ADFS 2.0 Dynamic Authentication Method

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How to enable ADFS to select an authentication method based on the service that the user is accessing.



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Forms Based Authentication (FBA) User Management Tool for SharePoint 2010

Forms Based Authentication (FBA) Tool for SharePoint 2010. With use of this tool any can manage FBA users easily with in sharepoint 2010.

SharePoint WarmUp Tool (Claims+FBA)

This tools is for warming up (waking) SharPoint sites. It addresses the issue of a 403 forbidden error when the SharePoint web app is in claims mode and FBA. It uses Windows authentication to warm up the sites and bypasses the FBA login redirection causing the 403 forbidden er...

Forms based authentication for SharePoint2010

Forms based authentication Management features for SharePoint 2010. <a href="" alt="SharePoint 2010 FBA management feature">SharePoint 2010 FBA feature</a>

Forms Based Authentication Management - SharePoint2007FBA

This is my own update to Stacy Draper's FBABasic project for Forms Based Authentication in MOSS 2007. In additon to managing your fba user's roles, my project adds the ability to manage their SharePoint groups (upon account creation and through the editing UI).

auth0-aspnet-owin - Auth0 ASP.NET 4.5 Owin/Katana Authentication Handler

Owin/Katana Authentication Handler for Auth0. Plugs into the ASP.NET 4.5 Owin infrastructure (middleware) and extends default providers with more social providers such as Amazon, Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, LiveId, Google, Twitter, PayPal and vKontakte. Also integrates with Enterprise providers like any IdP that speaks SAML Protocol, ADFS, Google Apps, ADFS, Windows Azure AD, etc.Please see this NuGet's README.

ADFS 2.0 Attribute Store for LDAP Directory

This project allows you to query an LDAP Directory that does not support Windows Authentication, which is a requirement to use the Out Of The Box ADFS 2.0 LDAP Attribute Store. You can easily connect to your LDAP server with a simple bind, then look for user attributes with...

SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack

Forms Based Authentication management tools for SharePoint 2010. Manage users and roles. Register User, Change Password and Recover Password web parts.

SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack

Forms Based Authentication management tools for SharePoint 2013. Manage users and roles. Register User, Change Password and Recover Password web parts.



Simple FBA User Management Webpart in Sharepoint 2010

Simple FBA User Management Webpart makes FBA user management very easy in Sharepoint 2010. Very simple installation and use.

ADFS 2.0 Attribute Store for Forefront Identity Manager

ADFS 2.0 AttributeStore that allows you to fetch attribute values from Forefront Identity Manager and issue them as claims.

networking-fujitsu - Fujitsu Neutron Plugin

FUJITSU plugins/drivers for OpenStack Neutron.

FBA Configuration Manager for SharePoint 2010

Setting up Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 requires updating the web.config file of three web applications. This utility allows you to update all 3 configs in a single click. The updater can also be invoked from PowerShell.


This tools allows user-provisioning for aspnetdb database. Anyone familiar with Forms Based Authentication in ASP.NET might have used the ASP.NET Configuration Tool in Visual Studio to create/remove users and roles. This web application allows the same functionality, without VS.