Electron JS- Native capabilities

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Electron is an open source library to build native applications which also works as cross-platform desktop applications. It provision operating system functionalities with help of node integration. To know the licensing and basic of building simple electron app, please refer the article Desktop Apps using Electron JS.
In this article, we will go through how to access the Operating System variables, Inter system communication, System dialog, Access files, folders also their statistics.
Accessing System Variables and Information:
Electron's process is extended from the NodeJS process object. Process API will provide the native system process id, platform, argv, executable path, CPU usage and so on.
//It prints the process version of chrome, node, electron installed 
   for (const type of ["chrome", "node", "electron"]) {
     console.log(process.versions as any)[type]);
 //electron running process id
 //Current running os
 //arguments passed can be accessed in below variables
 //environment variables showing system environment variables
 //prints current execution path
 //It prints cpu usage like { percentCPUUsage: 0, idleWakeupsPerSecond: 0 }

Inter Process Communication:
In Electron, there are two types of process, main and renderer. Main process are the node modules which loads the html file and Renderer process handles html UI related events.  Native functionalities are handled by the main process as it is node modules which has capability to interact with OS with C++ native programs. Renderer process as it is included inside html which is rendered in browser, this doesn't have OS capabilities.
So if we want to open the native folder dialog, by clicking on a button, it can send an event/message using ipcRenderer from the renderer process to main process through channel, In ipcMain, it listens on the channel and in return it will send the response in different channel using ipcMain.
Native File Functionalities:
Now in the renderer process, we send the event or message using ipcRenderer with channel named "showFolderDialog". renderer process
    btn.addEventListener("click", (ev: Event) => {
In main process, ipcMain is listening to the channel which is sent from ipcRenderer. In this we open a electron dialog by giving properties like openFile, openDirectory which opens up the native folder dialog. This returns a promise which will get all the selected file path in the response obj.filepaths.
Now we can map the file path and read all the files inside the folder path using fs.readdirSync which accepts the file path and file type as true will get the dirent object. It will check the dirent object is not directory, so all files are filtered and passed to reduce function.
In reduce functions we combine all the files from all the paths and then get fs stats sync. Then send the stats and filename to renderer process.
main process
 ipcMain.on("showFolderDialog", (event: IpcMainEvent) => {

    let fileSelectionPromise = dialog.showOpenDialog({properties: ["openFile", "openDirectory", "multiSelections"]});
    fileSelectionPromise.then(function(obj) {
        //now for each folder path, get all the files inside it.. 
        let cumfileslist = obj.filePaths.map((filePath, index)=>{
          return fs.readdirSync(filePath, {withFileTypes: true})
                   .map(dirent=>filePath + "/" + dirent.name);
        }).reduce((filesacc, files) => {
            filesacc = filesacc.concat(files);
            return filesacc;
        }).every((absolutefilepath, index, array) => {
          let stats:fs.Stats = fs.statSync(absolutefilepath);
          event.sender.send("fileslist", path.basename(absolutefilepath), stats);//sending back to renderer process
          return true;
In renderer process, we will receive the file using ipcRenderer by listening to the channel and create DOM element to show in the html page. By this way, we can get the all files in the machine to display on html page.
renderer process
  ipcRenderer.on("selectedfolders", (evt: IpcRendererEvent, selectedfolders: string[]) => {
     const selectedFolderElem: HTMLInputElement = document.getElementById("selectedfolders") as HTMLInputElement;
     selectedFolderElem.value = selectedFolderElem.value !== "" ? selectedFolderElem.value + "|"
                                                            : selectedFolderElem.value ;
     selectedFolderElem.value += selectedfolders.join(" | ");

Still there is option to have NodeJS capabilities in renderer process by having node integration as true. But doing this, will make the app vulnerable for security attacks when any external web pages are displayed in the desktop app. This has been more described in the electron apps site.


Nagappan is a techie-geek and a full-stack senior developer having 10+ years of experience in both front-end and back-end. He has experience on front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Angular and expert in Java and related frameworks like Spring, Struts, EJB and RESTEasy framework. He hold bachelors degree in computer science and he is very passionate in learning new technologies.

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