Akura - School Management System

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Àkura is a dynamic school management system provides a platform to unite school authorities, teachers, students and parents, to enhance the quality of education. It manages the daily activities of a school, from attendance recording, tracking student academic/co-curricular/religious activities to report generation and much more.

Teachers can monitor the progress of students while the principal can oversee the progress of each class and grade. Parents also benefit from Àkura by being able to monitor and stay up to date with the progress of their children.




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openSIS - Student Information System

openSIS is a student information system sponsored by Open Solutions for Education, Inc. Its features include Student Demographic, Goals and Progresses, Contact Information, Gradebook, Report Cards management, Health Records management, Attendance management, Parent Portal and lot more.

RosarioSIS - Student Information System

RosarioSIS is a web based Student Information System designed for school administration. It provides tools and access to administrators, teachers, parents and students. It features a multilingual interface and connectivity with Moodle.

Fedena - School Management ERP on Ruby

Fedna is a one stop solution for all school management related issues and helps you manage student databases and all other activities online. It helps the schools and campuses that want an easy means to manage all campus records. It manages User, Time-table, Examination, Attendance, Student and News.

eduTrac - Student Information System

eduTrac is an open source student information system that allows schools to manage faculty, staff, students, courses, course sections, NSLC transmissions, IPEDS, and more.

OpenSchool - School Management Software

OpenSchool is a School Management Software. It provides support to Time table, Report card, Assignments, Homework details, Quiz, Holidays, Inbox, Forum, Tutorials, Fees details and lot more. Parents can check their children's academic performance from a remote location. They can also deposit the school fees, bus fees etc. Students could track their attendance and homework. Students could apply leave online and get it approved.

SchoolTool - Global Student Information System

SchoolTool is an open source, web based student information system designed for schools in the developing world. Its features includes Manage personnel data of students and teacher, Teacher gradebook, Skill and outcomes based assessment, Report card generation, Class attendance and daily participation grades, Tracking and management of student interventions and lot more.


ClaSS (ClaSS Student System) is a complete student tracking, reporting and information management system. The latest web-application methods allow the school community access. ClaSS aims to be the ubiquitous classroom information assistant for school

bhs_sms - Beckman High School Student Management System

Beckman High School Student Management System

Command School Student Management System

A web based student/school management system. Latest version is swifttide19902.tgz This is a pretty major rewrite, and should be considered BETA. Please post problems that you find.

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School Information Management system

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Sims School Information Management System

jwebtop-core - an information management system for school

an information management system for school

Student Database Management System

Student Database Management System is a sample Online Web based and also desktop application which helps school to maintain their records free online. this project is open source project and Free available for all schools to check and send their response..


schoolWare is the first completely integrated school system. It's goal is to allow one to run a complete school, with a single software product, for free. It includes - teacher web sites - student web sites - student grades - school clubs managemen


'TeacherPanel' is the management system used on the Glenforest Secondary School website (http://www.glenforestlibrary.com/). It allows teachers to post announcements on various pages of the website, as well as post files to archives through the File Management Panel. This allows students to easily access files that teachers may place onto the school server rather than redirecting them to a MyClass or Wiki webpage. This system also overcomes the obstacle encountered by many high school teachers w

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