openlayers-app - OpenLayers application template

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Basic app template for OpenLayers applications in an npm and CommonJS environment. to install dependencies and create a custom build of OpenLayers.


openlayers : ^3.10.1



Related Projects

angular-openlayers-directive - AngularJS directive to embed an interact with maps managed by the OpenLayers library

  •    Javascript

Work in progress.AngularJS directive for the OpenLayers (version 3) Javascript Library. This software allows you to embed maps managed by openlayers on your AnguarJS or OpenLayers project. It's a good starting point to learn the Openlayers API too.

sidebar-v2 - A responsive sidebar with tabs for Leaflet, OpenLayers, Google Maps, ...

  •    CSS

A responsive sidebar for mapping libraries like Leaflet or OpenLayers. It is more or less a successor of the leaflet-sidebar plugin, thus the v2 suffix.


  •    Java

IMPORTANT: gt;gt;gt; THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED lt;lt;lt; This project has moved to Bitbucket. Downloads of older versions have been removed as these version are no longer supported. If you want to use gwt-openlayers, you can find the latest version at: or search for quot;gwt-openlayersquot; on:

ole - OpenLayers Editor

  •    Javascript

OpenLayers Editor

mapquery - Combining the power of OpenLayers and jQuery

  •    Javascript

Combining the power of OpenLayers and jQuery



geoCache is a WMS Tile Caching (WMS-C) compliant server that allows you to create your own local disk-based cache of any WMS server, and use the result in any WMS-C supporting client, like OpenLayers. The geoCache library can speed up access to your WMS by factors of 10 – 100,...

OpenLayers Map Portlet

  •    Javascript

OpenLayers Map portlet adds a new portlet to Zenoss Dashboard, similar to Google Maps portlet.



GeoMOOSE is designed to be an easy to configure and deploy open source web environment. GeoMOOSE uses PHP and OpenLayers to create a customizable feature rich Web GIS client. Please visit the homepage for the latest downloads, news, and documentation.

Geometric Network


Geometric Network (GeometricNet) is JavaScript Library for creation of topologically correct geometric network based on OpenLayers. For latest changes please checkout from SVN, as the project is in alpha stage.


  •    PHP

CartoWeb gis php5 plugin for Kml, geoRSS and geoJSON, OpenLayers export of mapserver layers. Visit for latest news and doc.Plugin CartoWeb php5 d'export KML, geoRSS et geoJSON.+d'infos sur

Open GPS Tracking System

  •    Java

OpenGTS (Open Source GPS Tracking System) is a full featured web-based GPS tracking system for your fleet of vehicles. It supports OpenLayers and other map providers, detail/summary Reporting, and various GPS tracking devices.



A layer for OpenLayers to create dynamic client-side heat layer. Developed on JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas element.

Mapstraction - A Javascript Mapping Abstraction library

  •    Javascript

Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible. Developers can code their applications once, and then easily switch mapping provider based on project needs, terms and conditions, and new functionality.

tileserver-gl - Vector and raster maps with GL styles

  •    Javascript

Vector and raster maps with GL styles. Server side rendering by Mapbox GL Native. Map tile server for Mapbox GL JS, Android, iOS, Leaflet, OpenLayers, GIS via WMTS, etc. Make sure you have Node.js version 6 installed (running node -v it should output something like v6.11.3).

tegola - Tegola is a Mapbox Vector Tile server written in Go

  •    Go

Tegola is a vector tile server delivering Mapbox Vector Tiles with support for PostGIS and GeoPackage data providers. Return a JSON encoded list of the server's configured maps and layers with various attributes.

GeoMesa - Suite of tools for working with big geo-spatial data in a distributed fashion

  •    Scala

GeoMesa is an open-source, distributed, spatio-temporal database built on a number of distributed cloud data storage systems, including Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, and Kafka. Leveraging a highly parallelized indexing strategy, GeoMesa aims to provide as much of the spatial querying and data manipulation to Accumulo as PostGIS does to Postgres.

magellan - Geo Spatial Data Analytics on Spark

  •    Scala

Magellan is a distributed execution engine for geospatial analytics on big data. It is implemented on top of Apache Spark and deeply leverages modern database techniques like efficient data layout, code generation and query optimization in order to optimize geospatial queries. The application developer writes standard sql or data frame queries to evaluate geometric expressions while the execution engine takes care of efficiently laying data out in memory during query processing, picking the right query plan, optimizing the query execution with cheap and efficient spatial indices while presenting a declarative abstraction to the developer.

pgRouting - Extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality

  •    C

pgRouting extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality. Data and attributes can be modified by many clients, like QGIS through JDBC, ODBC, or directly using Pl/pgSQL. The clients can either be PCs or mobile devices. Data changes can be reflected instantaneously through the routing engine. There is no need for precalculation. The “cost” parameter can be dynamically calculated through SQL and its value can come from multiple fields or tables.

3d-tiles - Specification for streaming massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets :earth_americas:


Specification for streaming massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets. 3D Tiles has entered the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Community Standard process.

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