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forecast is a query program for the API. It provides a command line interface which makes weather data for a configurable location available in the terminal. The last stable release is 0.5.0. Development is active and takes place on the develop branch.



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Weather Forecast Control


The Technullogy Weather Forecast control pulls up to date weather forecast information from The Weather Channel for your website. - :partly_sunny: The right way to check the weather

  •    Python — the right way to check the weather. is a console oriented weather forecast service, that supports various information representation methods like terminal oriented ANSI-sequences for console HTTP clients (curl, httpie, or wget), HTML for web browsers, or PNG for graphical viewers. uses wego for visualization and various data sources for weather forecast information.

Yahoo Weather


This project about Yahoo Weather Ap? services. this project get weather result using yahoo api by Asp.Net.

Manic Weather Control

  •    ASPNET custom control that shows current weather conditions and weather forecast. Data is supplied by service.

Weather forecast for handheld internet capable device


Small PHP-project. Display wind speed and temperature for one preconfigured location. Using XML weather data aquired from the popular weather forecast website Feel free to try the application at .

A FREE and SIMPLE ASP.NET weather control you can customize (VB)


This ascx control displays current weather and weather forecast data on your ASP.NET website straight from an XML feed on This is very easy to implement and extremely easy to customize. All you need to do is set a few variables and you're up and running. Very Imp...

Office365 Weather WebPart


Office 365 WebPart that displays a 5 day weather forecast for a given location. The weather data is retrieved from the Met Office feed hosted on the Windows Azure Data Market. This is a free data feed that provides weather data for the UK only. C# .NET client

  •    DotNet .NET client abstracts interaction with free service ( providing weather conditions data. .NET client enables retrieving weather conditions for today or weather forecast for up to 4 days in advance.

Sharepoint 2010 Weather WebPart


Sharepoint 2010 WebPart that displays a 5 day weather forecast for a given location. The weather data is retrieved from the Met Office feed hosted on the Windows Azure Data Market. This is a free data feed that provides weather data for the UK only.

wego - weather app for the terminal

  •    Go

wego is a weather client for the terminal. You can set the $WEGORC environment variable to override the default config file location.

Google Weather with Bing map integration


Google weather app for Windows Phone 7 with Bing map integration. Based on user input it will show the current weather and also the future forecast with proper map placement using Bing maps. Also very soon you will see the Skydrive App for Windows Phone 7 You can even visi...


  •    DotNet

Allows you to get the weather via a specified Postal Code. It then tweets it on your account. Tweets the current conditions, the forecast and also gives you the information on your desktop. Uses the Yahoo Weather API as well.

SharePoint Weather WebPart


Have you ever needed to show the location weather on your sharepoint 2010 portal, just with some clicks, if yes then this is for you.


  •    Java

Viperfish is intended for the sailor looking to improve his weather forecasting. Viperfish provides the ability to visualise and modify GRIB (weather prediction) files, it can plot routes and provides routing based on coming weather and boat performance.

Animaonline Weather API


Gets data from Google's weather feed, and lets the user easily view such properties as forecast conditions, humidity, current temperature and so on.

HTC Home for Windows


HTC Home is a widget that shows nice animated clock with weather forecast like on HTC phones.

Weather Slice


An internet-based weather forecast Display running on the Raspberry Pi. Zero interaction required, just take a look at the screen. Hang it on your warderobe!



It is a simple library that gives WinForm weather forecast through the Google Weather Service, in the future contain Yahoo services and create libraries for WPF


  •    C++

Weather forecast tool for S60 (and other...) platform with auto-update option and screen saver. Targets: - to make an all-in-one weather tool for S60 - produce reference quality code to show good example to developers


  •    Java

GWeather is a open source J2ME weather forecast application for mobile phones. Uses the Google Weather API. If you like GWeather, you can donate on