Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - a centralized code sample library

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The Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is a centralized scenario-focused code sample library provided by the Microsoft Community team.



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CodeFx a .NET2.0 based persistence framework

CodeFx is a .NET based persistence framework (DAL, DTO, Persistence) working with attributes. The mapping with tables can be made with codesmith templates or manually. Either a table pattern or a business implementation can be made depending on the the architecture approach. T...

C4F Vista Peer-to-Peer Toolkit

Develop peer-to-peer (P2P) applications for WinForms and WPF applications with no lines of code. Includes WinForm & WPF drag 'n drop controls including P2P Chat, P2P File transer; P2P Audio and P2P Audio & Video controls. All source code for samples available in both VB and ...

CommonControls - 25 samples of the most common Android UI controls.

25 samples of the most common Android UI controls.

Dynamics-AX-Extensible-Control-Samples - Sample code and tutorials for building extensible controls for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sample code and tutorials for building extensible controls for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Includes code samples for AX Forms, AX Tables, AX Classes, and AX Resources (HTML/JS/CSS).Note that the files with extension "xpp" are not valid X++ metadata files and cannot be opened using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Visual Studio Tools. These files have been stripped of their auto-generated metadata so that the source code is easier to read via Github. To open the files using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Visual Studio Tools, follow the instructions below. Awesome - jQuery Ajax Controls

samples for Awesome jQuery Ajax Controls ( ) Demonstrating the following controls: AjaxDropdown, Lookup, MultiLookup, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckboxList and AjaxRadioList

DBLinq.MySqlProviders: .Net providers for MySql based on DBLinq.MySql

.NET Providers (Membership, Role) for MySql based on the framework DBLinq under MIT license and CodeFx.MySqlProviders under GNU licence, author Laurent Morisseau.

dotnet-framework-docker-samples - .NET Framework Docker Samples

This repo contains samples that demonstrate various .NET Framework Docker configurations, which you can use as the basis of your own Docker images. These samples depend on the .NET Framework Docker images on Docker Hub, provided by the .NET Team at Microsoft.Docker uses docker/whalesay as a getting started sample. The .NET Team at Microsoft uses dotnetbot, which is the mascot for .NET open source projects. Got something to say? Both whalesay and dotnetbot are great listeners.

BotFramework-Samples - Samples used in the Bot Framework documentation and blog posts

This repository is for sample code and snippets that are referenced in the Bot Framework documentation and the Bot Framework blog. Please only submit PRs to this repo if you are contributing a sample used in a documentation article or a blog post.If you want to contribute samples for the Bot Builder SDK, please visit the Bot Builder SDK samples repo.

RakNet - RakNet is a cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers.

------------------------------------------ See Help\swigtutorial.html Upgrading from version 3 ------------------------------------------ See 3.x_to_4.x_upgrade.txt Windows users (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010) ----------------------------------------- Load RakNet_VS2008.sln and convert if necessary.After the project conversion, if you encounter error MSB4006,follow the steps below to fix it:1. Open project properties2. Click on "Common Properties"3. Click on "Framework and References"4. Look


X-Forms is a Graphical User Interface Framework to aid in the creation of User Interfaces within Games created using the Microsoft XNA Framework. X-Forms is built to reflect how .NET Windows Forms work. It provides support for full screen Forms and Controls. The project aim...

WPF Control Toolkit

WPF Control Toolkit is an extensible and powerful presentation framework based on WPF (aka avalon) platform. The framework implements many visual controls fully integrated in Visual Studio.

Apache Beehive - Simple object model on J2EE and Struts

Beehive makes J2EE programming easier by building a simple object model on J2EE and Struts

Ajax Data Controls

The purpose of this project is to Develop data controls such as GridView, DataList, Repeater, DetailsView, FromView, ObjectDataSource on top of Microsoft Ajax Framework for Client Centric Development model. Since the version of these controls does not have clientside obje

j2ee-testing-framework-samples - j2ee-testing-framework-samples: Toplink/Struts1 testing tools.

j2ee-testing-framework-samples: Toplink/Struts1 testing tools.

Rocket Framework -Windows Form

Want to automate winforms? not just CRUD, this help creating any type of winforms controls. The Rocket Framework for WinForm (using .net c# 4 ) provides a set of easily utilizable generic library to seemlessly develop 'form based' application/ control / custom controls for .Net.

WPF-Samples - Repository for WPF related samples

This repo contains the samples that demonstrate the API usage patterns and popular features for the Windows Presentation Foundation in the .NET Framework for Desktop. These samples were initially hosted on MSDN, and we are gradually moving all the interesting WPF samples over to GitHub.All the samples have been retargeted to .NET 4.5.2.For additional WPF samples, see WPF Samples.

Todd-s-Matlab-Samples - Source code from my Signal Processing & Controls classes at Stanford

Source code from my Signal Processing & Controls classes at Stanford