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Lightbox is a popular and widely used concept for showing the gallery of media files. It is a very impressive approach for the end user to glance through media files. Media files like audio or video will load the html audio or video controls. 

Lightbox is a UI component which will be a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It is an elegant way to slide over the image gallery. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. It will blur the whole web page and show one of the images in the gallery which will avoid the screen size constraints. It will also keep the user on the same page and has next and previous controls to move between the images in the gallery. To return to the actual screen, we would have the close button to close the image lightbox modal and show the actual page. Having the count and slide position will be intuitive to the user for easy location of images in the gallery.

React lightboxes:

There are many lightboxes available in the npm repositories. Few of them are 


React PhotoSwipe Gallery

It is a React component wrapper made around Photoswipe, which is an open source JavaScript lightbox plugin developed by Dmitry Semenov in 2014 that has zero dependencies. It will be easy to setup and have touch gestures and zoom in features. Library has a nice framework with well documentation and easy to configure it. It also comes with a share button or full screen button and has onOpen callbacks features. Nice demos are available to get the quick feel of the project.

Cons of this library is, it is not able to handle video or audio files in the ligthbox and it also requires image presets size to render the items.


Simple React Lightbox:

The Simple React Lightbox library provides a React component wrapper (<SRLWrapper />) for implementing lightbox functionality on images coming from any external source. It also provides thumbnail gallery which shows the image in the lightbox with a thumbnail view at the bottom. It also has the full screen mode and well documented library. 

It was having the pro version which was shutdown by the developer. The Pro version has the support for the audio and video files.


React LightGallery:

React Lightgallery is another React component wrapper made around lightGallery.js, a modular JavaScript image and video lightbox gallery plugin. React Lightgallery ships prepackaged with features like inline gallery, pinch to zoom, and swipe to close, among others. It is also cross-device and works well on both mobile devices and the web.

React lightgallery provides a lot of demos, which will be an easy way to check about the features and customization possibilities. It allows you to style the lightbox as per the need with share and download options. The React Lightgallery package also provides access to a React higher-order component (withLightgallery), and a React Hook (useLightgallery) for use inside of <LightgalleryProvider />.

This also doesn't have support for audio files. LightGallery is a free and open-source library, however, if you are using the library for business, commercial sites, projects, and applications, choose the commercial license to keep your source proprietary, to yourself.

Let's Build Lightbox:

In this blog, we will create a lightbox in react for any media files ranging from image, audio or video. This is an outright approach to rule out the limitations available in the react ligthbox segments. In general, we will have an image, video or audio in the gallery to slide through it. Having flexibilities with prev and next event callback with chaining effect will help developers to add more customization from outside the component. 

Lets create a simple react webpack project and add react material to it. Material design will help us to display the media files in an elegant way. Lightbox is the react component created for the custom lightbox for the media files. It will have the following props to instantiate the component.

currentSlide(Number) Current slide number from which the lightbox display will start in
mediaItems(Object) List of media files with the media file type  {media: url, type: ['image', 'audio', 'video']}
toggler(Boolean) It is mainly to open the lightbox, provide the value true, while closing the lightbox, toggler will be false.
callback(Function) Callback method is called when the lightbox close event happens.

Apart from that, the component provides the event chaining for prev and next slide movement. 

    parentShowNext(Function) - It provides the slide next 
    parentShowPrev(Function) - It provides the slide previous 

     { toggler ? (
            parentShowPrev = {(e) => {
                console.log("show prev button clicked", e);
            parentShowNext = {(e) => {
                 console.log("show next button clicked", e);
            callback={() => {
                 console.log("going to do a callback");
          ) : (

Modal dialog component will be used to make a lightbox popup to show the components. This modal will be shown or closed based on the toggler state. On close, toggler state will be turned off.

<Modal open={toggler} onClose={toggleIsOpen}>

There will be three icon buttons for

1. Close button with toggler state.  

<div className="close-btn">
        <IconButton onClick={toggleIsOpen} className={classes.arrowButton} size="small">
             <CloseIcon />

2. prev button which invokes showPrev function. In turn it will invoke the showPrev button on continuation of the previous button.

<div className="left">
         <IconButton onClick={showPrev} className={classes.arrowButton} size="small">
                <ArrowBackIcon />

 const showPrev = (e) => {
	    const currentIndex = currentSlide;
	    if (currentIndex <= 0) {
	       setCurrentSlide(mediaItems.length - 1);
	    } else {
	       setCurrentSlide(currentIndex - 1);

3. next button correspondingly invokes the showNext function. This also will invoke the parent show next button. 

<div className="right">
      <IconButton onClick={showNext} className={classes.arrowButton} size="small">
                <ArrowForwardIcon />

  const showNext = (e) => {
	    const currentIndex = currentSlide;
	    if (currentIndex >= mediaItems.length - 1) {
	    } else {
	        setCurrentSlide(currentIndex + 1);

To load the media items with corresponding media controls. It will show the media controls only if there is a valid url available in the media gallery slide position. Exact CSS styles can be referred to in the github source project.

{media ? (
      <div style={{ display: "contents" }}>
        {mediaItems[currentSlide].type === "IMAGE" ? (
            <img src={media} alt="Image Broken" className={classes.lightbox} />
        ) : mediaItems[currentSlide].type === "VIDEO" ? (
            <video className={classes.lightbox} controls>
              <source src={media} type="video/mp4" />
              <source src={media} type="video/ogg" />
        ) : mediaItems[currentSlide].type === "AUDIO" ? (
          <div className={classes.audioPlayer}>
            <audio src={media} controls autoPlay />
        ) : null}
    ) : (
      <div className={classes.circular}>
        <CircularProgress size={80} />

Media files hosted in the remote server are collected as a collection of gallery items and this has been passed to the lightbox component. Complete working project is available in the github with styles required for the lightbox. 

const image1 =
const image2 = "";
const image3 = "";
const image4 = "";
const image5 = "";
const data = [
    media: image1,
    type: "IMAGE",
    media: image2,
    type: "IMAGE",
    media: video1,
    type: "VIDEO",
    media: audio1,
    type: "AUDIO",
    media: image3,
    type: "IMAGE",
    media: image4,
    type: "IMAGE",
    media: image5,
    type: "IMAGE",

GitHub Reference Project:



Nagappan is a techie-geek and a full-stack senior developer having 10+ years of experience in both front-end and back-end. He has experience on front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Angular and expert in Java and related frameworks like Spring, Struts, EJB and RESTEasy framework. He hold bachelors degree in computer science and he is very passionate in learning new technologies.

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