rooms - A simple Display for Meeting Rooms

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This is a side project we built at Aerolab to show which meeting rooms are currently available (and for how long), as well as giving you the ability to anonymously book a room for 15' with a single tap. This is all based on Google Calendar in a typical Google Apps for Business package.The motivation behind this is that most meeting room software is needlessly complicated (and expensive!), so we built exactly what we needed as a Web App, which is then deployed to a bunch of cheap Fire HD 8 tablets (one per room) using a headless web browser. It's simple, it works well to let people know that they shouldn't use a specific meeting room, and it looks kind of cool.


classnames : ^2.2.5
connect-history-api-fallback : ^1.3.0
express : ^4.15.3
googleapis : ^20.1.0
moment : ^2.18.1
moment-timezone : ^0.5.13
node-google-calendar : ^1.0.0
precss : ^2.0.0
prop-types : ^15.5.10
react : ^15.6.1
react-dom : ^15.6.1
react-helmet : ^5.1.3
react-router-dom : ^4.1.1



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Meeting Room Scheduler System is a free open-source application that provide you a easy way to book/schedule meetings, rooms, video conferences, all via WEB. Multi-language support: English, Portuguese, German and Catalan. DEMO at

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AVAilable Rooms Can be used to show and book rooms on an exchange server

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There is a community sync meeting for users and developers every 1-2 months. The next meeting will help on a Google Hangout and the link is in the agenda (Notes from previous meeting are also in this doc). The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 4:00pm UTC / 11:00am EDT / 8:00am PDT Add to Calendar.

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A feature rich chatroom for PHP-Nuke written purely in PHP. It has almost everything except the kitchen sink ;) . It has user ignore, user gag, private chatting, public and private rooms, full administration ( boot, broadcast ), multiple rooms and more.

RURRS (RU Reservation System)


The RURRS (Radford University Room Reservation System)project will serve to aid the faculty and staff of Radford University in reserving rooms based on a number of required criteria provided by the user. RURRS allows for 360 degree views of rooms.

Niltalk - A multi-room disposable chat service written in Go that uses WebSockets for live communication

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Niltalk is a web based disposable chat server. It allows users to create password protected disposable, ephemeral chatrooms and invite peers to chat rooms. Rooms can be disposed of at any time. It supports in-memory / file / Redis as the backend for persisting room and session states.

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A Progressive Web Application showcasing all the features of vue-advanced-chat component. Built with Firestore, Vuetify, and Push Notifications. If you wish to get premium access to the real world example source code, please contact me by email.


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ARBS is short for quot;Advanced Resource Booking Systemquot;. It provides a Web-Interface to manage and book resources like rooms or devices and shows the capacity of resources in a Calendar.

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Kalendaryo is an unopinionated React component for building calendars. It has no opinions about what your calendar component should look or function like but rather only helps you deal with those unique constraints by providing various variables your calendar component needs such as the calendar's state data and methods for getting(i.e. all the days in a month) and setting(i.e. selecting the date from a day) plus many more! See the Basic Usage section to see how you can build a basic calendar component with Kalendaryo, or see the Examples section to see more examples built with Kalendaryo. Is the state for the current date the component is in. By convention, this should only change when the calendar changes its current date, i.e. moving to and from a month or year on the calendar.

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A React Native module to help access and save events to iOS and Android calendars. This package assumes that you already have a React Native project or are familiar with React Native. If not, checkout the official documentation for more details about getting started with React Native.

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