clock - A low consumption, low latency support for frequent updates of large capcity timing manage

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A low consumption, low latency support for frequent updates of large capcity timing manage



Related Projects

MZTimerLabel - A handy class for iOS to use UILabel as a countdown timer or stopwatch just like in Apple Clock App

  •    Objective-C

MZTimerLabel is a UILabel subclass, which is a handy way to use UILabel as a countdown timer or stopwatch just like that in Apple Clock App with just 2 lines of code. MZTimerLabel also provides delegate method for you to define the action when the timer finished. Author: MineS Chan and awesome contributors.

Shutdown Timer


have you ever needed the computer to run overnight, but want it not to be on in the morning. this program has a clock and write the time in the same format as the clock. and at the stated time, it will turn off. this is my first program.

scheduled realtime clock

  •    C

Driver module using rtc-driver allowing multiple users to use the real-time-clock. Each task opening the timer device gets its own image of the RTC. Except setting the RTC, all features can be used on a per task basis without frequency restriction.

Tea Timer for Windows

  •    CSharp

Tea Timer is a virtual egg timer/alarm clock for Windows. Written in C#, it utilizes the .NET framework. Key features include: * Runs in tray. * Mulitple timers. * User defined presets. * Audible and visual alert. * Alarm mode. * Ability to pause timers.

EnterpriseTimeSheet and Payroll

  •    PHP

This project provides a general solution to the payroll systems of any company. It provides web user clock in and clock out, has ip address (clock-in/clock-out) restriction, generate time worked, generate payroll slips, organizational chart, personel info

Four color clock


Four color clock is a small tool which displays current system time in a 4 color form. Four color clock is modified binary clock (base - 4, red - 0, yelow - 1, green - 2, blue - 3). You can use it as a gadget dragging on the display wherever you want, also it's translucent.

Silverlight Virtual Earth World Clock

  •    Silverlight

This is a world clock using Virtual Earth for the world clock. It uses Silverlight and Virtual Earth through the VIEWS wrapper (also a codeplex project). Originally it was created as a simple, but flashy :) demo of Silverlight for global aware apps.

555 Calculator


A simple calculator to help choosing resistor and capacitor values to get the frequency you're looking for on a 555 timer.

TimeCircles - jQuery plugin to show time since or time until a specific time

  •    Javascript

TimeCircles is a jQuery plugin that provides a nice looking way to either count down towards a certain time, or to count up from a certain time. The goal for TimeCircles is to provide a simple yet dynamic tool that makes it very easy to provide visitors an attractive countdown or timer. This documentation will provide some examples of how to use TimeCircles. Usage of TimeCircles can be very simple, but for those willing to work a little harder can also provide more sophisticated functionality. The examples aim to provide a good basic idea of how various features can be used without overcomplicating things.

Dave's Stupid Alarm Clock

  •    Python

Dave's Stupid Alarm Clock is a pyQt-based alarm clock for those of us with insomnia problems. It supports multiple alarms, snooze, mp3 playback, and so forth.

Alarm Clock

  •    CSharp

This is a simple free open source MIT licensed alarm clock for Windows. It is less than a hundred lines of code. Written in Visual Studio C# 2010 EE.

World Clock Time Zone Webpart


World Clock Time Zone Webpart

Analog Clock


This is project contains analog clock made in win forms.

High-Resolution Online Digital Clock

  •    ASPNET

High-resolution Digital Clock: light-weight Javascript code snippet added to ASP.NET Web page could enrich user experience and overall impression

Fading Clock


Fading Clock is a normal clock that has the ability to fade in out. It's developed in C# as a Windows App in .net 2.0.

Rotary clock layout tools

  •    Perl

a set of free tools and software aimed at design automation. SPICE ( NG-spice )MAGIC XCIRCUIT Main aim - to automate the layout of clock distribution on a chip, using rotary clock oscilation.

Kronos - Elegant NTP date library in Swift

  •    Swift

Kronos is an NTP client library written in Swift. It supports sub-seconds precision and provides an stable monotonic clock that won't be affected by clock changes. This is an example app that displays the monotonic on the left and the system clock (initially out of date) on the right.

PiClock - A Fancy Clock built around a monitor and a Raspberry Pi

  •    Python

This project started out as a way to waste a Saturday afternoon. I had a Raspberry Pi and an extra monitor and had just taken down an analog clock from my livingroom wall. I was contemplating getting a radio sync'ed analog clock to replace it, so I didn't have to worry about it being accurate. But instead the PiClock was born.

PE-Analog-Clock-icon-font - A set of icons for displaying a visual ("analog") representation of time stamps

  •    HTML

A set of icons for displaying a visual ("analog") representation of time stamps. The Analog Clock icon set allows <time> elements to have a visual notation in a simple, progressive way using a @font-face to deliver a custom font for the clock face. The icon is therefore scalable and can be styled with CSS to match most site designs.