vux - Mobile UI Components based on Vue & WeUI

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Be Cool with Vue@^2.3.0 and WeUI. vux2 template is directly modified from Vue official webpack template.


array-filter : ^1.0.0
array-find : ^1.0.0
array-map : ^0.0.0
array-shuffle : ^1.0.1
autosize : ^3.0.20
axios : ^0.15.3
big.js : ^3.1.3
blueimp-md5 : ^2.6.0
countup.js : ^1.8.1
fastclick : ^1.0.6
lodash.debounce : ^4.0.8
lodash.throttle : ^4.1.1
object-assign : ^4.1.0
qr.js : 0.0.0
shake.js : ^1.2.2
validator : ^9.3.0
vanilla-masker : ^1.2.0
vux-blazy : ^1.6.4
vux-xscroll : ^3.1.10
x-photoswipe : ^4.1.3-rc.1



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