realtime-toastr - This will give real time non-blocking notifications from server to client

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realtime-toastr is a real time, non blocking, serverside notification service. This enables users to get notifications from the server without having to listen/poll the server, when they are available.


body-parser : ~1.15.1
cookie-parser : ~1.4.3
debug : ~2.2.0
express : ~4.13.4
express-generator : ^4.13.4
jade : ~1.11.0
morgan : ~1.7.0
serve-favicon : ~2.3.0 : ^1.5.0
winston : ^2.2.0



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VueNotifications - agnostic library for non-blocking notifications. vue-notifications is "Vue.js agnostic non-blocking notifications library"... and it's a lie )) Seriously.

toastr - Simple javascript toast notifications

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toastr is a Javascript library for non-blocking notifications. jQuery is required. The goal is to create a simple core library that can be customized and extended.

AngularJS-Toaster - AngularJS Toaster is a customized version of "toastr" non-blocking notification javascript library

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AngularJS Toaster is an AngularJS port of the toastr non-blocking notification jQuery library. It requires AngularJS v1.2.6 or higher and angular-animate for the CSS3 transformations.AngularJS-Toaster requires AngularJS v1.2.6 or higher and specifically targets AngularJS, not Angular 2, although it could be used via ngUpgrade. If you are looking for the Angular 2 port of AngularJS-Toaster, it is located here.

angular-toastr - Angular port of CodeSeven/toastr.

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NOTE: For angular 1.2.x support check angular-1.2 branch or download the 0.4.x release of angular-toastr.angular-toastr was originally a port of CodeSeven/toastr. It could now show some differences with it.

react-toastr - React.js toastr component

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The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball.

ngx-toastr - 🍞 Angular Toastr

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Don't want to use @angular/animations? See Setup Without Animations. There are individual options and global options.

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A plugin to show highly customizable notifications to the user. Or directly download the repository and place the content of dist wherever you can access them.

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Vue Toasted is One of the Best Toast plugin available for VueJS. it is responsive, touch compatible, easy to use, attractive and feature rich with icons, actions etc... Checkout the Interactive Demo here.

Realtime Notifications


Realtime Notifications provides a platform to show realtime notifications in your OS using technology and notifications platforms like growl.

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HTML5 Realtime Push Notifications

ember-cli-flash - Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli

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Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli. This addon is tested against the release, beta and canary channels, ~1.11.0, and 1.12.1. Because this addon makes use of attribute bindings, which were introduced in ember 1.11.0, earlier versions of ember are not compatible with the latest version.

Beaver - 💨A real time messaging server to build a scalable in-app notifications, multiplayer games, chat apps in web and mobile apps

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A Real Time Messaging Server. Beaver is a real-time messaging server. With beaver you can easily build scalable in-app notifications, realtime graphs, multiplayer games, chat applications, geotracking and more in web applications and mobile apps.

Notifier.js - GNOME type non-blocking notifications.

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GNOME type non-blocking notifications.

notifer.js - Javascript library for Gnome / Growl type non-blocking notifications

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Master branch maybe unstable. The latest stable branch is 1.0.0. Javascript library for Gnome / Growl type non-blocking notifications.

pnotify - Beautiful JavaScript notifications with Web Notifications support.

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PNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin. PNotify can provide desktop notifications based on the Web Notifications spec. If desktop notifications are not available or not permitted, PNotify will fall back to an in-browser notice. Unless you're an alpha tester, none of this README applies to you! You want to check out the README on the master branch.

realtime-playground - Google Drive Realtime API Playground helps you to try out the features of the Realtime API

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Google Drive Realtime API Playground, is a web app that helps you to try out the features of the Google Drive Realtime API. The Playground will take you through the steps required to have the Realtime API working on your application and can be used as a reference implementation of a Google Drive Realtime API application.

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Horizon is an open-source developer platform for building sophisticated realtime apps. It provides a complete backend that makes it dramatically simpler to build, deploy, manage, and scale engaging JavaScript web and mobile apps. Horizon is extensible, integrates with the Node.js stack, and allows building modern, arbitrarily complex applications. While technologies like RethinkDB and WebSocket make it possible to build engaging realtime apps, empirically there is still too much friction for most developers. Building realtime apps now requires understanding and manually orchestrating multiple systems across the software stack, understanding distributed stream processing, and learning how to deploy and scale realtime systems. The learning curve is quite steep, and most of the initial work involves boilerplate code that is far removed from the primary task of building a realtime app.


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LiVES is a Video Editing System. It is designed to be simple to use, y

PocketSocket - Objective-C websocket library for building things that work in realtime on iOS and OS X

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Objective-C websocket library for building things that work in realtime on iOS and OS X. 1Some server tests are non-strict and drop connections earlier when receiving malformed WebSocket payloads.