C4F - Activity Timer

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Reusable .NET component with full source to detect idle/active time by checking keyboard/mouse input. Comes bundled with basic proof-of-concept app. Great for seeing how active you really are!




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C4F - MEF Utility Runner

A hosting environment for writing interactive system utilities. Source available in C# and VB. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - File Router

This projects implements a File Router, which monitors a path on the hard drive and moves files to appropriate locations based on matching certain patterns. For example, .avi and .wmv to Movies, .doc and .ppt to Documents. (Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - Sandman

Sandman lets you put your computer to sleep (or shutdown/logoff/etc) when windows appear, disappear, or change. For example, you can standby after a "File Copying" or "Downloading..." dialog disappears. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - Timezone Changer

This is an extension for my MEF Utility Runner to change your system time zone based on your current location. Uses Windows 7 location feature. This project has been written as part of an MSDN Coding 4 Fun article in both C# and VB.

C4F - Windows 7 - JumpList Sample

In this article/sample, learn how to provide quick access to links and actions in your Windows 7 application by creating a JumpList. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - Horizon Information Portal API

Unofficial API to access data from public libraries that use Horizon Information Portal. Parses XML into object model. Includes tray application to search and keep on top of books checked out. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - Federated search provider definition generator

Creates search provider definitions (OSDX format) for Windows 7 federated search. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun).

C4F - Photo Screensaver

Yes, another screensaver! This uses GDI+ and renders images in Polaroid-style. It can scan a directory, or find images using Windows Search. Can be run on multiple monitors, and even supports stand-alone mode for other purposes (DJ, party). Written in C#. (MSDN Coding 4 fun)

C4F - Managed Taskbar Sample

Accompanying code for MSDN Coding 4 Fun article about using the new Windows 7 taskbar from managed code. This uses the Windows API Code Pack from Microsoft to achieve easy interop with the new Windows 7 features. Source code is available in both C# and Visual Basic.

C4F - Multi-Monitor Wallpaper

Do you wish that it was easier to have different wallpapers on each desktop? Multi-Monitor Wallpaper (MultiMon) lets you drag-and-drop a photo to a region on each desktop. Then it resizes it to show the whole image without stretching or cropping. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - Event Countdown

Counts down days/minutes/hours to whatever with an overlay anywhere on the screen. Can appear as top-level or not, and can be dragged around the screen. Works well along the top of the screen.

C4F - Desktop Time Tracker

Keep track of time spent on your projects with this C# Windows forms application that includes fully-commented source code. It runs from your system tray and makes it easy to punch in and out and view totals. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)

C4F - GeoWallpaper

This is an extension for my MEF Utility Runner to change desktop wallpaper based on Flickr images geotagged with your current location. Uses Windows 7 location feature. MSDN Coding 4 Fun project. C# and VB

Coding-Game-Intro - Coding Introduction / Tutorial, mostly by writing small little fun games

This is somewhat a coding tutorial / introduction.The best way to learn to code is of course just to actually code.The most fun way to start coding is by writing small little games.This repository contains various resources for doing exactly that.(It's mostly a work-in-progress at the moment. Just look around what's already there. It might already be helpful.)Coding games actually covers a lot of topics, like AI, cross-platform, low-level, graphics, audio, networking, and more.[Read here why gam


library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.numeric_std.all; use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all; --use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all; entity Nexys2 is generic(inpnums: integer := 32; addrwdth: integer := 5); port(led: out std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); seg: out std_logic_vector(6 downto 0); dp: out std_logic; an: out std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); clk: in std_logic; sw: in std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); btn: in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0)); end Nexys2; architecture behavorial o


Dev3Lib is an opensource library. It tries to ease your daily business coding. You can find quite a few handy functions, class to facilitate your coding experiences. Have a fun in this library.

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life is fun, and my coding practice

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Cloned repository of Coding4Fun Tools (http://coding4fun.codeplex.com)

4d-component-macro-widget - Macro component useful for coding object methods for widget.

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