agendash - Agenda Dashboard

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Note: Agendash requires mongodb version >2.6.0 to perform the needed aggregate queries. This is your mongo database version, not your node package version! To check your database version, connect to mongo and run db.version().Agendash provides Express middleware you can use at a specified path, for example this will make Agendash available on your site at the /dash path. Note: Do not try to mount Agendash at the root level like app.use('/', Agendash(agenda)).


agenda : >=0.7.0 <1.0.0
async : ^1.0.0
body-parser : ^1.15.0
commander : ^2.9.0
express : ^4.0.0
semver : ^5.3.0



Related Projects

Agenda SNOW Compiler Development


The Agenda is a Linux based PDA ( The SourceForge Agenda SNOW Compiler Development Project is intended to further the development of the Agenda SNOW Compiler and porting of code to the Agenda SNOW based romdisk.

agenda-ui - A UI to view Agenda jobs

  •    Javascript

A UI to view Agenda jobs. The Agenda UI is middleware you can mount at a path in your express app.

naarani Network Agenda

  •    Java

naarani Network Agenda/Calendar : Java 1.5 client-server agenda/calendar based on mysql to share one or more agenda/caledar, with users/groups. Full developed and tested on Linux and Windows.




Gnome flash utility for the Agenda VR3

  •    C

A graphical frontend using gnome/gtk for the standard flash-utility (vrflash) suplied with the Agenda VR3 from Agenda computing.

Agenda Electronica en tu sitio web.

  •    PHP

Este proyecto es una agenda electronica desarrollada en php para ser incluida como un modulo en algun sitio. Los usuarios registrados podran llevar una especie de agenda con datos de contactos. Los datos se guardan en una base de datos en MySQL

dolibarr - Dolibarr ERP CRM is a modern software package to manage your company or foundation activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda,

  •    PHP

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern software package to manage your organization's activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda…). It's an Open Source Software (written in PHP language) designed for small, medium or large companies, foundations and freelances.

Agenda PDA Tools and Games


A Place to collect and maintain small tools and toys for the 'Agenda' Linux-based PDA.

AGOS (OS for Agenda VR3)


Repository for the Kernel and tools sources for Agenda VR3. Including Gnu/Gcc, binutils, and kernel

Agenda PDA Manager

  •    Delphi

This application provides GUI front end for the RSync command under windows, for transfering files between the Agenda Linux PDA and the Windows Desktop. In additional includes a built-in Text Editor and a Windows Explorer like user interface for browsing

Agenda VR3 Community Distribution


Packaging tools and a Linux distribution for the Agenda VR3 PDA.

The Agenda Desktop

  •    C++

Purpose of this project is to provide the Agenda PDA with a way to easily sync and manage all of its features with a desktop. Similar to ActiveSync for windows and Helio desktop.

Ulysses Agenda

  •    ASPNET

Ulysses Agenda is a web-based MUD set in a futuristic, science fiction world where the only way to survive is to make money - one way or another. The game is built upon Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC.

Witch's Agenda


Witch's Agenda is a 13 level, side scrolling platform game, where you play as a green, long-nosed Witch. It was programmed in an uncommon language called Blitz Basic.

Agenda VR3 RDB Editor

  •    C

A database builder/editor/viewer for maintaining RDB tables using the Linux-based Agenda VR3 PDA. Users can create and edit structured data records compatible with the RDB tab-delimited text format.

Religious Agenda

  •    C++

A multi-translation Bible reader app for the Agenda VR3 PDA.


  •    Javascript

Intranet Agenda and contacts list. You can distribute your contacts in buildings, sections and units. Each user can maintain contacts and groups themselves. No administrator required. Also multiples agendas (ala Google Calendar) can be set for users.

SAE - Agenda Electronica

  •    Java

Agenda Electroacute;nica - Sistema de gestioacute;n para el seguimiento y reserva de horarios para cualquier tipo de traacute;mite viacute;a internet, telefoacute;nica o presencial.

datetimepicker - DateTimePicker is a library which contains the beautiful DatePicker that can be seen in the new Google Agenda app

  •    Java

DateTimePicker is a library which contains the beautiful DatePicker and TimePicker that can be seen in the new Google Agenda app. You have a recurrence picker in the same style here.