS packager that is able to remux and encrypt a video into fragmented ISO BMFF format with common encryption (CENC) support. The DASH/HLS packaging API is also designed in such a way for easy extension to more source and destination formats.

netflix-1080p - Chrome extension to play Netflix in 1080p and 5.1

  •    Javascript

What it is doing is testing your User-agent for the "CrOS" string anywhere in it. If the search returns true, it appends the 1080p profile to the profile playback array (what this line a && this.oo.push(x.V.TH); is doing). If it returns false, it does nothing. The playback profile array is set up like so: this.oo = [x.V.vA, x.V.wA];, x.V.vA is the SD profile and x.V.wA is the 720p profile. After reading this you think the easy solution would be to just change the User-agent to make it contain the string "CrOS" right? Not that simple. ChromeOS apparently has a different DRM implementation than chrome, even though both use Widevine. I could never get it to work when I tried, Netflix always threw license errors. The next easiest thing to do is just delete the conditional to append 1080p and just make the 1080p profile apart of the regular profiles (this.oo = [x.V.vA, x.V.wA]; -> this.oo = [x.V.vA, x.V.wA, x.V.TH];). This works perfectly, but only for the majority of Netflix content. A few videos, like Disney movies, have manifests completely restricted to Edge to the point where you can't obtain them without an Edge ESN.

plugin.video.netflix - Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

  •    Python

Note: The link to download the Widevine Libary for none ARM Systems can be found in the Firefox Sources & needs to be placed in the cdm folder in special://home. Please make sure to read the licence agreement that comes with it, so you know what you´re getting yourself into.

CicadaPlayer - CicadaPlayer is the player core of AliPlayer, which support multiple platform Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and WebAssembly for now

  •    C++

Cicada Media Player is a multi platform player sdk,Keep the world free of difficult videos to play,using Cicada Media Player, build your multimedia apps happily.

MySoft Free DRM Remover


MySoft Free DRM Remover is a software that can remove DRM Protection form wma, m4a and more audio files. It can even remove DRM from video files. You will no longer have to search for free DRM Removers, Most of them make you pay.

eBook DRM Schemes

  •    CSharp

A library for reading and removing DRM schemes from eBooks. The one and only purpose of said library is providing the ability to access the content of legally obtained eBook under conditions of DRM management server failure.

Dream DRM Receiver

  •    C++

Dream is a software implementation of a Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) receiver. With Dream, DRM broadcasts can be received with a modified analog receiver (SW, MW, LW) and a PC with a sound card.

kmscon - Linux KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator

  •    C

Linux KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator

Slave-in-the-Magic-Mirror - Open source implementation of AirPlay Mirroring. WIP.

  •    Python

In short: Apple has a thing that lets you show what's on your iPhone or iPad or Mac on your Apple TV. This lets you see it on your Linux or Mac computer or media center too, maybe. AirPlay Mirroring uses a funky mish-mash of standards wrapped in some DRM. Slave in the Magic Mirror packs the audio and video data into a standard media container and hands it to VLC. The DRM is handled by calling into the original Apple TV server binary using a pure-python ARM interpreter.

NoNpDrm - A plugin that allows you to bypass DRM protection on any PS Vita content

  •    C

In a nutshell, this plugin allows you to bypass DRM protection on any PS Vita content. This software will only work on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Vita TV, PlayStation TV devices running on firmware 3.60-3.68 the taiHEN framework and HENkaku need to be running on your device, for more information please connect to https://henkaku.xyz/ For all the possibilities described below, you should use VitaShell v1.6 or higher for faster transfers. VitaShell lets you mount your PS Vita's Memory Card or Game Card to your PC over USB. On a PS TV device, you can mount a USB flash drive and copy files to uma0:.



DRM (Degital Rights Management) for people - Derivative Works with Creative Commons License Works.

Fair Rights Management

  •    Java

FRM - Fair Rights Management is an idea of designing a DRM that uses a social network module to provide access control and allows to share once bought products with friends. It will help to bring back fair use doctrine to the digital world.



Freeme2 is a program based on famous freeme app created by Beale Screamer and based on viodentias findings. It strips wm-drm protection from wmv/asf/wma files as well as video/audio streams.

22surf Open Source Business Plan


Open Source business plan for making money via Open Source content management systems (CMS) and digital rights management (DRM) for music, photography, books, and more. Syndicated commerce with oscommerce, postnuke, xoops, gallery, tikiwiki, and wordpres

Vincent Van Gallery (vvgallery)


vvgallery marries oscommerce and gallery to provide a store for stock photography and digital media libraries. Dublin Core, Creative Commons licenses, RSS, and RDF afford DRM. Browse thumbnails, add to cart, and download zipped media. Supports paypal.


  •    Javascript

Developing streaming media CMS moduals that can be easily added to any CMS application for the open source community. The moduals being designed are Pay Per View, Windows Media DRM and Content Subscription Services.



SEFlow uses the SELinux technology, but focuses on controlling dataflow instead of defending more static targets like daemons running on a system. An example application particularly focused is a DRM implementation ensuring copyleft licenses.


  •    C

Media-S is an open-source development project that aims to create an open Digital Rights Management (DRM) interface for the creation, playback, and management of multimedia files.


  •    C

nouveau is a project to create free software 3D drivers for nvidia cards using the DRI/DRM model.

hbc - The Homebrew Channel - open source edition

  •    C

This repository contains the public release of the source code for The Homebrew Channel. Note that the code in this repository differs from the source code used to build the official version of The Homebrew Channel, which includes additional protection features (i.e. we had to add reverse-DRM to stop scammers from selling it).

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