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Access ACML functions from 64-bit Excel. This project contains various wrappers from 64-bit Excel to the ACML library.



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acml-dummy - AMD Core Math Library

AMD Core Math Library

acml - AMD Core Math Library

AMD Core Math Library

Excel AddIn to reset the last worksheet cell

This is a sample Excel AddIn to reset the last worsheet cell in an Excel Workbook.

OfficeSVN - The subversion client for Office 2007

OfficeSVN is a subversion client for Microsoft Office 2007. This addin adds a ribbon in Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

AMEEInExcel - Excel Addin to access AMEE climate data

Excel Addin to access AMEE climate data

MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel

The MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel allows you to quickly build content applications with MarkLogic Server that extend the functionality of Microsoft Excel and leverage Open XML (OOXML). Includes Excel Addin with supporting C#, JavaScript, and XQuery APIs

CRM 2011 Excel Data Model Addin

CRM 2011 Excel Data Model Add-In helps to customize CRM data model through excel sheets.

Armadillo C++ matrix library

Armadillo is a fast, template based, C++ matrix library with optional interface to LAPACK and ATLAS libraries, including high-performance versions such as Intel MKL and AMD ACML. Integer, floating point and complex numbers are supported, as well as disk storage and a subset of trigonometric and statistics functions. Armadillo has an easy to use syntax, deliberately similar to Matlab. For more details, see

Excel PowerShell Console

An Excel AddIn to enable using PowerShell for Excel automation.


An Excel addin and server framework for implementing remote excel user-defined functions (UDFs). This framework is designed to provide a centralised warehouse of functions for Excel users (eg. within an organisation).

VSTO Stocks

Excel VSTO add-in demo: retrieve and analyze stock history.

AutoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and Excel 2010

AutoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and NEW Excel 2010 provides a local history for documents. You can view and restore each version you've ever saved. Creates automaically backups on every save.


QuickExcel VSTO Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 AddIn Project

Office Database Addin

DBAddin is an Excel/Word COM Add-in for database querying by userdefined functions (DBfuncs) (including a possibility for filling quot;data boundquot; controls), and a way to create special Worksheets (DBSheets) that allow for direct editing of database data.

Remove Styles

Excel addin to remove all custom styles from a workbook.

RSS Reader for Office

This PlugIn Enables you to add RSS Feeds to Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) so that you can view RSS Feeds while "working" on some Projects. It integrates into the Office Ribbon and is currently available for Office 2007.


Office(Word,Excel,Outlook) and windows explorer(not available yet) addin to upload documents to sharepoint document library.

vcseVBA - version controlled software engineering in VBA

Simplify distributed application development for Visual Basic for Applications with this Excel Addin