How to increase Alexa rank for the website

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About Alexa: Alexa is a web information company promoted by Amazon. It provides traffic, page views, reach, etc for the web sites. Alexa rating is done for the websites browsed by the Alexa toolbar users. More and more toolbar users browse your websites, the rank of the website will be increased. The rating done by Alexa is different from what Google, and others do. This might be strange, as we cannot expect all the users of our website to install the toolbar. But this how it works.
Ranking is in increasing order. High traffic sites has lesser the rank value and poor traffic web sites will have higher the rank value. Google is ranked 1.

Why this is important? Alexa rating is important for the websites as many judge your web site baseed on this ranking. Few sell their Ads to the higher rank website, so naturally you cannot avoid this unless you have a very good sales team.

Register: Register your site with Alexa. Check out ours to know more information about the various stats it provides for the website.

Alexa Toolbar: To start with Install Alexa toolbar from and set your website as your home page. Request your friends to install the toolbar and set your page as the home page of their browser. This is the starting point.

Traffic widgets: Get traffic widgets for your site from Place the widget in every page of your site. You could see similar kind of the widget on the right side middle of every page of this site. When more and more users browse your site, the rank will be increased.

Summary: This is a free service provided by Alexa. They also has paid service with added feature. This is the true fact, our rank from 3 million is increased to 300,000.


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