write for us
Open source leads innovation, there are lot of open source projects available. We have collection of more than a million projects. We add keywords to each projects so that it can be searched better. Few open source projects are quite popular and it will be used in most of the companies. There are many open source libraries available which does a particular job (converting doc to pdf, creating thumbnail images, etc..) are not aware by most of the people. We try to identify these libraries and tag them better and bring awareness to the people.
Since there are lot of open source projects in any particular category, sometimes users get confused which one to choose? What is the pros and cons? Users don't have time to evaluate all projects. We want to address this issue, if you are using any open source projects and you are happy using it then please write up a small article on it. It will be helpful for others. By writing an article about the project, you are contributing back to the open source community.
We do not expect you to spend too much time on writing an article. It should be spontaneous, where you want to share your thoughts and knowledge. We expect the article to be original and not published else where. You own the article and your name and profile information will be displayed at the bottom of the post. You will get an author link which will have list of your posts.
if you are interested, please provide your information in the below link. Our Editorial team will contact you.